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  1. Not sure if it's specific to 2024.02, but is related to activation which has changed a lot recently. I use cakewalk in a space without internet, and I missed the activation period by a few days. Being non activated, saving was disabled as expected, but what I also found that the GUI would freeze every so often for a few seconds at a time - coinciding with the red activation toast message being displayed. I suspect that the app is trying to call home even though there is no internet connection - and the GUI thread is being blocked while this happens (audio playback was not stopped). Bit of an edge case, but perhaps the activation check could be moved off the GUI thread, or the checking limited to only when the app is opened / trying to save a project - rather than repeatedly during normal use.
  2. Absolutely! As a software dev myself I would really not want this task - tons and tons of effort to produce something that will undoubtedly come in for criticism along the lines of either 'it's not exactly the same as before!' or 'it's basically the same, why have you not spent all that time on adding features!' 😒 Haven't had a play yet myself, but from what I see it's looking good and the inevitable snags are being picked up and being resolved quickly - let's not forget this is still an 'early access' build to get feedback, so there will be improvements to come. Bitmaps can add eye candy, but for many reasons are not how modern UIs are composed . This update is essential to support Sonar going forward. Nice work Bakers!
  3. Hmm.. Restarted CbB, now don't get the API error - back to being saved in Bandlab with the CbB project name rather than the name given in the upload dialog
  4. The whole export to Bandlab seems a bit underdeveloped - or I am being a bit dim!! 😁 I try and do the same operation as above and now I get the dialog I suspect this is because: 1. The selection I am uploading as a 'Test' is always being uploaded with the CbB project name (DX7 Master Set List.cwp), not the name 'Test' as given in the upload dialog 2. The upload is being considered as a revision to the CbB Project name, rather than a New Project - despite the 'Upload as New Project' option being checked 3. The API Call can't find the project to revise as I deleted it from within the bandlab app. So now, I'm stuck - I can't export any sections of this file to Bandlab... 😒 Can only imagine this is because I am trying to export sections of a CbB project rather than the whole project - If this was the case for whole projects then surely these issues would've been picked up by now...
  5. Been playing around with the export to Bandlab feature, as thinking of using it more Hit a few issues though, anybody had the same or have a solution? When exporting a section to Bandlab, I use the dialog options as shown below, however: The new project is always created in Bandlab with the name of the CbB project, not the name entered in the upload project dialog box! If I only include an audio patch point in the selection to be uploaded, then the upload complains that uploaded Bandlab projects cannot be empty (despite the empty tracks option being selected). If I export the same selection as an audio file to disk, the audio for the patch point is exported If I include a track with audio / midi data as well as the patch point in the selection, then both tracks are exported to Bandlab and the patch point track includes the rendered audio. I guess it can be hard to work out if a patch point has audio, so maybe the easiest option would be to change the dialog above to 'The export may not have audio data, do you want to continue?' rather than a 'Computer Says No' dialog... or just don't show it at all if the include 'empty tracks' option is set Bandlab Upload Dialog:
  6. Seems unlikely, but this is what I get when I visit the site to download the control center in order to install the plugin. Think I'll err on the side of caution... how many plugins (and install managers) do I actually need, lol!
  7. Thanks for the responses, and sorry for the late follow up - have slowly been changing things around and believe the issue came down to a dodgy USB cable, Gah!!...😡 The new build is working well now, so I'm a happy chappy!
  8. I had something similar. I went to the menu option 'Help' \ 'Sign in to Bandlab' and after signing in, cakewalk authorised. I've just signed out, and no issues with auth
  9. I'm using a Behringer XR18 as my audio interface... might be worth trying it on some other USB ports though, so thanks for the idea!
