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  1. Hello. Last night, I tried recording a multi-track project and everything ran smoothly during the recording itself. I'm listening back before I start editing, and one of the tracks has a 20-minute window where there is peaking white noise at regular intervals. Context: I'm using a Focusrite 18i8 with 4 XLR mics plugged in. (Inputs 1 and 2 are condenser mics using phantom power, 3 & 4 are dynamic mics). All recordings from this session using this interface are perfectly fine except for the track recorded with input #1. This 20-minute period is the only time it happens and only on this track. There are no plug-ins on any of the tracks during recording. The entire recording session was about about 4 hours in total, and this happens around 1hr 26 minutes in and lasts until about 1hr 50min. Here is a youtube link to a small 1 minute section of the issue occurring (warning, this is loud) :
  2. i don't know if this is normal, but every time i play my project from the beginning i can't hear the first beat. it's throwing me off a bit, especially being a new user. can i fix this or do i just have to deal with it?
  3. I have a project that I produced with Sonar Plantinum and I have been using the Cakewalk by Bandlabs for about a year. So I opened that project with Bandlab and after saving it, I get this message... Unable to open audio playback device. Device may not support the current project's audio format or may be in use. For help, please visit: www.cakewalk.com/support/hardwaresetup/ or contact Cakewalk Technical Support. All my projects and hardware are working totally fine but this specific one appears to have the problem. Changing audio inputs and outputs have no effects. I am pretty sure this is a software problem and not hardware. I don't know if I am missing anything but it also seems I cannot find the master output anywhere. Preferences all good and same as other projects that work. Any help would be appreciated Thanks Theo
  4. I'm trying to build a template for Spitfire BBCSO and other plugins and I'm having some trouble with the "Duplicate" feature. When I try to duplicate specifically the BBCSO plugin, instead of just creating a new synth, it creates an instrument track and an associated audio track which seem to be forcibly linked to the original track I tried to clone. I didn't have a problem with duplicating the tracks earlier in the project, but at some random point the duplicate button stopped creating a new synth and started doing the weird thing I was describing earlier. What's even weirder is that I don't seem to have this problem with other plugins, only the BBCSO plugin. Any help would be appreciated
  5. Can anyone help me track down why my output is Harsh and Tinny and has some weird digital distortion? I'm using Melodyne to tune audio and the problem I'm having is particularly on vocals though happens to some cymbals and drums too. Siblance or syllables like "Shh" from "she" or other phrases really grate on my ears in the output - however when playing back inside Cakewalk it sounds perfect! I'm trying the files in windows as well as using them for a music video constructed in Davinci Resolve - this may be more pronounced in Resolve too. No matter if I export an mp3 (at 256 with highest fixed quality) or a 48000 wave file - some parts of the song just sound really painful like grating digital or harsh tinny, sounds - only on specific parts. This doesn't sound like clipping. But why would it sound awesome inside Cakewalk but be littered with annoying issues when in Windows or in Resolve or it its video output? Is this a Melodyne Rendering artifact that only affects mixdown?
  6. So I got everything installed alright, got a few plugins that sound great, everything's great except----- every time i hit the play button, it plays for .8 of a second and just stops...... idk how to fix it or what it could possibly be.
  7. Cannot manage to record a track from a digital piano connected to Cakewalk. I created a TTS instrument track that’s working normally: i.e. I can input notes to it manually (e.g. in Piano Roll), and these notes are heard if I play back the track. A digital piano is connected as the input for the track, and it also seems to work: if I press any keys on the physical piano keyboard, these keys become highlighted in Piano Roll, and the meters it the track’s header display the level (see the attached screenshot). The track is aimed for recording, and I double-checked all relevant settings. After I press Record and start playing, however, the metronome is clicking, and the playhead is moving forward, but no music is being actually recorded. In addition, the Record button in the toolbar doesn’t turn red. What am I doing wrong?
