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  1. 1: The Problem 2: What I Have Tried 1: I went about my day doing sound design in VCV Rack when i stumbled upon that when i saved anything as a track template and then opened up that saved track template, the MIDI did not function, and the only sound that came out of the track was my microphone and i couldn't get a sound or response out of the plugin itself. 2: Saving any other track as a template with a plugin that isn't VCV Rack gives the same result, including the built-in keyboard in plugins like Vital, no sound or response. Searched up the issue online and found very few posts surrounding this. Reinstalled Cakewalk and the issue persists. I tried changing the input from None/Omni to other inputs and then saving the track, no luck, also tried this on the saved templates, changing the input changes nothing. Something that i want to add is that this is not just an issue with one project file, this applies to every project.
  2. Hey Guys Track Templates. I have read most of the old threads around multi timbral synths and track templates, and I may be running into those issues, it's really hard to say. Sounded like it always LOOKED ok when using the template but all the inputs were messed up and other issues. I have a bunch of tracks (all with outputs to the same instance of a multi soft synth). I try to make a template of just ONE track. But when I use the template (it's 12M good god) I get ALL the tracks that were relating to the softsynth. In fact, I got another soft synth created with the same parameters! So I think, OK, its because I'm inside the folder. The documentation seems to imply that if you make a template of a track in folder you will make a template using all the tracks in the folder, and the instrument itself was defined in the folder so it also got coped. So, I moved the track OUT of the folder, and tried making a template again. Again, the template was 12M, and again when I tried to use it to create another track, it created all the tracks in that previous folder! It's like it has to grab all the tracks that relate to an instrument? Is this how it's supposed to work? I am SURE I did not CTRL-select multiple tracks. I had only one track # highlighted. I thought this was gonna save me time as all the tracks I would create would have the correct sends and track color and inputs, but it wasted the whole labor day afternoon instead. Sound familiar?
  3. Before I even start this - PROFOUND apologies for the length of this post - it is rather hard to explain, so sorry about that. OK - maybe I just do not know what I am doing, regarding using a track template that I set up for a friend of mine, for Addictive Drums 2, which included several pieces, and multiple audio tracks for those kit pieces, and a drum map. Components created for the track template, which were created from a new CbB project and exported as a track template, included: 1) An instance of Addictive Drums 2, with a custom AD2 map created to assign particular note numbers to particular kit pieces, to be able to map properly between his Alesis DM Pro drum module note numbers, and the correct kit pieces in AD2. The AD2 instance also had alterations to its mixer window, to send each kit piece to a separate output channel. 2) A track folder. and audio tracks in the track folder, for each of the kit pieces coming from the multiple outputs from the AD2 instance, so that there was an audio track assigned to each audio output channel from the AD2 mixer, so a Kick Drum audio track assigned to the AD2 audio output channel containing the AD2 Kick Drum audio, etc.... There was also a MIDI track in the track folder, which had Input set to Omni, and Output assigned to a drum map that I had built and saved, with the note numbers to map to the kit piece note numbers from the AD2 instance. This CbB drum map was created and saved, pointing to the instance of AD2 used when the track template was created. OK - so my friend has a number of existing projects in CbB, going back a couple of years in the making, where he set up those projects to use a simple instrument track, most of the time, for whatever AD2 instance he brought in, where all the kit piece audio was contained in the single stereo audio portion of the simple instrument tracks. When I showed him how much nicer it would have been, for him to have set it up to where each of the AD2 kit pieces had its own audio track(s), he decided he wanted help setting up a number of track templates, like I outlined above, to accomplish splliting the AD2 audio into separate tracks for each kit piece. So far, so good. SO - yesterday, we built a couple of the track templates for 2 of the different kits and presets he used from AD2, so that each kit and preset would have its own track template, with the split tracks, etc...., so that he could go back into his CbB projects, and replace the original simple instrument track, in a given project, with the appropriate track template with the split tracks for the same AD2 kit. Well, in the course of showing