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  1. I agree! I've been wanting this kind of simplified sidechain-selection for a long time. Logic has had a similar GUI option as Sequioa for many, many years. It would be a great workflow enhancer!
  2. Have a look in the download folder Bandlab Assistant is using, see below. Do you see any temporary files created there? C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\bandlab-assistant\Downloads I copy setup files from there and keep as a backup.
  3. I'm really happy to hear it's working as expected now! 😀
  4. Weird... can you isolate this behavior to one or more specific synths? Do any of your synths ever get deleted automatically when you delete all associated tracks?
  5. Dave G got a lot to chew on here. I never have to delete my synths from the rack, Cakewalk actually deletes the synth for you when you delete the corresponding tracks. For example: if your synth has 1 audio track and 1 midi track and you delete them both, Cakewalk automatically deletes the synth from the project (and the Synth Rack, obviously). I don't remember the exact behavior, like if you have to delete them at the same time... I can't find the correct place in the online manual. I know this was added to Sonar/Cakewalk some years ago so that people would not end up with your scenario of "leftover" synths in the rack.
  6. Has it "always" been like this or is the bug new? I can try to verify on 2020.01 tomorrow!
  7. Thanks for verifying, I thought I was going crazy... 😵 @msmcleod Is this something as easily added as Rename Clip, that was added in 2020.05?
  8. There are many sampler VSTs out there already. But an integrated sampler track, like in Cubase, could do things GUI-wise that a regular VST instrument cannot. Like implementing its controls directly into the DAW, which to me is the whole point in requesting a built-in sampler. It should be quick and have an interface that's integrated.
  9. There are numerous chord assistance VST plugins nowadays that basically do just that: they assist you in creating a chord sequence within the plugin, that you can easily drag and drop into your DAW. Check out Plugin Boutique Scaler, for example. Here's the Sound On Sound review.
  10. A customizable button bar - brilliant idea! (You're on a roll, Josh! 😃 ) It's like the Quick Access Toolbar in the Microsoft Office applications, where you can select what actions you want to show icons for. Buttons require less clicks than menus and they can also display the current state of the command. I also really missed all the icons that were lost (and put into menus) when the current "Skylight" GUI was introduced. Especially working in the Browser got a lot slower.
  11. Hi all! Is it possible to set a keybinding for the "Transform Tool" in the piano roll view? I can't seem to find it... 🤔 Thanks!
  12. I will upgrade to 2020.05 soon, after finishing an important project and will check again then. Regional settings in Windows should not affect saving in applications, right?
  13. Yes, Windows 10 (version 1909). And so are you, judging by the blue mouse cursor "loading ring" in the animation? 🙂 So then it's probably the newer Cakewalk version that fixes it?
  14. @msmcleod Thanks for your test! Oh, I'm sorry I'm still on 2020.01! I have been following the changes ever since closely and didn't recall seeing any changes about character encoding, but you guys surely must have done some improvements there. Sorry to have wasted your time! 🤦‍♂️🙂
  15. This is in fact a brilliant request! I love keyboard shortcuts but hadn't even thought of requesting this. +1 😀
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