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  1. Release notes for EZkeys 2.0.3 2023-11-28 EZkeys 2.0.3 is now available to download using the Product Manager or from the ‘My Products’ area in your Toontrack account. Please note that version 2.0.3 is required for the support of EZkeys sound expansions (EKXs) released from this point forward (Q4 2023). CHANGES General “Notifications” are a new type of dialog used to display information and/or suggestions for operations in certain situations. They can be disabled in Settings. Attempting to play the song track while there are chords but no MIDI on the track will trigger such a notification, informing that MIDI is needed to actually hear sounds, and it has a button for instantly adding MIDI to the chords on the track. Song Track Placing an external MIDI file on the song track will show a new dialog with MIDI import options. The song track can now automatically scroll if needed while the Pencil tool is being used to add blocks. MIDI block operations, such as Mute and Quantize, are now available also if only song parts or chords are selected, as long as there are some MIDI blocks beneath. The “Song Parts,” “Chords” and “MIDI” headers, shown in the middle of the track during drags and when the Pencil tool is active, are now hidden whenever they would overlap with a song part, chord or MIDI block. Right-clicking in the time signature editor will now show an edit menu. Edit Chord View An information popup has been added for the “Keep Melody/Ostinato” option when it is active. Changing chords by clicking in the chord wheel now removes the bass note part of the chord if “Keep Melody/Ostinato” is enabled. When “Keep Melody/Ostinato” is enabled, “Adjust Notes to Scale” is automatically enabled for chords that are not in the current song key. “Adjust Notes to Scale” is automatically enabled for IV chords. When inversions are applied and the inverted notes are moved as much as one octave, now the other right-hand notes are moved one octave too. Inversion can now also alter chords that don’t have any chord notes in them. Grid Editor The pedal block editor now supports rectangular marquee selection. Grooves Tab Previewing in Replace MIDI mode, there is no longer a playhead visible in the browser (since it was not always able to show a correct/relevant position) but the playhead on the song track has been made larger. Changes in user MIDI folders in the OS will now be immediately detected and a red notification dot will be shown on the folder in the Grooves tab, indicating the need to run a “Sync File Changes” operation (available in the context menu for the folder). If an empty folder in a user library is selected, a “Drag MIDI files here” box is shown. Bandmate The Edit menu has been expanded with more options. A context menu can now be accessed by right-clicking anywhere on the tracks. Whenever the current filters/input would yield zero results in the Bandmate browser, there will now always be a very basic groove shown instead of an empty list. Settings In the VST 3 format, there is a new info section regarding Program Change and Bank Select on the MIDI Input settings page. BUG FIXES General Instantiating the plug-in in a DAW and immediately selecting “Open Project” from the File menu should no longer show the “do you want to save” dialog. Opening a project with different selections in the browser than before would cause the project to immediately be marked as modified (triggering the “do you want to save” dialog if for example “Open Project” was selected again). Loading a new project while a native file/folder selection dialog was open could cause a crash. Trying to load an EKX that no longer exists on disk should no longer crash. Song Track MIDI blocks with sustain could affect playback of other blocks earlier on the track. Removing notes from the beginning of a block by resizing it, then adding a note in the Grid Editor so that the block is expanded back to the left, the old notes would appear again. Changing chords could cause notes to overlap. Overlapping notes will now be removed if a chord is different from the original chord. In arpeggio chords, inversions could end up moving right-hand notes on top of or below left-hand notes. Recording from a MIDI instrument while looping in a DAW could incorrectly cause the “similar MIDI detected” dialog to appear. Drag-repeating a deselected MIDI block when some other block was selected would repeat the selected block instead of the one clicked on. Hovering over a chord edge with the mouse and deleting selected chords could cause a crash. Using tempo ramps could potentially lead to the playhead getting stuck during playback. On Mac, Ctrl plus left mouse button did not work to open context menus on song parts and chords. Fixed a crash related to bad MIDI files. Turning the Amount knob could cause a crash if MIDI blocks were in unsnapped positions. The Amount knob could end up in a state where resetting it back to 0 did nothing. The keyboard shortcuts for moving the playhead did not work properly with