  8. Evan Thomas

    Extreme UI Latency

    I am completely new to the world of DAWs so apologies in advance for sounding clueless. I have just installed Cakewalk and I essentially cannot use it at all due to extreme lag with the UI. Anytime I click anything or even try to adjust the window, there is a 4-5 second delay before the action is registered. I am not sure how to fix this or even what settings I should begin to look into. To the best of my knowledge, all settings are at default, and my audio drivers are up to date. Does anyone have any idea what I might try to fix this issue? In case it is helpful, here are the relevant specs of my PC: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700 RAM: 16 GB DDR4 3200 MHz Like I said before, I am completely new to this stuff so please let me know if there is any other information I can provide to help diagnose the issue.
  9. so simply, my audio track will get muted and at the same time set to record when I turn the prochannels on. But when I unmute the audio track, the prochannels just turns itself off and no sounds come out of the audio track. Does anyone know why this is happening?
  10. I need help diagnosing duplicate tracks panned L/R that don't cancel when the phase of one is switched. I've got duplicate acoustic guitar tracks panned L/R with identical FX. I was using the ME50 pedal output but decided that the pedal was introducing too much resonance and switched to the guitar DI which was routed to both my audio interface and the ME50 using a DI box. While I was using the ME50 track, I switched the phase switch on one of the tracks from time to time to be sure that all the FX were identical and the sound from the two tracks canceled. I used the browser to bring the DI clip into the AG L track as Take2, slip edited the beginning to match the beginning of the ME50 track, checked it and bounced it to clips. Comping was not enabled, but to do the editing and move the clip, I used the edit and move tools because the smart tool didn't work in the take lane. Once I was happy with the AG L track, I duplicated the AG L track, deleted the existing AG R track, renamed the duplicate track AG R and moved the Pan from L to R. I then disabled all sends and PC, routed the outputs directly to the PreMaster Bus and routed the PreMaster bus to my interfaces Mains Out. I also added a Ozone Imager 2 plugin in the PreMaster FX Rack to display the combined output. As expected the L/R tracks combined in the middle and the Imager displayed a vertical line. But when I flipped the phase on one of the tracks, the Imager showed a horizontal line which was expected but what I heard was a thinner acoustic guitar panned hard L/R. I've checked everything I can think of but haven't found the problem. I made two GIFs (A) shows the console view details and (B) shows the track view details. In (A) the routing should be clear, the PC is shown off and sends are off. In (B) the track peak markers line up, the clip names are shown and the take lanes are shown. The Ozone Imager 2 is shown in bot views. PS: Looking at the Imager displays. The one i (A) clearly shows the vertical line, the one in (B) doesn't but they are both vertical anytime the bot phase switches are off. Neither shows the horizontal line which is straight across the horizontal axis but that's what's displayed when on phase switch is on.
  11. I completely deleted cakewalk last month, but this problem appeared when I re-downloaded it. I don't know why but Melodyne is the only one I couldn't re-install, I am sure that it had been completely removed. Can someone teach me how to solve it? please.
  12. So I had the "not responding problem" that some people are also getting. I figured out it has to do with the audio input and output. I originally had it set to Fl studio, after unchecking everything the app worked as it should. Only problem is I don't know which audio input and output to choose so I can actually hear. Can someone lead me to the right direction please? thanks *edit: I just checked voicemeter aux for input and output and it seems to work fine now.
  13. When I import an acapella (Billie Eilish - NDA specifically) the pitch does not match with the BPM (120). It just stays the same. Whereas a couple WAV files I've used sync perfectly. Could anyone help me solve this please?
  14. I want to show my friends how I produce music by streaming/screen sharing through an app called discord, however the audio from my DAW is never audible to the viewers who watch my stream. I almost certain it is some setting in cakewalk, because when I play a YouTube video, they can hear the audio from the mentioned YouTube video, but are unable to hear anything from my DAW. I have also tried it with Twitch, but still no luck. How can I do a livestream with Cakewalk?
