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  1. Me want! I could dig up some deep bass lines with that.
  2. Me? Posted (some, not as much as previous years), worked on a BJZ song (nearly done), bought some VSTs. Stalked S.L.I.P.
  3. Bapu

    Melodyne 5 released!

    Waiting on confirmation now. {CORRECTION} Serial was instantaneous.
  4. Bapu

    Melodyne 5 released!

    Studio 5 from Studio 4 upgrade is $132.61 from JRRShop with code FORUM Ooooooh I feel so Lars today
  5. Well that *was* Something.🤭
  6. He's developing a Covid-19 Cure. Or he's listening to The Cure. I get them mixed up sometimes.
  7. As of late, it works better for me than Chrome is many sites I visit. Like, The Hamster Groomers Website Daryk turned me on to.
  8. I'd rather chaise lounge them all over the screen.
  9. For me it has replaced (the long in the tooth) Slate FG-X as my go to mastering for most songs.
  10. I lurves me Lurssen Mastering Console even if I paid much more for it. It's a great mastering console with some limited (compared to say Ozone) tweakability.
  11. Bapu

    EZ Bass NOW Available!

    Although not fresh or dynamic it was functional for what the chord changes were. I'm going to have to dig into it one of these day. 🤪
  12. Rodney McG Bassist / Vocalist for Voice Of Dissent. Touring Bassist for Murashita. Leland Sklar = American electric bass guitarist and session musician. He is a member of the Los Angeles-based instrumental group The Section, who served as the de facto house band of Asylum Records and were one of the progenitors of the soft rock sound prevalent on top-40 radio in the 1970s and 1980s. Besides appearing as the backing band on numerous recordings by artists such as Jackson Browne, Carole King, Phil Collins, and James Taylor, the Section also released three solo albums of instrumental rock. Both in The Section and separately, Sklar has contributed to over 2,000 albums as a session musician. He also has toured with James Taylor, Toto, Phil Collins and other major rock and pop acts, and recorded many soundtracks to films and television shows. Rick Beato = has produced music in rock and country genres with the bands like NeedtoBreathe. He produced two albums for the band, namely, “The Outsiders” (2009) and “The Reckoning” (2012). The albums were able to win Dove Awards in the Best Rock/Contemporary category. He has contributed in writing “Carolina” with Parmalee which hit number 1 on the Billboard’s Country Music Chart, in 2013. He is also a college professor in Music.
  13. It's nice bit of kit. Especially for that price.
  14. Bapu

    Oeksound Soothe

    Sooteh2 is nice too (see what I did there). Soothe2 gets you a free Soothe license. So buy the Soothe from this guy and upgrade to Soothe2.
  15. Bapu

    EZ Bass NOW Available!

    Make a vid and show us how it's done. I haven't had time to play whiff it yet.
  16. To a baaaaaaahd place!
  17. Bapu

    EZ Bass NOW Available!

    Ya, it's really hard playing that Am bazz notes through the whole song. I can use all the help I can get.
  18. Let's hope so. I'm running out of things to buy.
  19. Oh man now you got me all twitterpated.
  20. I still do not like sitting on grass with exposed legs.
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