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  1. Tip: Have a search in the manual below as well, lots of good stuff in there about take lanes... and everything else you might wanna know! 🙂 https://bandlab.github.io/cakewalk/docs/Cakewalk Reference Guide.pdf
  2. The Bakers are very responsive, so if you could summarize the solo issues in a succinct manner, I think the odds are good they will look into it! 😀
  3. Don't archived instruments still load and consume memory? If I'm not mistaken, one has to Disconnect a synth in the Synth rack for it to not use any resources at all?
  4. Impressive support! Now I'm getting very curious about what kind of issue you had?
  5. @Jonathan Sasor Excellent news, thank you! A fix for this will make the experience of programming step sequencer patterns a lot easier, at least with my workflow. 😀 @Millzy Thanks for your input and help with testing this! 👍 I like to stretch out the my pattern during programming, to see how it works across several different parts of the project. Or maybe I just have a classic problem of committing... 😂
  6. Thanks a lot for helping out! 😀 Yes, exactly. I manually created a MIDI clip using the step sequencer, and then groove clip looped it. Did I understand you correctly: you imported an existing MIDI clip, that you converted and then loooped? And then the step sequencer playback indicator worked in the looped parts as well? What version of Cakewalk are you on?
  7. Hi all! Can someone verify this bug? If you have a step sequencer part that you loop (by dragging it out horizontally), the vertical playback position indicator in the step sequencer window only scrolls by once, but not on any subsequent looped repetitions. One would expect the current position indicator also to loop in the step sequencer, so that you always see where you are, making it easier to program patterns. I'm still on 2020.01 due to intensive projects, but I haven't seen anything that indicates that this would be fixed in newer releases. Thanks for any help.
  8. Have you requested this feature in the Feedback Loop section? Might be a good idea! 😀
  9. I've heard really good things about Softube Tape, and I have been considering it myself. Although I've read reports from some people here saying that Cakewalk has some problems with that, forgetting settings? Is that still the case?
  10. How I do it: I select the track(s) I want in track view with (CTRL pressed if multiple) and press ALT + 3 to open the PRV with just those track(s). (You need to have some PRV settings that I don't remember the names of right now, to always just show the selected tracks.) Edit: Or obviously simply double-clicking on a midi clip, to see just that single track.
  11. For MIDI tracks, I refer to the "Vel+" parameter, which offsets the velocity for the entire MIDI track (track 26 in the screenshot below). For audio tracks, I refer to the "Volume" parameter, which of course is the main volume for the audio track (track 27 below). I mainly use those two parameters when mixing, so being able to use the keyboard for those would be amazing... 😃
  12. Wow, cool! Thanks a lot! Just tried the velocity scripts (they raise/lower the velocity of selected midi notes). Your suggested shortcut with CTRL and +/- is superb! Thanks! While these are very useful, what I was after originally is a way to adjust channel velocity or channel volume using the keyboard. Maybe that's not possible using CAL?
  13. Hi all! It is not currently possible to bind keyboard shortcuts for raising/lowering volume or velocity, right? I don't think it is... but I just realized it would be awesome! A bit like the nudging keys, but for volume (audio tracks) or velocity (midi tracks). Less mouse use is always nice.
  14. I agree! I've been wanting this kind of simplified sidechain-selection for a long time. Logic has had a similar GUI option as Sequioa for many, many years. It would be a great workflow enhancer!
  15. Have a look in the download folder Bandlab Assistant is using, see below. Do you see any temporary files created there? C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\bandlab-assistant\Downloads I copy setup files from there and keep as a backup.
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