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  1. On PC, Both UVI Workstation and Falcon are now upgrading successful to 3.1.3 and 2.5.3 respectively for me. Neither worked this morning though indicated and went through the motions updating nothing.
  2. If you have Ting & Skaka; Log in and buy the Percussion Bundle, the price of Slammer drops to $33.33.
  3. 10/11/21 Run Portal. Native Instruments lists updates to: Komplete Kontrol Machine 2
  4. Check the portal: UVI Updates Workstation to 3.1.0
  5. Solved: My Buffer size was to high, lowering it to 1024 worked.
  6. Native Instruments Massive X Update to 1.3.4 run portal.
  7. Thanks for responding. The ilok part was very smooth. ilok works fine for me. No known installation problems. I tried totally uninstalling and re-installing. I will contact Krotos when I have exhausted all my ideas and the usual solutions. Thanks
  8. Thanks for your help. I will pursue this with Krotos. I thought it might a simple stupidity on my part. The fact that I could not get it to work in any DAW frustrated me for several hours. The first thing I do is check all available FAQs and Manuals and then search outside of the Provider: Youtube; Google. Thanks for taking the time.
  9. I downloaded the manual when I bought it. The manual discusses this problem in no way. No setup examples; no description of usage; no pictures; Only detailed explanations of the audio effects dials and graphs. Youtube videos show it being used but no guidance on how to set it up in Audition, Protools and Logic with no one discussing how it is set up. And the problem is no output.
  10. Over the weekend I purchased Krotos Dehumaniser Simple Monsters. There is no guidance everywhere how to set this up. I assumed from the videos a simple audio effect. I add the audio effect to the audio file and it alters it. But when I add it, I get no output of sound. The output on the plugin remains dead. I have tried this with Audition, Cubase, and the same result. I fear this is more like a Vocoder and has to be set up like one. There is no help at Krotos. Does anyway have any experience with this plugin or advice?
  11. I too do not understand how to get this to work. The online video does not look like my 2.9.9 version. The Instructions: <<To download and install the expansion bank(s) from within SynthMaster/SynthMaster Player, please follow these steps: 1. Run SynthMaster/SynthMaster Player (plugin or standalone) 2. Right click on the plugin window and click on ''Check for Updates'' menu. This will refresh the products list 2. Click on the 'Browse' button to switch to the Preset Browser page 3. Click on the 'Purchased' button to list the banks you purchased from us 4. Right click on the banks list, select "Refresh my licenses" menu. 5. Right click on the banks list, select "Restore my expansions" menu. SynthMaster will start downloading the bank(s)>> There is no Purchased button on any page or right click. I see "Bluffmunkey" listed as authors, but no where do I find Darkwave listed.
  12. Run Arturia Portal: UpdatesAnalog Lab V to Tuesday, September 14, 2021
  13. Check Native Access Portal: Updates NI Reaktor to 6.4.3 Tuesday, September 14, 2021
  14. Check the portal; I found updates to Key Suites Electric & Acoustic. Tuesday, September 14, 2021
  15. A lot of nice little details in the current update: 2021.04. Wave pictures have more details. If you have too many plugins like I do (1057) they now break into separate columns, so none of that endless scrolling to get to the bottom of the list. Just started seeing the changes. I am so happy with this program; can really fly and get things produced; I would pay so much for it if it wasn't free. I have Studio One 5 and Cubase 11..0.20 and rarely open them. Open them just to update. Cakewalk user since 2.0.
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