  15. Hello All, I previously had CBL installed from Jan 2021 on my desktop..without issue. My secondary hard drive died (where my "VST" files were located) and had a replacement and changed it changed the drive letter from "D:" to now "F:" When I tried to update the Cakewalk software, it keeps asking during the install process to put the "VST" folder in the old "D:" location and will not give me the opportunity to select a different location. Both the location and the "BROWSE" button are ghosted gray and I cannot find away to select a different location. The only option is to cancel the upgrade and I am stuck. Then I read , to uninstall CBL and try a fresh install from Bandlab Assistant. I did but I am, same issue on new install of CBL. Next I tried uninstall again but added removing all the adds component software (drum replacer, software suite, etc). That went well except for the MELODYNE RUNTIME component will not UNINSTALL. I get a warning that the Administrator is blocking the removal of the Melodyne Runtime. So I try to run the CBL installer a 3rd time and still am stuck at the same VST FOLDER point. What can I do to get past this point and get the CAKEWALK installed again. I am out of ideas. Computer Specs: Windows 10 / ASUS ROG Strix B450-F Gaming Motherboard (ATX) / Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz C16 Desktop Memory / 500GB Solid State (Drive C) / 1TB 7200rpm HD (Drive E) / Additional Plug & Play 2-Bay Drive Docking station( extra storage from old drives ). Thanks in advance.
  16. This is a relatively new problem as of my knowledge. I started using Cakewalk for about a week now and for some reason, just yesterday, my tracks that use Analog Lab V stopped producing any sound, even my midi controller won't produce sound in these tracks. I tried troubleshooting such as checking if the tracks were set to solo, if they were muted, and restarting the audio engine. I also have another plugin installed (Komplete Kontrol), but it works perfectly fine. For now, I know nothing I could do, so help would be greatly appreciated. Midi Controller: - Arturia Minilab mkII Plugins Installed: - Komplete Kontrol - Analog Lab V PC Specs: - CPU: Ryzen 5 3400G - GPU: Nvidia RTX2070 - RAM: 16GB - Motherboard: Asus TUF B450
  17. Got a few pans & a tempo change at the end of a song & now it literally extends for 21 hours! Impossible to export to a file now. There's no event in the event list past 04:30. Is there a command to stop or end automation? I tried deleting everything after 04:30 & nothing happens. If I choose Delete Special & select everything past 04:30 it deletes everything including items before 04:30. Just did an update this morning so I'm on the latest - any ideas?
  18. I use an HX STOMP to record my guitar into my laptop via USB. The tone is great monitoring through the HX stomp, but monitoring through cakewalk and on playback of recordings the audio is much lower quality. Any way to fix this? My driver mode is ASIO, my audio drivers bit depth is 24, my sampling is 4800, and my buffer size has been moved to the far right.
  19. Hi all, Trust me I've looked everywhere I can think of trying to find this answer. Any ideas? I'm simply trying to track a new audio track. Soooo frustrating. Please see below some info, plus a couple of pics. > The only change I can think of since I last recorded 'audio' was changing from 48000 > 44100 samples a few weeks ago. Does that matter? I'm trying to track on a brand new song though... > Device on WASAPI Shared (What I always record acoustic guitar on without issue) (see pic) > Rode NT USB mic. it's working fine, can hear sound through direct monitoring > Cakewalk can find Rode and the settings are correct I believe for input/ output (see pic) > Latest version of CW installed and working fine > Windows 10, no sound card problems I've had no issue recording audio this way before. I just have no idea why NOW it won't record any audio sound when I do what I have always done.. ** Is this something? ** I notice that in the 'peak volume' area for the track it lists -90.3 (See pic attached). I don't think I remember seeing this before? Is this the problem. Is it preventing the mic picking up sound perhaps? Not sure, don't know... please help with any ideas. Thanks in advance and also apologies in advance if I'm missing something very obvious. I'm no expert at Cakewalk - far from it Cheers Mike
  20. So, I've been using cakewalk for awhile, but for some times now I can't import my audio file at all, it always say "RIFF FILE CREATED FAILED" when I try do it. Well, I manage to import some audio file into the playlist with some change in preferences. But it showing the status of "Busy" and didn't showing any waveform visual except if I'm zooming it in certain size, it is make a sound though, but of course I can't do something like exporting it. I've also been trying to search how to fix it, and see someone say in other forum this problem can be fix by deleting content on cache folder, but when I see my cache folder it is empty. There is nothing to delete at all. So, are anyone know how to fix this? This really force me to search other DAW, since I need importing audio in my workflow, but honestly speaking, I still want to use this as my main DAW.
