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  1. Yes, I find it really annoying when MIDI inputs / outputs are changed if you open a project where the midi hardware doesn't match what was connected when you saved the project. Raised a feedback request here Option to set Disconnected Midi Devices to 'None' at startup
  2. This is the scenario, I have a lot of external gear controlled by MIDI tracks (output) and a few controllers providing MIDI In. If I open a project where one of the external devices is disconnected / powered off / not available, then the MIDI data is assigned to a random MIDI device Tracks receiving input from the missing midi controller are set to receive input from random MIDI devices(s) Tracks outputting to a missing MIDI devices are, more often than not, assigned to a random VST within the project This causes havoc when opening the project, and it's not possible to prevent this from happening. It's particularly problematic for outputs - they get assigned to a random VST in the project, which can result in a program change being sent - which then changes the VST patch the project was originally saved with. E.g. A test project with Novation SL2 connected (it has both MIDI In and MIDI Out, to demonstrate ) If I open the same project, without the SL2 connected: The MIDI output on track 1 has been set to control Xpand2 (resulting in a patch change) The MIDI input on track 1 has been changed from 'None' to a random MIDI input device The MIDI input on track 2 has been set to a random device in the MIDI input list The changes were made silently - no warnings given - which makes it very easy to miss in even in a fairly simple project. I guess there was a use case for this at some point, but frankly I can't imagine how this behaviour can be of use to anyone... 😉 Instead, can please we have an option in preferences along the lines of If this option is checked, when opening the project, any MIDI inputs / outputs set to missing midi devices are set to 'None' rather than some random allocation. This would massively help my workflow - at the moment I'm on tenterhooks every time I open a project (esp. at a different location), looking for any silent changes that have been made. Hopefully the checkbox option would be a quick fix to prevent the craziness of above. I guess the longer term solution would be a dialog presented when opening the project to prompt the user to select the Midi device to be used for each missing MIDI device - similar to what happens for audio. Cheers, Matt
  3. Update 1 fixed the slow start of Cakewalk (looking for updates I guess) on a networked PC without access to the internet... a minor inconvenience, but nice to be resolved. Great work on the recent updates, they have been stellar!
  4. I'm finding that in #03 the vertical scroll bar on the Arrangement sections no longer scrolls the list of sections up and down when there are more sections that can be displayed in the screen area. I think this was working in #01, but certainly in 2020.09 Rolling the mouse scroll wheel, when the mouse is over the list of sections, will move the list of sections up and down though
  5. Cheers All - to give an update I updated my live rig to CbB Version 2020.09, and haven't had the crash relating to Raum / Phasis etc In no rush to update the OS on my live rig to check further, but think that proves it's not an issue with build 2020.09
  6. As far as I'm concerned recent Dell laptops are a complete non-starter for audio work - especially live use. Just google 'Dell ACPI.SYS latency issues' and it'll become apparent you're better off going with another brand .It's endemic across all their models - even the XPS series, which is often touted for audio work
  7. Anyone else seeing this - I can't track down what the problem is. I think it maybe something to do with the latest version of bandlab / windows When adding Native Instruments effects (Raum, Phasis, Replica etc) to the FX bin, or attempting to edit them in an existing project, I get a complete crash However, it's not consistent: - I I do the same in an new empty project, then it seems I can add the effects to the bin / open the FX UI, no problem. - When I load an existing project, then opening the UI for the effect, sometimes it crashes, sometimes it doesn't Have tried re-installing the effects from Native Access, but no change. I have one particular project where the crash seems to happen pretty consistently. I copied this project onto my live rig (exact same hardware, but different builds), and haven't been able to get a single crash: Studio Machine (Crashing): Windows 10 Pro version 2004, build 19041.508; CbB Version 2020.09, Build 006, 64 Bit Live Rig (No Crash): Windows 10 Pro version 1909, build 18363.836; CbB Version 2020.04, Build 179, 64 Bit Which makes me think it's something to do with updates to windows or CbB? I need to bring my live rig up to date, but want to try and iron this out first - Is there a way of installing an older build of Bandlab on my machine that crashes? Thanks for any advice in advance, Matt
  8. Hi Jim, In my mind it would just be another option in the FX Bin context menu (of a Simple Instrument Track) shown below - "Insert Midi Plugin" i.e. the same as the option available in the FX Bin context menu for a midi track I use Midi FX a lot to condition data from external controllers; mainly the Event Filter, Transpose and Velocity plugins. Cheers, Matt
  9. Hi, Would be great if we could add Midi FX directly to the FX Bin of a simple instrument track. At the moment you have to either: a) Break the track into a midi track and an instrument track in order to add the Midi FX to the separate midi track. This seems unnecessarily complex b) Use the track inspector, switch to the midi tab, where you can then add the Midi FX for the simple instrument - but then the midi FX is kinda hidden. If it showed in the track FX bin, it would be more obvious, esp. when there are lots of simple instrument tracks. Instead, if the drop down on a simple instrument track FX Bin allowed selection of Midi FX, any midi effects would be obvious by looking at the track FX Bin, without having to split the instrument track and add complexity to the project. Behind the scenes I guess this would be the same as option b) above. Cheers, Matt
  10. Been seeing this issue few times in the arranger view: 1. Renaming a section (from within the arranger sections tab, or from the section along the top of the prv) can cause the program to lock. After typing the new name you can't submit the new section name by pressing enter - it's ignored, but then you can't move the focus to elsewhere in the program as the area to enter the new name is modal. Only way out is to force close the app Issue seems intermittent - some times it works ok, sometimes not. Version 2020.09 (Build 006, 64 Bit) Windows 10 Intel i7, 12 Mb Ram
  11. Personally I'd like to see the Staff view get some attention - it doesn't need to be a complete notation package, but just given some love so it works better. Perhaps even take Don Williams up on his offer to update the staff view based on overture. IMO Providing usable notation within a free DAW seems like a great idea for the educational market, and could be a fantastic way to add new users into the userbase
  12. Same here, think I mis-understood about the unlock code given before CbB came into existence - it wasn't forTH3 Full, but a code that allowed the bundled version to be run outside of Sonar - you had to pay more to get an upgrade to TH3 Full. Hence the current upgrade to THU is still expensive, as it's not an upgrade from TH3 Full. Thanks for the link Scook - made it all clear. Hmm.. I just contacted Overloud with my serial, and they gave me a voucher for 20% off TH3, meaning it would still be 183.04 GBP. @tonemangler - did you manage to get an upgrade to TH3 Full?
  13. Hmm.. I just contacted Overloud with my serial, and they gave me a voucher for 20% off TH3, meaning it would still be 183.04 GBP. @tonemangler - did you manage to get an upgrade to TH3 Full?
  14. I connect to a rack mount pc via remote desktop, and have the same issue - there are workarounds, but would be nice to see a fix
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