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  1. An improved browser with waveform preview and maybe a sample file info pane, as well as quick buttons for on/off Loop preview and Preview at host tempo would be awesome for workflow! 🤗🎵
  2. Could you guys please consider this? 😃 It would be so nice to be able to set custom names for the CC:s in the PRV below: Keep up the great work! ❤️
  3. Whaaaa... it works! Cool, thanks. 😃 No need for the CALs anymore. When was this introduced? Also, wouldn't it be nice if these new built-in octave transpose actions were displayed in the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog? As it is now, it just says "[Unassigned]" on CTRL+NUM 2/8, so people have no idea it's actually used for something.
  4. @Heinz Hupfer Nice! I think I got my CALs from you! In the keyboard preferences, what are the new bindable actions called, what should I look for?
  5. By default, is CTRL+NUMPAD 8/2 mapped to transpose an octave up/down in Cakewalk?! I have been using CAL scripts for that... are you guys saying I could do this without them? 😃
  6. Thanks for the explanation, I appreciate it. 👍 It's definitely not a biggie, but the bottom placement behavior is a bit inconvenient when dividing up a folder with many tracks into subfolders. If you have the chance of making folders "first class citizens" at some point in the future, that would be awesome. 😃 🙏
  7. How it avoided TFS? It's because of us! This forum is at least 20-40% more helpful than most forums! (I don't even remember the origin of that joke anymore... 😆)
  8. Empty track-subfolders cannot be moved, they are always "stuck" at the bottom of the parent folder (below all the tracks). You can "grab" them with the mouse, but they won't move when you release the button. Is this by design or a bug? I kind of expect subfolders to be movable, even if they are empty. Sorry if it's the wrong thread, I just ran into this with the latest build and thought it might be new?
  9. These new bindable actions are absolutely brilliant for a fast workflow! Thank you! ❤️ Now if you could also make Archive Track [Track View] and Transform Tool [PRV] bindable for shortcuts, we would be scarily close to keyboard nirvana... 😂🙏 And while I'm brainstorming: it would be logical to have a single action for Archive/Unarchive Track and also combine existing actions like Freeze/Unfreeze Synth. It's like we have a single light switches in our homes, not separate on/off buttons.
  10. So there is no way of moving or making a track selection (when a track's number is highlighted) with the keyboard? 🤔 This would be so very useful! Maybe a new setting "Track selection changes with up/down arrow"? 💡
  11. GreenLight

    Inactive Freeze Button

    Hm, yeah that sounds pretty weird... I have never had that issue myself. And I do not own any of Spitfire's custom VST instruments.. unfortunately. I think you should email support@cakewalk.com and tell them all the details and ask what they think. And also, if you have the time, email Spitfire as well and get them to talk to each other. Noel/Cakewalk is very forthcoming with these things.
  12. GreenLight

    Inactive Freeze Button

    If you right click, can you select Freeze from there instead?
  13. Has the auto-save feature gone bonkers? I assume you have tried turning it off? (I saw your other thread, weird stuff!)
  14. A visual indicator for this is actually a great idea! 💡 I don't know how many threads and questions that have been created about this in the forum... It certainly feels like a bug if you don't know what it is and activate it by mistake.
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