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  1. Hi, Wonder if anyone can shed any light on this, I have a strange re-producible issue, but you'll need the Waves Tune Real-Time plugin. Create new project from the basic template 'Basic.CWT' Add Waves Tune Real-Time Mono in the FX Bin of the audio track Insert Rapture Soft Synth as a simple instrument track (not Rapture Session) Cakewalk crashes, UI of Rapture is white Only way out is to kill Cakewalk via task manager Rapture can be inserted without issue , if I: Don't add the waves auto tune audio fx Add the waves auto tune audio fx, but bypass it (i.e. click the off switch in fx bin, so it's greyed out), before adding Rapture Tried it on 2 systems, with the same results. Haven't used the auto tune plugin before, so maybe I'm missing something that is causing the crash - maybe? Seems like it causes issues with other synths as well if it's enabled in the fx bin (e.g. might cause some kind of audio feedback in the output of Air Xpand2 when selecting some presets), but Rapture seemed like the most clear cut issue. System is core i7, windows 10, CbB and Waves all updated to latest. Thanks in advance for any help, Matt
  2. I've also used a 404HD without issue, and for the money I think it's a great choice - latency is fine, and it's built like a tank with lots of IO I also noticed windows apps might have sound issues if sample rates not aligned between Cakewalk and Windows, so check that first.
  3. Hi HardDrive, Sounds like there's plenty going on in your setup, but my 2 cents on your points would be: 1) Make sure you always plug the same gear into the same USB socket on your PC every time, particularly any controllers and your sound card. The device and the port it's plugged into are used by Windows to identify the device. If devices are plugged into ports different to when the file was last saved, you will get CbB prompting you to assign ins and outs to devices when opening the file (even though they may have the same name in the dialog) 2) Try un-checking the Reset All Controllers to zero at start / stop option - sometimes these messages are interpreted by plugins as a controller change, so the project gets marked as dirty, and it has to be saved before closing. (Would be great if there was a command line switch to open a CbB project in read only mode - I did raise it as a feature request, but no traction so far) 3) No experience - sorry! Cheers, Matt
  4. Will we ever again reach the dizzy heights of 'It all goes crash in the loudspekah'....
  5. My advice would be to avoid Dell laptops - I recently bought a Dell Latitude 5480 with an i7 7820HQ thinking it'd be just the job. It's a lovely laptop, but useless for music production. DPC latency is terrible, and nothing I change in the config will make it usable for music production. Researching it, it seemed pretty much all newish dell laptops have the same problem. Dell promised to fix the DPC on the the XPS 15, but as far as i know they never released any updates that truly made it better - the newest incarnation may be better, but I'd be ultra cautious buying dell unless you can get a reliable DPC result before buying.
  6. D'oh... that was the link to last years poll, despite it been top of the most popular articles.... looks like this years poll yet to be announced.. Let's hope for higher than no 7!
  7. Looks Like CbB made the No 7 spot in a survey of their readers for best DAW... I'd hope this is higher than last year! https://www.musicradar.com/tuition/tech/the-20-best-daw-software-apps-in-the-world-today-238905 Still seems the product naming has caused some confusion though..
