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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I currently have a Korg Minilogue XD synth hooked up to Cakewalk and am experiencing some heavy lag issues. When I send MIDI notes to the Korg from Cakewalk, all is fine until I begin turning dials on the synth, when I get extreme latency issues and the audio takes up to several seconds to catch up. When playing notes by hand and turning dials, this does not happen. I should note that slow dial movements do not trigger the issue, it only happens when I speed the movements up a bit. I've attached my driver settings, and an audio clip where I change the filter gradually and then quickly, where you can hear the issue clearly. Would really appreciate some help if anyone knows a solution! Thank you Latency Issue.mp3
  2. https://musictech.com/reviews/hardware-instruments/black-corporation-ise-nin-review-roland-jupiter-8/ Analogue synth module ISE-NIN is inspired by the Roland Jupiter-8 and does an impeccable job – and so it should for $4,299
  3. Hey all! After being ITB for 10+ years I'm back to using some hardware again, with the classic monitoring and latency issues. 😂 Is there any way I can compensate for the latency that is introduced when monitoring external hardware synths with VST effects? Can I use the Cakewalk external hardware insert plugin (if yes, I didn't understand how) or something else to get it synced? Or is it just asking for trouble, and I should get an external effect pedal for my synth? Thanks! UPDATE: The solution, as I figured out further down, is to enable control bar button "Override automatic plug-in delay compensation on live inputs"! (a k a "Live Input PDC Override"). This eliminates the latency caused by PDC on audio input channels where you are monitoring with VST effects. It makes it possible to sequence MIDI hardware in Cakewalk while monitoring the results via external effects and to have that in sync with existing tracks! 😃 🎵
  4. Hi there, I have two hardware synths, Moog Minitaur and Moog Mother 32 to which I want to play at the same time by sending midi notes from separate cakewalk midi tracks, then record as audio. I have a midi splitter connected from the midi output from my Roland Quad Capture to each of the synth's inputs. The Minitaur receive channel has been set to channel 1 (default) and the Mother 32 to channel 2. I expected that all I had to do was to set one of the midi tracks outputs to channel 2 and they would then play their respective phrases alongside each other . There is only, however one option for the Quad Capture: 1- Quad-Capture output or new drum map, no way to select different channels. The midi track input gives multiple channel options, but not the output. Have I missed something in the options somewhere? I am able to do this in Orion Platinum. I would have thought it would be just as simple in Cakewalk! thanks in advance for your help.
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