time signatures other than 4/4. At startup of the plug-in/standalone, if the default project had an active loop area, the loop button was not toggled on. Clicking Octave Up or Down in Edit Play Style so that the clicked button became disabled would in some DAWs make the plug-in lose keyboard focus. Undoing/redoing muting a MIDI block would not graphically update it, unless it was below/inside a Song Part block. Edit Chord View Clicking outside the chord editor did not close it in all cases. The “Adjust Notes to Scale” button didn’t have a tooltip. The chord preview didn’t play the correct notes in some cases. During chord preview, the sustain pedal would sometimes not be released at the end, causing the previewed chord to ring longer than desired. The inversion and the octave were not possible to edit as text (except inversion when it was “Auto” but then it didn’t work to write “0”). The Inversion Down button would never get greyed out if the lower limit was -1. Keys Tab Changing the tuning was not possible to undo. Grid Editor The program could freeze when applying Humanize in some cases. Auto-scroll in the Grid Editor would not work after marquee selection had been used. Nodes in the CC and pitch curve editor would under certain circumstances be skipped (most notably causing the sustain pedal not to trigger correctly). Bandmate “Select Containing Folder in Grooves” would not be enabled in the context menu if the loaded output groove did not exist in the visible groove list. Using the keyboard to switch away from the Bandmate tab when the chord editor was open would leave the chord editor open over the new tab. Pressing stop to rewind would only move the playhead but not scroll the view to the start. The track timeline in Bandmate could under certain circumstances become very strange, having the first bar not positioned at the beginning, and that could lead to freezes. Selecting a new audio source file did not properly update the loop area.
  2. 1.2.2 released 11/27/23 - Improved general performance
  3. Version 5.9.0 GM (b4455, edaa5278), October 26, 2023: Improved License Support now adds information to service requests to aid performance and reliability. Improved Performance when the Activation services are under heavy load. Improved Error alerts when there are problems with the installed License Support service. Improved Error message in iLok License Manager when the background service is not available. Improved Reworded error messages to make them less distressing. Improved Error messages when trials cannot be activated in iLok License Manager and the Activation Experience. Fixed In iLok License Manager, added the ability to report a machine as unusable even if it has only trials activated to it.
  4. Unattended product installation option: Silent Installation | UJAM App Improved logging for better troubleshooting: Verbose Logging | UJAM App macOS: Added native support for Apple Silicon chips (M1, M2) Download and Installation is now possible with just one click Easily installing all Updates at once Added Product Reinstallation feature Product Uninstallation now removes NKS data Content Folder defined in the App settings now taken into account for all plugins The app launch is no longer displayed when a UJAM plugin is used Reduced resource usage when app is hidden Fixed random download problems on specific Windows systems Stability, security and performance has been improved
  5. https://www.sononym.net/blog/new-release-1.5.0/ Free update for owners of 1.x They usually do a BF sale, so keep an eye out if interested.
  6. New features: First release of Analog Lab Play Added new Main view Analog Lab V full version is now labeled Analog Lab Pro on user interface Added account creation to login window Improvements on in-app tutorials Clicking on a macro name to edit it no longer opens the instrument view Right clicking on a bank now works on Home view When using an Arturia controller, selecting a Type or Subtype using the main encoder no longer loads the first preset of the list Bug fixes: Improved order of sound banks section in Home view Modwheel is now mapped by default to the rotary speed on B-3 presets Factory banks for owned individual instruments are now available in Analog Lab Intro Macros are now correctly named on all presets Renaming a macro now correctly updates the name on the control panel Synclavier Poly and Poly Retrig now behave correctly in the side panel settings Improved compatibility with playlists from older version of Analog Lab Double clicking to edit text in the search bar now working
  7. Run the XLN Online Installer.
  8. Korg Wavestate Native update to 1.20 Run Korg software Pass
  9. Venomode have updated all of their audio plugins, adding support for AAX plugins on Apple Silicon. Changes since the last versions: Added: Apple M1 support for AAX. Fixed: Some sliders in Complexer 2 not displaying properly. Fixed: Some VST3 categories not showing correctly. Fixed: Lowtility 2 sometimes adding resonance to low cut on first load. Fixed: Lowtility 2 polluting log file.
