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  1. Bapu

    OTS Friday Sale

    And Orange Slices in the bank too. 😓
  2. As I've learned each de-esser can be very unique. So, as expected, I own quite a few and have found that there is no one size fits all de-esser.
  3. Bapu

    Skin Tight

    Daryk whipped out his big ol' organ for this one. 🤣 80s is what we were going for. Hugo is the bomb, He's played on all of the BJZ tunes. Well, Tom the bass player did the mix and the ***** wanted to show off his 1971 Gibson EB3. He apologizes. Thank you. A very apologetic late Thank You Johnbee58.😮
  4. Love Shack - The B52s (it's a reeeeeeal streeeeetch)
  5. Random Thought Do jellyfish come in strawberry flavor?
  6. Take The Money and Run - Steve Miller Band
  7. Bapu

    Skin Tight

    Me happy for you long time Bill. It no go crash in the loudspeakah?
  8. Spinning Wheel - Blood Sweat and Tears
  9. Bapu

    Your BF Strategy

    My plan... spend spend SPEND SPEND SPEND!!!!
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