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  1. So after some more testing: Last used Export path is not remembered between sessions Last used Export preset is not remembered between sessions I would vote for both of the above to be remembered on a per-project basis between sessions. What do you guys think? Anyone else has a workflow that would benefit from that? My use case is that I constantly export new versions of a project using the same preset to the same project-specific directory (but one that is not in the .cwp project directory).
  2. It would be really convenient if the Rename Clip command would support the renaming of multiple selected clips. More batches to the people! πŸ˜ƒ
  3. I always export all my tracks to folders named E:\Exports\<SongName>\. With the new tags system I could get this fully automated if I could use tags in the Export Location box... like "E:\Exports\{notesname}\". Would you please consider implementing that enhancement? Another solution would be if the previously used path in Location Box could be constantly remembered on a per-project basis... that would also be golden for my workflow. Update: Tags in Export Location is probably not a usable idea after all, since the path is not remembered between sessions, nor is it saved as part of a preset (which is good). So it would therefore be very convenient if the path was actually remembered between sessions on a per-project basis. Then it would be a "set it once per project - and then forget"-parameter. (And it wouldn't interfere with those who use the default value of %PROJECTFOLDER%\Audio Export.)
  4. Great solution, thanks a lot Noel! πŸ‘
  5. It would be awesome to have an "Export/Import" settings feature... It would also be a good way to backup a "last known good configuration".
  6. If you have "Bounce buffer size" set to "Playback", I believe the export speed is supposed to be the same as before. If that's what you meant? πŸ€”
  7. I am so sorry to rant about the Export Completed dialog, just one final piece of input/question from me to the Bakers: Would you please consider making it possible to dismiss it via a keyboard shortcut? (Say, pressing "Esc" would be logical, but I'll take anything if I don't have to use the mouse...) Thanks for a fantastic DAW! ❀️ 🎡
  8. I sent you a PM. I saw you wondering about where to find PM's earlier: look at the very top right, click on the envelope icon.
  9. At least on my system, the box is actually very, very persistent. It's on top of all other applications as well, not just Cakewalk... and it stays even if I minimize Cakewalk. I reckon our dear export dialog box has gotten a bit of hubris... it's either that, or it's hunting me! πŸ˜‚ 😨 So, anyway I understand your reasons and they don't contradict my opinion. Do you & Noel get where I, Max, Keni, etc are coming from, when we don't like extra clicks?
  10. I of course agree with #1, and I understand #2, although I don't need the file link myself, as I use a file manager (Total Commander). Both would still be fulfilled – and me and Max (and a few others I've seen) would be happy to have one mouse click less – if it persisted until the user clicks anywhere in Cakewalk. How about that idea... not too bad, eh?
  11. To @Noel Borthwick and @msmcleod - True, it's dismissed when the export dialog is opened. To be honest, the "multiple export scenario" was just an offhand remark, it is not common in my personal workflow. Just as @Max Arwood said: for "[our] work flow it is more likely you would do something else after you finish an export other than reopening [the Export Dialog] it again." This is a very interesting case of strong diametrical opinions on a very small detail. πŸ˜€ But the devil's always in the details, right... My case against it: A persistent dialog just adds an unnecessary mouse click to dismiss. Mouse clicks should be considered "expensive" and adding new ones should be very carefully considered, especially in DAW usage where heavy usage and RSI is pretty common. (Minor extra: it's not consistent, as no other toast dialogs are persistent.) What's your case for it – why do you find it important to have it persist?
  12. Okay, I just got an idea πŸ’‘for the "export completed" toast: Make it also go away when the user clicks anywhere in Cakewalk (i.e. when you continue working in the application). The concept of a persistent toast is good for when you leave the computer, so you're reminded about what you just did and that it's done. But when you continue working it's obviously not needed anymore. I am already getting tired of it myself, but for people with use cases where you regularly export a lot of stems or tracks, it would be very convenient to not have to target that 10x10 pixel box for each and every export... πŸ₯΄
  13. Happily, just a few posts above, Noel said they will work on improving the keyboard usability aspects of the Bounce/Export dialogs. πŸ˜ƒ I wish keyboard usability would be a top priority for all software developers. If an extra mouse click is required for something, it should be carefully considered... πŸ€” (Hey, I'm looking at you, "Export Completed" toast... 🀣)
  14. Thanks, I would really appreciate it! I am a huge keyboard shortcut user, so I would really appreciate some more keyboard love for Cakewalk. The most important aspects would probably be the possibility to jump with a visually indicated focus "caret" (box) between different fields with Tab (and Shift + Tab). And switching track in the Destination box easily with Up/Down would also be high on my list... Thanks for all your hard work! ❀️
  15. Some requests to speed up keyboard workflow and usability for the Bounce to Track(s) dialog box: It should accept the "Enter" key as OK (as the old box...) It would be great if focus could be on Destination when the dialog opens (as the old box...) Underline specific characters for quick ALT + character focus jump Have a focus highlight that jumps around when you jump focus with TAB See GUI mockup below: Pretty please...? An example of my fast keyboard workflow with the old box: Press (my personal customized shortcut) CTRL + T for Bounce to Track Press Arrow up/down to select destination track Press Enter to start bounce To get a really polished application, I think we need a little more attention on small (but important) usability things, like keyboard shortcuts, dialog box focus and underlined shortcuts (for fast usage with the ALT key).
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