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  1. However, Reaper and Studio One are far less likely to do so than say, CbB.
  2. Bapu

    Univeral Audio Luna

    If I were an Ardent Mac and Apollo user this would be tempting. But I'm a die hard PC user with an RME interface and 8 add on RME mic pre's on my main DAW machine. I have a MAc now but not mainly as a DAW. It's an iOS app development environment where I can dabble/experiment on the Mac versions of the DAWs I own. Oh and through the use of some CC points I was able to get Logic Pro X for Mac for all of $27 cash outlay.
  3. In a BOGO sale no less with either MODO bass or drums*. *For those that don't already have either.
  4. How did you get into S.L.I.P.s gallery?
  5. I prefer things that go bump in the night.
  6. I upgraded because as Steve Buscemi said in Fargo "I want to be in compliance"
  7. I quote "Sunset Sound Studio Reverb for T-RackS 5 will be available in January 2020 from the IK Custom Shop, the IK Multimedia online store and from IK authorized dealers worldwide" Does not Custom Shop mean I can use Gear Credits?
  8. When is someone gonna model the actual huge Bonham foyer? On general principals I'd buy that at any price under $300.
  9. Well, I do have 200 gear credits burning a hole in my virtual pocket.🤣
  10. She wants him to wear Dickie Betts' socks?
  11. Maybe you missed that Win now has VST3 whereas it was only on Mac.
  12. W T F? $29 upgrade? When I bought S-Gear I was told I would get free lifetime updates.
  13. Why not do what I did and get both?🤣
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