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  1. I haven't been following the latest developments, but just saw the announcement on Gearspace so I came here. Is this what we've been waiting for, for 18 months? A subscription-only model? What an enormous let-down. That isn't for me, I'm afraid. 😢 I've been with Cakewalk for more than 25 years and will be very sad to go. But as a techno producer, I've always been intrigued by Ableton Live, so that's where I'm going unless a perpetual license manifests itself. It's been a great ride! Thanks @Noel Borthwick and @msmcleod for all your attentive support all these years.
  2. True! 😂 But at least the moderator's would have something to point to, when they delete all the superfluous threads.
  3. No sticky thread for activation issues and questions yet? Please make one. It would save the world many bits and bites, and therefore be good for the environment. Please think of the squirrels! 🐿
  4. Cool that you're a photography & design pro! 👍😊 But even if the DAW is full-screen, it will be blurry if the GUI isn't vector-based and if you have Windows scaling set to something else than 100%. Ableton Live has a really cool GUI-scaling option, where you can seamlessly zoom in/out on the entire GUI. It is very convenient, so even if you DO run at 100% scaling, it's useful to be able to set the GUI to be exactly the size you prefer and it's all crisp! Msmcleod hinted that the new Sonar will have a similar setting. 🙌😃
  5. I just wanted to add that you don't need a fancy "4K+ monitor" to benefit from a vector-based GUI. As soon as you have any resolution + view distance combo that makes you want to change the scaling from 100% in Windows, then you will benefit from a crisper look with a vector-based GUI. In fact, I would estimate that scaling has been one of the most commonly added (and requested) features in VST plugins in general for the past several years. And complaints are often heard where it doesn't exist, including for Cakewalk. Yours truly has certainly been guilty of that, at least once (when I bought my BenQ 2560x1440 (2K) monitor a couple of years ago)... 😬 By the way, are there any threads where we can follow the new Sonar development and/or beta versions?
  6. Two thoughts: Maybe create a sticky thread about activation problems? They pop up in abundance now, which leads me to... It seems that the required activation frequency was shortened a lot in the latest/final version of Cakewalk by Bandlab. I've never had to activate this often previously. The only conclusion I can make of it is that the Bakers want to be able to encourage/drive/force the customers faster to the upcoming Sonar?
  7. By the way, to follow discussions about the developments of the new Sonar, is this the best thread for that?
  8. Thank you for this thread! I noticed the very same weird CPU load issues (with CPU load staying even after the project was closed!) and narrowed it down to the SSL Bus Compressor 2 and then searched and found this thread. I upgraded SSL Bus Compressor 2 from the problematic v1.2.3 (that was the latest when I bought the plugin in July 2023) to v1.5.5, where the CPU issue seems fixed! As a bonus, somewhere between those two versions a GUI zoom was implemented. 👍😀 By the way, is there any version history or "What's new" available for the SSL plugins? Maybe in the SSL Download Manager? (I don't use that, currently.)
  9. By the way, will the new Sonar have the possibility to freely scale ("zoom") the user interface size? Something like what is available in Live:
  10. I can't believe anyone would type that, ever. Even less typing it without realizing how it makes one come across.
  11. Thank you @Bristol_Jonesey ! Wow! First impression: I really like it. Cakewalk/Sonar goes modern!
  12. Could someone please post a few screenshots of the new Sonar? I'm super-curious but don't have the time or possibility to try it out myself yet... Thanks!
  13. Ah, thanks for the tips, Glenn! Now that you mention it, I've done it that way too (soloing/muting the MIDI tracks). I was "in the zone" and totally forgot about that workaround. Will also explore exclusive solo. 👍 Still, it would make a mighty fine feature request, or waddayasay?
  14. Hi all! Every time I solo one output of a multi-output instrument, all outputs are solo'd. It's driving me nuts. Is it possible to disable this? Thanks!
  15. Thanks for the info and for posting the release notes here! Much appreciated. 👍
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