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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everybody, I was wondering if there is a way to master tune a VST (Soft Synth) for live performance in cakewalk.(i.e 428 HZ) Thanks, Sam PS: My midi controller doesn't have this option
  2. Hi , I am new to Cakewalk and am hoping somebody can help me on the shifting ovate up and down while using VST instrument for live performance. I am an intermediate pianist and use Piano VSTs for playing/practicing. I recently installed free IOWA piano VST .The quality of samples are not the best in the world but is very good for a free VST ,in particular I liked the singing of high and mid registers similar to an acoustic piano, however there is a problem with this VST which it is offset -1 octave when I play with my Roland FP-30. The shifting octave works on MIDI tracks using Inspector or on recorded audio tracks using Transpose in Process menu, however it did notwork for live performance . Also I tried to shift octave on the Roland FP-30 first then load the VST, it did not work either. Is any idea how o fix this issue? Thanks, Saeed
  3. Howdy - I have always wanted to play out, the Toto song Rosanna, but was always stumped by one aspect of the instrumental middle section of the song, and how to replicate it live - though THEY seem to be able to do it. In the closing section of the keyboard lead in the middle of the song, there are a series of pitch bends applied to chords - G major chords, in different inversions, starting with the root position of the chord, and bending each of three notes down to the corresponding lower pitch of the next lowest inversion, before then playing the next higher inversion and repeating the downward pitch bend back down to the prior inversion, etc.... SO - there never used to be a way to accomplish the above, outside of tracking each note separately in the studio, as each pitch bend had to move a different interval downward. For example, start with a simple G major chord, with intervals 1-3-5 and notes G-B-D. That then bends all 3 notes down to different pitch bend intervals - going from 1-3-5 (G-B-D) down to 6-1-3 (D-G-B), which involves the G bending down a 4th, the B bending down a 3rd, and the D bending down a 3rd. The next set of bends starts with the next highest G inversion (1st inversion) up from initial root form, with intervals 3-5-1 (B-D-G), and bending down to the root chord again 1-3-5 (G-B-D) so the pitch bends of the notes are the B down a 3rd, the D down a 4rd, and the G down a 4th. SO, each chord applies a combination of different pitch bend intervals for the 3 notes in each inversion of the G major chord, and was impossible to play live, on a single keyboard, at the time it was released. AND YET - if you watch any of the live performances of late, showing the keyboard solo being played, they are somehow able to accomplish those multi-intervalic pitch bends, and I would like to understand how I can replicate doing that for live performance. Apologies for the lengthy explanation of the issue - it has stumped me for years - does anybody have some sort of way I can accomplish doing this live? Is it some sort of polyphonic portamento? Bob Bone
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