  10. Hi, Just built a new PC rig around a Ryzen 9 7900 (64GB Ram, 4TB SSD, Windows 11, Behringer XR18 as Audio Interface) Latency Mon is all fine, but I find I'm getting awful crackles and pops - this screenshot was taken when playing a simple project that was crackling My experience is that crackles and pops are normally DPC Latency issues, but this has me a bit stumped. The strange thing is even if I knock the Asio buffer upto 2048 I still get the crackles.. Anyone have any experience, or suggestions? Have done all the usual: No wifi, Ultimate performance plan, disable onboard audio, reinstalling ASIO drivers etc My ancient previous rig together with the XR18 worked without a flaw, was just a bit slow to open large projects.. Thanks in advance! Matt
  11. If you are planning to go live on a stage with a laptop/pc you need the right software setup, or be prepared to deal with some fraught times It's not free (or particularly low cost), but gigs got a lot less stressful for me when I moved all my VST hosting over onto Gig Performer. You might find it does everything you need as it has vst hosting / memory management / setlists / and midi and audio playback - think there is a demo version you can try out for a while to check it out. And no, I'm not affiliated in any way... just have been down the road of using Cakewalk live, and it I wouldn't really recommend using it as a VST host. (My current setup uses both Cakewalk and GigPerformer, as I wanted to keep Cakewalk as the playback device rather than loading backing files into GigPerformer)
  12. The last post was the post above from Harley! Sounds like his problem was a driver issue, but if you want a great free guide to optimising a windows laptop for live performance, a read of this produced by the guys at GigPerformer gives some good advice. The Ultimate Guide to Optimize your Windows PC for the Stage I'd also really recommend: - If at all possible, keeping a separate, dedicated setup for your live performances - that way you can keep it off the internet (mostly) and avoid updates until they've been tested on your home rig. - Bouncing your midi down to audio - unless you modify vst params used in the backing track on the fly. With 250 songs it's a pain, but will use a lot less resources. - Never have wifi enabled when playing - so very often the cause of dropouts
  13. I really can't get my head around what Deskew are trying to achieve here. Can you imagine buying a dell laptop on sale from Amazon, you take delivery and turn it on, then a pop-up appears saying you can't download any firmware updates until you pay the difference between the price on Amazon and the Dell website? This is essentially what Deskew are asking for... absolutely crazy! It's a real shame as I've been an evangelist for this app - if you play live with VSTs it's the best solution, period. What is weird is they seem to realise they are pissing off customers who bought on a sale from PA, but don't care. I've bought version 3 and 4 in full from PA in the past, but now I'm a second class citizen and expected to stump up more cash for V4 which I've already purchased? Not exactly an inviting offer is it... Really hope they've got their sums right, it's a very niche product which is excellent at what it does, so I hope they continue to survive and do well... pissing off paying customers doesn't sound like the best approach, but hey, what do I know?
  14. Something that always felt clunky to me was midi routing - especially if opening a project on a different PC. It always seems like cakewalk just assigns a number to each midi device in the list of devices, and stores routings based on that number. If that list is different when you open a project, devices get a different number, then the routing in the project gets corrupted... maybe that's a simplification, but it fits with the observed behaviour. I've just adopted a load of workarounds and learned to deal with it these days - but it drove me mad when first using cakewalk. It's probably a hangover from how Windows handles USB devices, but I'm sure this could be improved. Best approach is probably something like studio one (or GigPerformer), where virtual external devices are defined and used in the project, and then mapped to physical devices. If the project is opened on a PC with different midi hardware (or the midi devices connected has changed), the midi routing stays the same in the project as it's all defined using the virtual devices - if needed the mapping between a physical and virtual device can then be updated in one place. Far better than having to trawl through tracks to try and find/fix routings that have been corrupted... +1 For being able to route midi to multiple locations Dare we mention staff view??.... 😅 I know it's now a comedy statement these days, but I use it extensively and if we're talking about 'Clunky'....
  15. Probably a common sentiment. I want to stay with Cakewalk Sonar as it's what I'm familiar with.. but it really does depend on the pricing. The free updates and new features were lovely while they lasted, but obviously couldn't continue forever... so now we'll need to see how Bandlab value Cakewalk against the competition, and if us old timers who have paid for the product previously get any kind of accommodation. I totally understand the comments about being two different companies, and it would be completely justifiable to start from scratch, but if that happens then personally I'd have a good look round at some of the competition... Having said that, we have to be thankful that Bandlab kept Cakewalk alive, and has continued to invest in it... and has one of the best DAW forums around (which, actually, counts for a lot!)
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