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  1. A lot of nice little details in the current update: 2021.04. Wave pictures have more details. If you have too many plugins like I do (1057) they now break into separate columns, so none of that endless scrolling to get to the bottom of the list. Just started seeing the changes. I am so happy with this program; can really fly and get things produced; I would pay so much for it if it wasn't free. I have Studio One 5 and Cubase 11..0.20 and rarely open them. Open them just to update. Cakewalk user since 2.0.
  2. Knif Audio Knifonium has been a joy for me. So many sounds that are just what I was or am looking for. It is special. At $49.99 today without voucher.
  3. There are hours and hours of tutorials on Unify. Last week five or six giants of the industry were there online for discussion. Herbie Hancock. Out of the box you get an enormous amount of presets. If you own many other VSTs, many factory presets have been and are being converted to Unify format. They are several, Unify only presets one can buy. Release Party Last Saturday's Patch Fest: To see the list of free presets If you own the synth Skippy/Unify does amazing things with Synths that are CPU intensive or non-multi-voice which would be impossible in the synth itself. Like the Spitfire BBC stuff, Serum. Mrs. Mills is highlighted in March 27 event and he already has free presets and improvements. They is a factory of people converting synth presets and some firms like: TripleSpiralAudio and Rock Mountain Something contain Unify presets with their Omnisphere Presets.
  4. The embarrassing thing is that I must have already found this solution when 14 was installed and forgot about it. One of those Computer things: You find a solution to a problem you need once in a blue moon and then forget about it.
  5. Okay, I found the answer in the Sound Forge Forum. Sound Forge opening multiple instances Essentially this is the answer: <Thank-you for pointing out the abnormality. I can confirm this behavior in both 32 and 64 bit Sound Forge Pro 14 (build 111). I am not aware of any setting but will look. Addendum: This a result of the new "Multi-instancing default", and stated in the release notes. The option to change it back to the legacy builds, was not mentioned though. It is also in the normally hidden "Internal" menu. - go to the 'Options' menu - hold 'Shift' key and select 'Preferences' - select the 'Internal' tab - find "Force Single Instance behavior" (bottom of list or use search) - change value from 'FALSE' to "TRUE" - click 'Apply' and 'OK' - Exit or restart SF> There are many other secret values here, that may be of interest to some of the previous discussions above.
  6. Reread my post. It is different for Sound Forge 14, I close each sample before opening another and it uses the same instance of Sound Forge 14. (This has been true of SF11, SF12, SF13 also) In Sound Forge 15: I open a sample, close it, keep Sound Forge 15 open. Open a different sample it starts a new instance of Sound Forge 15 and I have two Sound Forge 15 open. Thanks for your response, but I still have the problem. I was hoping for a flag that would stop opening the second instance and use the instance that is open. I reread your response and did a test; not involving Cakewalk. Sound Forge 14 does not open a second instance of Sound Forge 14 for each wave file loaded from Windows explorer. Sound Forge 15 does open new instance of Sound Forge 15 for each wav file loaded in Windows Explorer. I want to achieve the old behavior and you seemed knowledgeable.
  7. I currently have both Sound Forge 14 and 15 installed. Both menu entries are identical except the executable. If I use Sound forge 14, it opens as expected; I edit the file and close the file. If I want to edit another audio file, it loads it into the existing open Sound Forge 14 program. The first time I use Sound Forge 15, it opens as expected; I edit the file and close the file. If I want to edit another audio file in 15, it opens a new instance of the program making it basically unusable as an editor. (I have to shut down the previous instance) I can find no setting in Sound Forge 15 preferences to stop this. Any ideas?
  8. jim137

    Pianoteq 7 released

    PianoTeq Pro and others BF 20% sale
  9. jim137

    Pianoteq 7 released

    Does anyone think the Pianoteq Pro Studio will offer anything off on Black Friday?
  10. For the past few years I have been buying sheet music, scanning it into the computer with SmartScoreX2 (now SmartScore64) correcting the scan and turning into a MIDI type 1 for cakewalk to use. If necessary, I have learned how to split the file into left and right versions using the Staff view. There are some songs that simply never made it to sheet music or a MIDI file. Surfing around recently, I saw someone convert an audio file to MIDI in Fruity Loops. I followed it and realized that Melodyne can convert audio to MIDI. I am currently in Melodyne Studio 5.02.2003, loaded the audio; pulled up melodyne region effects; set the pitch and quantize to 100%; and then bounced the track to MIDI in melodyne. The result was very close; The melody is there. The Bass line is a mess. I am musically rather ignorant and have developed various tricks to get by. I have a good ear and can hear when something is off. I took an online course this spring on Music Theory which filled in many of my gaps in knowledge. https://stackskills.com/p/music-theory-for-electronic-producers-the-complete-course My question is: Can anyone give me suggestions on correcting the produced MIDI which seems to have a lot of extra notes and is quite busy(?). It is in the key of D major and I assume that should help me determine which notes are correct. Any guidance would be appreciated. If I can figure out how to do this, I'll have quite a bit of work to do on Music that did not reach sheet or MIDI level!
  11. jim137

    UVI Vintage Vault 3

    After I got the update notice from UVI for $199 from Vintage Vault 2 to Vintage Vault 3; an hour later they sent me a code that let me upgrade to Vintage Vault 3 for $29.00 which I successfully did.
  12. Thanks again to everybody for your help. Label these two problems solved! I was flying fast for the rest of the day yesterday; not having to wait and dismiss strange dialog boxes. I resisted for so long to post my problem and look at how fast it was solved and the amount of input I gained.
  13. I didn't delete; just renamed it \xASIO. Thanks everybody for all the solutions and responses. I appreciate all the quick responses and suggestions. Both problems are solved.
  14. Scook work-around appears to be working for problem No. 2. I wish the preferences dialog worked. Suspend Audio.....
  15. The Registry information was useful I think. I went through the procedure of removing the Steinberg\ASIO folder suggested by Noel. I had to close down 5 programs and reboot and am testing it now. So far that solves the first problem. Strange that it appeared only after this new build. This other problem is still there and has been for some time; but I can live with it. I also get the audio Dropout teal dialog.
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