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  1. I will be waiting before jumping on this particular train, for sure... 🙂
  2. Hm, maybe check the interleave button on your buses as well? (I sometimes check for mono compatibility by switching to mono on the master bus.) Good luck!
  3. You should send a minidump to staff. Although Morten wrote above that the final 2020.05 would drop early next week, so any potential fix for your problems will probably not make it for this release...
  4. That's not to say that it can't or won't be improved upon in the future, of course. And "inferiority" might have been too strong a word for a nuanced discussion, but it's clearly not "simply better".
  5. For a long time, I kind of refused to realize the inferiority of the VST3 standard... but U-he made me change my mind: https://u-he.com/support/faq.html#troubleshooting:vst3-issues
  6. Awesome! (I can't believe you work that fast!) I believe Morten had it listed under "Misc" actually: 😉
  7. @msmcleod Fantastic news, thanks for all your hard work! While you're adding new keyboard shortcut targets, could you maybe add Archive Track as well? I don't mean to sound ungrateful though!
  8. Hi all! Am I missing something or is it currently not possible to assign a keyboard shortcut for "Rename clip"? It would enhance workflow a lot if it was possible... And is it just me, or is the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog in Preferences veeeery slow and jerky? It would be awesome if it could get some code optimization love. 😀❤️
  9. Thanks a lot for your nice response, azslow! I haven't dared to go down the ACT rabbit hole yet, but thanks a lot for the instructions. 🐇🕳️😉 About NKS: I kind of assumed the plugin had to be NKS-compatible for it to work, but I will give it a try and get back!
  10. Hi guys! I would like to control VST plugin parameters using external hardware knobs, but how do I do that? The parameters are exposed as VST parameters, not MIDI CC:s (so the plugin does not have MIDI learn). I use MIDI CC:s all the time but this one has me stumped... 🤔 I tried msmcleod's tip of putting a plugin in the Pro Channel, and the Pro Channel knobs have "Learn knob" but I can't get those PC knobs to react using my hardware (Komplete Kontrol S49)... Any ideas? Thanks! Edit: I can map knobs on normal Pro Channel modules by right clicking on them and selecting "Remote Control". There I can easily connect, say MIDI CC 21 from my hardware to that specific knob. But the knobs in an FX Chain don't have the "Remote Control" option in the right click menu... 😐 Edit 2: The "Learn Knob" on Pro Channel FX Chain knobs is only about connecting it to a plugin, not to external hardware. 🤥
  11. Hehe, I hear you! I'll give it a try! But the more I think about an indicator that tracks are filtered, the more I like the idea. It reminds me a bit of Excel - if you have filtered a column, the text "Filtered" appears in the bottom status bar to remind you that you are not looking at the full spreadsheet. I think it's a fitting analogy - in Cakewalk you are kind of "filtering" the track view. 🤓
  12. I produce electronic dance music and don't really do any "external" recording of vocals or instruments, but I think I tend to keep too many options open anyway, saving a lot of unnecessary stuff in my projects... 🙄 Do you guys hide a lot of tracks? I find it a bit "scary", since there's no indicator that there are hidden tracks in the session. I recently hid a bunch of tracks and then forgot about it a day or two later, causing a lot of confusion and searching until I finally realized they were hidden... 🤦‍♂️
  13. I'm a huge fan of Duplicate and will check tomorrow and get back to you. 👍
  14. I sometimes quickly search for duplicated notes by stepping down in the Event List (or whatever it's called) while at the same time looking in the PRV. If I press the down arrow twice in a row without moving forward in the PRV, it's a double.
  15. I appreciate the difficulty of starting with a new DAW... 😫 Luckily, there are some good tutorials out there that might help, here's just two of them. 😀 I've cued them to where they talk about recording:
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