  10. 3.6.0 - 2023-09-25 Uninstall is here for NKS instruments and expansions! This should cover 80% of our product base and should make your debugging and product management lives a little easier. We recognize we still have to do this for apps and plugins, and we’ll get to those in the future. Importantly, MacOS X 10.15 is officially deprecated. Current users shouldn’t be getting an update, and for those users who don’t want to auto update, you can browse the legacy installers to get a locked version. On top of this, we’ve made a few extra quality of life improvements and fixed a few other bugs that we’ve now been able to detect. We look forward to receiving feedback on the uninstall feature! REMOVED Deprecated support for MacOS X 10.15 ADDED/IMPROVED Uninstall for Content Products (Instruments & Expansions) for both Windows and Mac Checklist version of the existing manual uninstall guide embedded inside of a product’s options menu for unsupported products FIXED Resolved an issue where products were unnecessarily activated after being connected to an external hard drive Addressed a case where the NTK Daemon would crash when it’s being powered down Addressed a case where the NTK Daemon would crash when mounting HDDs on MacOS When activation tokens fail to activate, we now remove them to allow for a fresh retry Addressed an issue where Player products failed to upgrade Usage data reminder for new users now links to the correct page in the preferences Reinstall is no longer offered for unavailable products Error message points to users to the correct page in preference when they need to review their download locations Addressed a rare case where products disappear from Native Access
  11. Recently we have seen a wave of updates to Kontakt libraries for the NKS2 standard, which requires Kontakt 7.6 Here are the latest Kontakt Factory Library Hypha.
  12. Run Tracktion Download Manager F-em Change Log V1.1.9 - Win: Fixed VST3 loading - Mac: Fixed AudioUnit crash Attracktive Change Log V1.0.2 - Win: Fixed VST3 loading - Mac: Fixed AudioUnit crash
  13. See the release notes here: https://u-he.com/products/diva/releasenotes.html CLAP, next gen NKS, small improvements, tons of bug fixes. Short: The way free updates should be for every product out there. More to come until end of the year.
  14. FREE Update from 1.0 https://serato.com/sample I am a little confused by the price- $149 (or $10 sub/month), but free upgrade from 1.0 which I think I paid $39 for (reg $49) a couple years ago. I am looking for the "gotcha", but so far- Thank You Serato!
  15. There were already several VST3 updates in the past, but I think NKS support is new. Maybe something in there for Apple-ers. Run the UJAM app to update. https://www.ujam.com/tutorials/how-to-run-select-ujam-plugins-in-nks-m1-au-and-vst3-formats/
  16. I was installing something new *cough* and discovered there was an update. Notes stolen from Evil Dragon over on VI. Use Native Access to update. 7.4.2 - 2023-07-05 Bug fix. FIXED Crash with additional cases when changing patterns or snapshots with Session Guitarist 7.4.1 - 2023-07-04 Bug fix. FIXED Crash when changing patterns or snapshots with Session Guitarist 7.4.0 - 2023-06-19 Introducing the zoom feature. ADDED Zoom scaling of Kontakt application UI FIXED Snapshots couldn't be saved when Ring Modulator LFO Wave parameter was modified from KSP FIXED Crash when selecting items from dropdown menus in Playbox FIXED KSP Reset waitless while loop iteration counter on every while loop instead of once per callback, and increased the amount of such iterations to 10 million
  17. Run UVI Portal