him how this would work, we opened up one of his existing projects, and I inserted the correct track template, and THIS is where I either don't understand something, or perhaps there is a bug in CbB's use of drum maps in track templates, because for whatever reason - whether a bug or I missed something, The issue: since there is already an instance of AD2 in the existing project, when I insert the track template, to bring in all the tracks and buses, and another instance of AD2, and the custom AD2 map, and the CbB drum map I had built and included in the track template, well, CbB does NOT adjust the AD2 instance pointed to in the drum map. I was expecting CbB to have internally adjusted the drum map AD2 instance numbering, to match the numbering CbB gave the track template AD2 instance that got inserted into the Synth Rack. SOOOO - the original project had an AD2instance, called "Addictive Drums 2 1", and when the new instance came in with the inserted track template, the new AD2 instance was given the name "Addictive Drums 2 2" by CbB, however, the track template's drum map on the MIDI track for the track template, was built pointing to an AD2 Synth Rack instance called "Addictive Drums 2 1", and the drum map's output port was NOT internally adjusted by CbB, to match the name given by CbB to the new AD2 instance that came in with the track template, SO, the result is that the when the new track template's MIDI track MIDI icon is clicked on, to open the AD2 instance associated with the track template, because the drum map is incorrectly pointing to an AD2 instance called "Addictive Drums 2 1", which points to the original AD2 instance from the existing project, which is entirely incorrect. It gets worse. SO, to get the drum map, brought in by the track template, pointing to the 2nd AD2 instance (Addictive Drums 2 2), I have to open up the Drum Map Manager for the track template's drum map, and then change the Output Port in it, to point to the 2nd AD2 instance, which will only then properly route MIDI data from the track template's MIDI track, to the 2nd AD2 instance. Well, this presents an additional problem, because I now have, in the project, a modified drum map, that will always have unsaved changes to it - because of the alterations to the Output Ports for each of the rows in the drum map. Maybe the above is not an issue, except this project will always just have those drum map modifications, which seems rather odd - I think that I should not have had to even alter that track template drum map - I think that if CbB has the wherewithal to know it has to adjust the naming of the 2nd AD2 instance that comes into the project from the insertion of the track template, well, I think CbB has the information needed to ALSO adjust the drum map Output Port data for each row in the drum map, to point to that 2nd AD2 instance that came in from the track template insertion. Even if I wanted to save the manually altered Output Port changes - to point to the 2nd AD2 instance, I cannot save those changes to that drum map in the Drum Map Manager, because of how the Drum Map Manager uses the Preset text box for drum map names. The way you save a drum map in the Drum Map Manager, is to type a name in the Preset text box, click Save, to create a new drum map. There does not seem to be a way to modify an existing drum map, and have the Drum Map Manager overwite that drum map with the modifications. If I type in the same name of the drum map that got loaded into the project by the insertion of the track template, rather than giving a means of overwriting that drum map, it tries to LOAD the unmodified drum map again, which is an issue, because it knows the current drum map (same name now as what it is trying to load), was modified, so it pops up a warning message, telling me that I will lose the drum map modifications if I allow the drum map to load. SO, there is no way to save those changes, if I actually wanted to do that. So, to me, it appears that CbB track template insertion logic, for track templates that include a drum synth instance, and a drum map, where there is already an instance of the same drum synth in the project where the track template is being inserted, is faulty, because it fails to internally adjust the naming of that drum synth instance associated with the drum map, to match the altered instance name of that drum synth instance inserted into the Synth Rack. Con someone please try to digest the above, and tell me if there is some better or different way of getting that dynamic adjustment to happen correctly? Or do I just make manual adjustments and leave them modified for the project, but unsaved? Is the lack of internal adjustment to the AD2 instance in the track template's drum map Output Port data a bug in CbB? I would like to know - because I have to explain it all to my friend, and we have about a dozen such track templates to craft, and then I have my own to create for MY projects, so hopefully you guys can straighten me out. Bob Bone
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