  8. Fantastic work on this release Bakers, great effort! I tried out the new Playlist functionality, and this has really improved. The ability to discard project changes during playback is great, and loading the next song at the end of the current song gets rid of audio glitches and other problems that used to happen when loading the next song whilst the current song starts. I think there's still room for improvement though, to make this really useable in a live environment Possible Bugs When loading a project from the playlist, the now time is always set to the start of a project, rather than respecting where the now time has been set to when saving the file. Perhaps this is by design, if so there needs to be an option to respect the saved now time in projects. When a song is manually loaded by double clicking on an entry, any existing projects are left open - manually jumping to a new point in the playlist should close any open projects (and respect the option to discard any changes made) Enhancements I'd like to be able to control the playlist from my master keyboard transport controls - having to press keys on the laptop isn't so practical, and reminds the audience that a computer is involved. There are a few changes that would help in this regard In the delay dialog, add an option along the lines of 'Just Load Song', which will mean The project is loaded, but not started. The project transport obeys the standard transport controls, so can be started, stopped, rewound etc using the transport controls When the project plays past the end, the next project is loaded as per normal No MsgBox dialogs are shown when the project starts. E,g right now if I press play on my master keyboard, the project doesn't start, instead it displays a dialog which I then have to accept on the laptop in order to start the song - Useless if I'm trying to cue backing to a live band member! Allow the playlist to be toggled between minimised / maximised via a learned midi command. When using a laptop, the playlist obscures too much of cakewalk when always on top, but we need a way to quickly bring up and then hide the setlist during a show Add midi learnable commands to Scroll up the list Scroll down the list Manually load the currently selected project (the same as pressing enter, or double clicking a file name) Consider an additional 'Live' view of the setlist, which just displays the Status, File Name , BPM and Key in a larger font. The extra columns are needed for setting up the playlist, but not during the show - a larger font would be far more use!
  9. Agreed, the amount of time and effort being spent in quashing bugs, fine tuning features based on feedback, and adding genuinely useful enhancements is really making Cakewalk shine... the current development approach rocks! Great work all at Cakewalk and Bandlab (I too would really like to see the staff view get an upgrade.... that probably sounds a bit needy given all the efforts to date, sorry!)
  10. What would be a really helpful addition is to allow Cakewalk to open a file in a read-only mode, perhaps via a command argument e.g. sonar.exe -readonly "C:\songs\my very bad song.cwp" In read only mode, the save changes dialog would never appear, and changes would never be saved. Of course this could be dangerous without understanding it's meaning, but I doubt anyone would set this switch unless they knew what it did. Would be fantastic when using other programs to manage a setlist though.. (Maybe some element of the UI could change colour in read only mode, to make it obvious) I tried using the playlist app again the other day - wasn't very successful. I send midi data to control outboard gear when I load a backing track, and having two projects open at once seems to foul this up..
  11. Pretty sure you can set 'Midi Automator' up to automatically click on the 'No' button in a confirmation dialog, if it's present, when changing songs... haven't tried it myself though. Agree it'd be good to get an update to the official app though.. as the official app uses the API, it can preload songs in a setlist for quicker changing. Are the details of the API available? I might be interested in creating an open source project for this, if they are. Or maybe Bandlab would consider open sourcing there existing playlist app, so we could add an option to always close dirty projects without saving?
  12. Thanks Chuck, but I'm using an external USB Soundcard via ASIO - the DPC Latency is caused by the laptop, not the interface.
  13. Thanks All, some good advice given - I might be making some progress but need to do more testing. I'd read that the battery system could cause ACPI.sys latency in a laptop, so I disabled the 'Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Method Battery' driver under battery settings. Seems to make it appear to windows there is no battery installed, so easier than physically removing the battery. That did seem to help somewhat, but still was getting spikes (wifi / ethernet was disabled) I then tried setting the processor affinity for Cakewalk.exe to cores 2,3,4 via Task Manager, and even though latency Mon was still reporting high DPC on core 1, audio seemed to be OK with a buffer of 128. Unfortunately, doesn't seem to be a way to set processor affinity for APCI.sys (even using Process Lassoo) and as I want to use this laptop in a live setting, I'd be nervous that ACPI.sys might for some reason move off core 1 and wreck things - although I haven't seen that to date Guess I need to do more testing, to see if I can get ACPI.sys under control, or build my confidence up that setting processor affinity will do the trick. Either that, or I sell the laptop and keep lugging my racked I7 desktop to gigs.. 😫
  14. Thanks Jim, Everything is updated to latest versions, so I'm out of options there. I'm a bit deflated by that. The laptop has 4 cores, and only one core is being impacted by high DPC latency - surely if the audio app only runs on the cores not impacted, it wouldn't be interrupted by the process which takes a takes a long time to complete. Or am I being too simplistic?
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