  18. If you have 2023 Band-in-a-Box for Windows you will most certainly want to download and install the -- build 1010 -- update released today, March 09. Summary of changes for Build 1010 (since 1006) (March 9, 2023) Fixed: Flat symbols displaying as B when using PG Chords font. Fixed: Possible "1400 Invalid Window Handle" error when saving a song or exiting the program. Fixed: GUI freeze when playing a song that has "N/A" RealTracks. Fixed: Crash if resizing the floating Audio Edit window very small. Fixed: Deleting or inserting a region of audio did not move the automation nodes. Fixed: Wrong number of bars imported when importing MIDI if using "Number of blank bars to insert at beginning". Fixed: Importing a single-track MIDI file should automatically import onto the currently selected track. Fixed: Utility track MIDI channel not saved in songs. Fixed: When opening a song file from Explorer to launch a second instance of the program, the first instance would also open the song. Fixed: RealTracks favorites are not saved between program sessions. Fixed: Crash if cancelling a batch render to mp3. Fixed: Failure to open files with semicolon in the file name. Fixed: CTRL+SHIFT+N did not switch open the Big Piano window if the Notation window was open. Fixed: CTRL+ALT+N did not switch viewing modes in the Notation window. Fixed: Underlying audio track is audible when recording over it. Fixed: Freeze occurs when deleting the last note on a track in the Notation window. Fixed: Frozen RealDrums might not generate after song has been reopened. Fixed: Pre-record dialog allowed recording audio onto the Thru track. Fixed: Track menu "Choose No RealDrums for this track" does not cause Mixer to redraw. Fixed: RealTracks selected by the Soloist dialog become refrozen often accompanied by "Soloist track has been LOCKED" flash message. Fixed: WMA loops in a song or style would not load if the M4A file was available. Fixed: Loading a style should remove plugins. Added: "Delete decompressed WAV files when loading songs" setting added to Audio Edit settings dialog. Fixed: Loading a style like M_CBOOGI.STY does not load the Hi-Q patch in the style. Updated: Sforzando v1.973 included. Updated: PDF manuals, help files. DAW Plugin build 5.1.25 Release notes Fixed: Clicking on part marker after entering chord will delete entry Fixed: Insert/Remove bar does not include part marker Fixed: Copy/Paste bar does not include part marker Fixed: Closing plugin window while multiple dialogs are open can cause memory leak Fixed: Cannot retrieve activation dialog behind other windows Fixed: Generate indicator starts flashing after moving tracks to project folder Fixed: Cannot load song with MIDI utility tracks Fixed: RealCharts are only visible after tracks are generated Fixed: Files created during song opening should be in timestamped folder Fixed: Chord sheet does not scroll when moving playback bar to beginning Fixed: Plugin lags during playback of long songs Fixed: Plugin loads wrong default chord font Fixed: Chord Progression entries double after opening Preferences dialog Fixed: Plugin should recognize that 12/8=4/4 etc. Fixed: Removed options to clear and load instrument on Style Mix track Fixed: Custom track on style page does not clear Fixed: Custom tracks loaded from saved song do not contain "=" marker Fixed: Utility track loaded from saved song does not have correct track description Fixed: Tracks do not clear on first attempt RealTracks and Content Notes Fixed: RealDrums/Stems JazzSwingModern and JazzSwingModernBrushes did not work. Fixed: Five RealTracks were assigned incorrect holds (Guitar, Acoustic, Strumming Hank Sw 120, Guitar, Electric, Rhythm Dire Ev 140, Guitar, Acoustic, Strumming Hank Sw 065, Guitar, Acoustic, Rhythm OldWorld2Beat Ev16 140, Guitar, Acoustic, Rhythm Blues12-8Brent Sw 065) Improved: These RealTracks previously used full chording shots & holds, but now more correctly use single-notes: Piano, Acoustic, Soloist Bossa Ev 140 Piano, Acoustic, Soloist Bossa Ev 085 Piano, Acoustic, Soloist Bossa Ev 190 Added: New style - _APPEARS.sty was missing from RT set 424. Added: New styles - _CLOUDS.STY and _LUNDI.STY should be included in the bonus 49PAK. Fixed: _TINES had wrong long stylen name in StylePicker. Improved: Many RealDrums were missing long substyle descriptions, which have now been added. E.G. PercFestejoPeru^, FunkModernDiscoEv16^ Improved: RealTracks Picker memos have been added for some RealTracks that were previously missing them. Fixed: The artist bio for Shobhit Banwait was not showing up. Improved: Artist Performance Sets 13 & 14, lyrics added to the lyric document dialog. Fixed: Demo for _LATNBLU.sty loaded the wrong style Fixed: RT2615:Bass, Electric, FunkPumpingQuarters Ev 100 was playing incorrect notes for certain chords. Fixed: _MISTNYC had odd groove mismatches between instruments Fixed: The CountryEv8 drum style is supposed to use brushes for the A section, but at tempos near 100 it was playing sticks Fixed: _Perch.sty missing from StylePicker. Fixed: The demo for _CAVERNB was using a different RealDrum than the style itself Fixed: The shots and holds for RealTrack 2619:Organ, Rhythm Funk Ev 100 were playing two tones above what was entered Fixed: The audiophile version of 3467:Bass, Electric, AmericanaSyncSteveAB Ev16 085 had some notes that were quiter than others. Fixed: The notation for 2696:Bass, Synth, TropicalHouseA-B Ev 120, 2694:Bass, Synth, TropicalHouseOffBeat Ev 120 and 2695:Bass, Synth, TropicalHouseSync Ev 120 was in a higher octave than what was being played Fixed: Audiophile edition: RealDrums BebopLatin2Swing^ & JazzModernShuffle^, as well as the Direct Input Holds 330 would play nothing but static Fixed: The 146 tempo of JazzWaltzTerryClarke^ RealDrums would have dropouts in some bars Fixed: The demo for _LATNBLU.sty would load STRAYST8.sty Fixed: _SUNDRY.sty had silent audio demo Fixed: The demo for =PICNIC.sty previously had a horn section on one of the tracks that was not supposed to be there Fixed: RT4270: Bass, Electric, ProgRockTOAB Ev16 090 was not playing Sus chords. Fixed: RT4013: Guitar, Electric, Rhythm ModPopDistortedLoArp Ev16 65 was playing some incorrect notes Fixed: Most of the Synthmaster presets did not have working demos when you double-clicked on them Updated: Help file, manual, tips, etc. Improved: Transcriptions, transitions between chords, as well as new simple variation options, have been made to many of the RealTracks from the December 2022 release. S=Simple added, T=Transcription improved, M=Improved transitions between riffs. List below: Piano, Acoustic, Soloist Bossa Ev 085 (SM) Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm BossaLHComp Ev 085 (S) Piano, Acoustic, Soloist Bossa Ev 190 (SM) Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm BossaLHComp Ev 190 (S) Guitar, Lap Steel, Background BluesSlow128 Sw 065 (TSM) Guitar, Lap Steel, Background BluesFunky Ev 120 (TSM) Guitar, Electric, Rhythm BluesShuffleSyncBasic Sw 120 (TS) Harmonica, BackgroundSoloist BluesGrittyPat Ev 120 (SM) Harmonica, BackgroundSoloist BluesGrittyPat Ev 085 (SM) Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm JazzRockSoul Ev 130 (S) Bass, Electric, SoulRock70sAB Ev 100 (TSM) Bass, Electric, Soul60sSlow128AB