  21. Hi, Sometimes (but not every single time) when I save a CW project, even after making only minor changes, the project file size will double. This is harmless for a while until the file size ends up being hundreds of megabytes, and earlier today one even became 1.7GB. This causes an error message when I try to save the project (something along the lines of "Cannot save - disk may be full") and cost me a couple of hours' work. Of the 30 or so project files I have worked on so far, it has only happened to two of them. I do use a few plugins, but even when I don't add any plugins between saves, the file size can still double when saving. I have not found anything about it on Google. Does anyone know why this may be happening or has anyone else experienced this? It is also quite interesting that the file size is (very) approximately doubling each time - from 19mb to 33mb to 63mb on the file I'm currently working on. Thanks
  22. I am trying to use multiple instruments using Kontact on Cakewalk. I have them set up using the "instrument track per output" " stereo audio outputs"using 16 tracks. I've added them with each instrument being on its own output and midi channel in Kontact. In Cakewalk, the output for all is set to Master and the input I've tried numerous things. Using the omni input setting I get sound for a short period of time and then it stops especially after I record something. Using the All Input setting on various channels, sometimes I get sound and sometimes not. Using the Kontact midi channels I get no sound. It seems to be a problem with the channel settings though the problem does not occur consistently. I've also tried the single track setting and have the same issue . Any help or recommendations would be very helpful. Thank you!
  23. Howdy, I recently downloaded a VST plugin from ghosthack.de. It turns out that all of the loops are .wav files, and there are no .dll files. I'm assuming that this is why the VST scanner in Cakewalk isn't picking up the plugin? So, can I still use it with Cakewalk? Thank you
  24. I want to use KORG nanoKONTROL 2 in CC mode instead of Sonar/Cakewalk mode. I wanted to assign MIDI CC #1, #3, #11, etc. like modulation, expression to sliders. I had set them in KORG KONTROL Editor and wrote the data. However, nanoKONTROL 2 doesn't work at all in Cakewalk by Bandlab. I also can't use MIDI learning features in plugins. I tried that in Native Instruments' Kontakt, Spitfire Audio's BBCSO, Orchestral Tools' SINE Player, etc. Would you help me solve this problem?
  25. Hi all, I've been trying to start a new project based around an existing MIDI file, I've opened the .MID and copied the various MIDI parts I need across to the new project. Expression etc attributes all look to be copied across too. A couple of the tracks aren't playing correctly, however. The best I can describe it is certain expression triggers aren't working in the same way as on the original tracks. When I look at the outputs on the original .MID file, most are auto-selected to "1 Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth" when I open it in CbB, except the two tracks that don't sound correct, those are outputting to "2 Microsoft...". Only problem is, only the "1 Microsoft..." output is visible in the dropdown menu, I don't have any way to access this mystery "2 Microsoft..." output. If I switch either of the affected tracks away from the "2" output, then the expression automation stops working, similarly to where I have them in the new project, and I can't switch back to the "2" output because it's not an option (the "1" output is visible to select, but the expression is still broken). To be precise, the expression automation affected is creating a pitch-bend, and this automation isn't visible in the normal way in the piano roll view in either file (other automations - including pitch bending - on other tracks are visible and working as normal). It's not that it's visible and just not firing. Is this a lack of knowledge of the workings of MIDI on my part, or is something weirder going on? Has anyone got an idea of how to find, view and preserve the pitch bending when I change outputs? Is it maybe being created not by normal expression functions, but by some custom output self-bending instrument that's baked into the .MID itself? Any ideas would be very gratefully received! - Ben
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