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  1. Update: UVI OB Legacy Run UVI Portal for update
  2. jim137

    UVI Walker 2 Update

    Run the UVI Portal for the Walker 2 Update.
  3. jim137

    Absynth is Over?

    Just got email saying "Native Instruments has removed Absynth from its product line". Link to youtube
  4. Cherry Audio Mercury-4 Update to 1.50 available at Cherry Audio log in. (7/15/22)
  5. Signing onto Gforce Software and being a previous OB-E owner I got it for $24.96
  6. It came to $31.77 buying directly from Gforce Software https://www.gforcesoftware.com/products/the-streetly-tapes-violins-vox/
  7. jim137

    Korg Software Updates

    I swear that I had updated already too. So I just reloaded the Korg Software Pass and it listed the same synths as needing an update. I did a google search and it turns out there was a later version of Software Pass v1.1.11 and I was in 1.1.7. This link has the update: Korg Software Pass. All appear correctly updated now. Too bad the portal does not know to update itself.
  8. Run Korg Software Pass for Updates: M1 v2.3.1 MDE-X v2.3.0 Monopoly v2.3.0 MS-20 v2.3.0 Polysix v2.3.0 Triton v1.3.7 Wavestation v2.3.0
  9. jim137

    UVI Effects Update

    UVI Effect updates in portal: Plate to 1.0.7 Relayer to 1.5.4 Rotary to 1.0.4 Sparkverb 1.1.9
  10. jim137

    Duplicate Post

    Check the Portal
  11. Check the Portal
  12. GForce Software OB-E now PC with version 2. If owned, just log in to your account and download free. If not owned, it is now Windows compliant if that was keeping you from purchasing it. As an idiot, I bought it when it first came out not realizing it was mac only then with version 1.
  13. Run Arturia Software Center today (2/18/22) Analog Lab V from 5.4.5 to Pigments from 3.50 to
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