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  1. That was a great thread with good info but with an unfortunate cryptic title. The poster of this thread might have seen it otherwise!
  2. Haha, I have actually thought the very same thing! 😀 No news is good news.
  3. I'm curious to try Early Access for the first time and have a question: I read in the Guidelines thread that if you want to remove the EA version and roll back to the previous regular version, you have to completely uninstall and reinstall. Will I lose all my Cakewalk settings then or is there an easy way to keep them? I don't want to interrupt my production too much...
  4. Interesting, what do you mean with "sort by OS"? (I myself would prefer a manually selectable "5 favorites" in the right-click plugin menu instead of the recently most used... Although I've a manual workaround by manually creating a "Favorite" category, as suggested by Scook.)
  5. I'm not sure I followed the discussion properly, but could "Instances" be a better word?
  6. Wow, this sounds great, programming drums will be a lot easier with this change! Thanks a lot for listening! Really looking forward to try this out, hopefully within the Early Access time frame (this week)!
  7. I've been following this thread and I'm happy the problems have been solved! It's an educational example of how important something as seemingly unrelated as video drivers can be for an audio application. Good to keep in mind! And I'm really impressed by @Matthew Sorrels! Great work! (You don't work for Cakewalk, do you?) Oh, it might be a good idea to add "[SOLVED]" to the title?
  8. Well, the horse is alive and kicking! ☺️ The MIDI Transform Tool is great, but maybe most useful if one needs to raise/lower volume in a more complex way! MIDI Transform tool https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=4&help=EditingMIDI.25.html
  9. My point exactly, @David Baay! @Noel Borthwick Any chance you guys could consider making Duplicate Selected Clip(s) respecting Snap By? (See my first post in this thread for an explanation with images.) You would not risk degrading any existing users' workflows, since Snap By gives the same results as Snap To, currently. You would just increase the usability of the feature. It would make especially drum programming a lot faster, and I'm not alone in my request! For me, the whole point with a Duplicate Clip function is that it should be quick to use and "just work", and require a minimum of settings adjustments and selections beforehand. Having snap set to Whole and By would cover most of my duplication situations. (It would even work when programming bassdrums, that start on beat 1.)
  10. Thanks for all your input, @chuckebaby, much appreciated! Yes, I've read the documentation. It gives me the expectation that Snap settings, including To/By, should be followed. I agree with you, and I don't think that your workflow would be negatively impacted if Duplicate Clip respected Snap By.
  11. I gave it some more thought: Hm, I actually disagree, I have told Cakewalk what I want it to do: I want to duplicate and I have snap set to By and Measure, hence: duplicate the selected notes By a Measure.
  12. @chuckebaby Thanks for chiming in! Ah, you're right, selecting the entire measure works. (I actually think I did that at some point, but forgot about it.) But still, I would say it's basically a bug since snap settings are not working as expected. Snap To and By both work as To. I'm gonna test how it works in Live and report back.
  13. I have some problems with the new Duplicate Clip feature, when it comes to duplicating clips containing notes (drum hits in this case) that do not start at beat 1 in a measure. The notes are duplicated as if snap is set to To and not By. But if I first extend the clip to the start of the measure the empty space in the beginning is kept. But isn't the point that you shouldn't have to do that, if you have enabled "Use Current Snap Settings on Duplicate Selected Clip(s)" and snap set to "By" (and "Whole")? Copying notes/clips using drag & drop respects the snap to and by setting as I expect, which is why I believe Duplicate Clip behaves "wrong". I need help to understand if I have the wrong expectations or if the duplicate clip feature could be improved... Pre-requisites I have "Use Current Snap Settings on Duplicate Selected Clip(s)" enabled. I have Snap set to "By" and "Whole". I am using Cakewalk 2019.09 (build 70) Steps I create a simple two measure snare pattern on beats 2 & 4. I select the notes (by either clicking the clip in clip view or by right-click dragging around the notes in the PRV). Key observation: The selection does not extend to the beginning nor the end of the measures. I duplicate the clip with CTRL + D. The duplicated snare hits start at beats 1 & 3. Important note: Having snap set to TO actually produces the same result. Expected result: Snare hits should be duplicated BY a whole measure, putting hits at beats 2 & 4. Note that this is how snap by works with drag & drop and shouldn't Duplicate Clip also do that? Thanks!
  14. This is worrying. Is this with 2019.11? Can you go back to 2019.09 and see if the problem goes away?
  15. I wish Cakewalk had a "Swing setting" for each MIDI channel, like some other DAW:s do. It would be quick and awesome!
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