Sw 060 (TSM) Sitar, Background SlowSwing16thsAnwar Sw16 075 (M) Bass, Electric, MetalModernJoshAB Ev 120 (SM) Bass, Electric, MetalModernDoubleTimeJosh Ev 120 (SM) Guitar, Electric, Rhythm MetalModernChugDouble12keyNico Ev16 120 (S) Guitar, Lap Steel, Soloist BluesShuffleRob Sw 120 (TSM) Bass, Electric, ProgRockTOAB Ev16 090 (TSM) Guitar, Electric, Soloist ProgRockTO Ev 090 (TSM) Harmonica, BackgroundSoloist RockShuffleGrittyPat Sw 110 (SM) Guitar, Electric, Rhythm ModCountrySlow128PowerHeldPlus Sw 050 (S) Guitar, Electric, Rhythm ModCountrySlow128PowerChug Sw 050 (S) Guitar, Electric, Rhythm ModCountrySlow128PulsingDelay Sw 050 (SM) Guitar, Electric, Rhythm ModCountrySlow128DreamyHiPads Sw 050 (SM) Guitar, Electric, Rhythm ModCountrySlow128LoPadsDelay Sw 050 (SM) Guitar, Electric, Rhythm NashvilleWaltzDistArpeg Sw 120 (TSM) Guitar, Electric, Rhythm NashvilleWaltzDistPowerChordsHeld Sw 120 (TSM) Guitar, Baritone Electric, Rhythm NashvilleWaltzMelodicTremolo Sw 120 (M) Guitar, Electric, Soloist ModernCountry16thsBrent Ev16 060 (SM) Guitar, Baritone Electric, Rhythm ModCountrySlowSw16Tremolo Sw16 060 (SM) Guitar, Electric, Soloist CountryCoolSw16Johnny Sw16 090 (M) Guitar, Lap Steel, Background BluesShuffleRob Sw 120 (TSM) Guitar, Electric, Soloist Soul70sRelaxedPat Ev 100 (SM) Guitar, Lap Steel, Background CountryPopGrittyShuffle Sw 110 (SM) Guitar, Lap Steel, Background CountryPopGritty Ev 120 (SM) Guitar, Electric, Soloist NashvilleShuffleGrittyBrent Sw 110 (TS) Guitar, Electric, Soloist ChicagoBluesPat Sw 140 (TS) Bass, Electric, BluesFunkyAB Ev 120 (S) Bass, Electric, BluesShuffleAB Sw 110 (TS) Bass, Electric, BluesFunkyAB Ev 085 (TS) Bass, Electric, PopSwingBouncyAB Sw 120 (TS) Guitar, Electric, Rhythm BluesShuffleSync Sw 120 (TS) Guitar, Electric, Rhythm BluesFunky Ev 120 (TS) Piano, Acoustic, Soloist Bossa Ev 140 (S) Guitar, Electric, Rhythm FunkLondonMuteWah Ev16 120 (TSM) Guitar, Electric, Rhythm FunkLondonSoulRiffsTrem Ev16 120 (TSM) Guitar, Lap Steel, Background BluesFunkyRob Ev 085 (S) Guitar, Lap Steel, Background BluesSlowShuffleRob Sw 085 (TSM) Guitar, Electric, Soloist BluesSlow128Johnny Sw 60 (TS) Guitar, Electric, Rhythm LatinRock Ev 125 (TM) Guitar, Electric, Rhythm LatinRockDbl Ev 125 (TM) Guitar, Electric, Soloist LatinRock Ev 125 (M) Bass, Electric, SoulFunk70sSw16AB Sw16 090 (TSM) Bass, Electric, SoulFunk70sAB Ev 100 (TSM) Guitar, Electric, Rhythm SoulFunk70s Ev 100 (TSM) Guitar, Electric, Rhythm MetalModernArpeggio12keyNico Ev 120 (MS) Guitar, Electric, Rhythm MetalModernSyncHi12keyNico Ev 120 (MS) Guitar, Electric, Rhythm MetalModernPowerHeldPlus12keyNico Ev 120 (MS) Guitar, Electric, Rhythm MetalModernStaccatoSync12keyNico Ev 120 (MS) Guitar, Electric, Rhythm MetalModernChugDouble12keyNico Ev16 120 (M) Guitar, Electric, Rhythm MetalModernChugging12keyNico Ev 120 (MS) Guitar, Electric, Rhythm ModernPopFastRockHiStrum Ev 170 (TS) Guitar, Electric, Rhythm ModernPopFastRockHiRiffs Ev 170 (TS) Guitar, Electric, Rhythm ModernPopFastRock1-noteBreakMid Ev 170 (TS) Guitar, Electric, Rhythm ModernPopFastRock1-noteBreakLow Ev 170 (TS) Guitar, Electric, Rhythm ModernPopFastRockPowerBreakMute Ev 170 (TS) Guitar, Electric, Rhythm ModernPopFastRockPowerBreakPartialMute Ev 170 (TS) Guitar, Electric, Rhythm ModernPopFastRockPowerBreakdown Ev 170 (TS) Improved: Improvements to transcriptions for many of the RealDrums from the December 2022 release. List below: FunkFusion70sEven^ FusionModern16ths^ ModernJazzFunkyEv^ ModernJazzMellow16ths^ JazzSwingModernBrushes JazzSwingModern JazzWaltzModernBrushes JazzWaltzModern BebopLatin2Swing^ JazzModernShuffle^ FunkModernDiscoEv16^ FunkOaklandEv16^ LatinPopFunky^ LatinBoogalooFast^ LatinBoogalooSlow^ LatinPopFunky16ths^ SoulFunk70sSw16^ SoulFunk70sEv TambourineJanglySw16 TambourinePopSw16 TambourineJanglyEv16 CabasaQuarters Cabasa2and4 SoulRock70sEv^ Soul60sSlow128^ Tambourine8thsAccent2and4 Dholak16ths DholakSwing8ths Tabla8ths TablaSwing8ths ProgRockCanSlow16ths^ ProgRockCanFastEv8^ BongosEv16 BongosSw16 BongosEv8 BongosSw8 Bongos128 ProgRockSlow128^ ReggaetonPlaya^ ReggaetonStreetGrit^ ReggaetonSlowSunset^ K-PopHype^ ModernJazzFreneticEv16^ FusionAvantFunk^ BroCountry16ths^ Soul70sRelaxedEv^ Tambourine8thsAccentQuarters Tambourine2and4Dark TambourineSteady8ths ProgRockRadio^ CowbellRockQuarters
  19. Link to my post yesterday. The shift-key solution suggested a day ago worked pretty well, my projects opened smoothly, no pop up or lack of sound or whatever. But just now, the problem is at it again and this pop-up appears when I try to open it. And it's even worse When I press Yes to All, the program closes itself again. When I press No to All, the program opens, but all the MIDI tracks I already programmed/made don't make a sound. Note that when I add new tracks though, they still make sound. But I don't want to start from square one, and have this problem roll around again the next day. It seems like a VST/plugin problem considering the way my projects open when I choose No to All in the pop -up. But I want to know, what on earth screws up in the system when I open projects some time after working with them? I opened this project twice yesterday (1 PM, 11 PM) and there was no issue, but more than 18 hours later (right now it's 6 PM) it's stubborn again. This is so frustrating. I don't want to do this every time I want to work on my projects.
  20. I actually missed 2.0.13 All info below https://kilohearts.com/ Please check the following few posts if you have kHs One installed. It may be removed or broken by the installer. Wake up @everyone, version 2.0.13 just dropped! This version features a new modulation module, the Slew Limiter. You can use it to filter your other modulation sources. Perfect to soften rapid changes in pressure, for example. I'm sure you will find something fun to do with it! Note that the Kilohearts Installer no longer installs kHs ONE as this is a legacy product and is no longer supported. The final version of kHs ONE can be downloaded here: https://kilohearts.com/docs/download_and_installation#khs_one Now, onto the change log: General - New modulator: Slew Limiter - DSP & UI performance improvements. - Fixed broken inverted mode for the LFO Table modulator. - Fixed a memory leak that could cause some memory to not be freed when loading a new preset. Phase Plant - Made sideband input on modulators work for global voice as well. Gain - Fixed a bug sometimes causing clicks when automating the gain. Happy holidays @everyone! Version 2.0.14 is out. Some bugfixes, especially for you! - Fixed a problem where the modulation lane disappeared in some cases. - Fixed a problem where macro knobs changed position slightly depending on number of modulations. - Fixed a problem where modulators didn't always follow their group's enable state properly.
  21. Long awaited support for VST3 comes to Reason 12 owners (and Reason + subscribers). Run it tomorrow to get the update prompt. Still no support for MIDI from VST though 😟 https://reasonstudios.com/
  22. https://www.image-line.com/ There is a sale running until Jan 1
  23. Update: Arturia Emulator II V run portal to Update from to
  24. Update: UVI Beatbox Anthology 2 run portal.
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