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  1. If you have any blobs selected, the Melodyne screen won't scroll. I try to remember to click in some empty spot in the Melodyne screen before starting the transport.
  2. When this happened to me, I was eventually able to hear the pitch by clicking in a different spot on the blob. Unfortunately, now I can't remember where exactly I needed to click to make it work. Maybe you can experiment a little and see if it works for you.
  3. OK, now it's my turn for a question. How did you get the shortcut URL for the song?
  4. I just did this yesterday, and it took me a while to find it. Go into the Edit screen, then click on the Music tab. Then click on the song you want to change. Then click on the Charts/Files tab. At the bottom of the screen, you'll see the Replace File option. By the way, you can now upload WAV files -- not sure how long that option has been available.
  5. Thanks for sharing that story with us, Kenny. Take care.
  6. Just saw this. . . That's really rough, Kenny. My sympathies as a fellow dog owner.
  7. I created a Black Rooster account and then got an error on the confirmation step. Can't login and can't start over because the email address I used to create the account is, of course, already "taken." Can anyone who has actually used this plugin tell me whether it's worth the bother of trying to get this straightened out? I'm about ready to give up.
  8. I get the difference between panning and balance in stereo tracks, but what exactly are the width controls doing in Channel Tools?
  9. Neel Modi: thanks, that's a good video. In the comments, Mark McLeod had a helpful suggestion for how to deal with audio that falls outside the section boundaries. He said once you commit the arrangement the clips are copied in full so you can just drag the clip boundary back to the left to get the missing parts. I'll experiment with that when I get the chance.
  10. Using an old project of mine as a demo to learn about the new Arranger feature, I immediately ran into a problem with how to handle vocal pickup notes in the measures leading into the verses. My first thought was to move the section boundaries up by a beat or two, but that might cause other problems in rearranging sections. If you've dealt with this problem, how did you handle it?
  11. I'm amazed at how they kept the camera on the action. Especially that first one.
  12. I recorded one new song. These people recreated the entire Dark Side of the Moon album:
  13. Thanks for the feedback and the suggestion. If only I were clever enough to make something like that. . . .
  14. Apologies in advance for hijacking this thread. I've been researching the Tascam and similar products to try to help a friend who has lost his sight. He has used multitrack cassette recorders in the past and wants to find a manageable digital recording solution. Can anyone tell me if the buttons for Mute and Rec give tactile feedback? In other words, can you tell by touch whether they're on? This would be very helpful, thanks.
  15. That happened to me too. I finally settled on leaving it installed but disabling it in the Device Manager. Most of the time this setting survives a Windows update.
  16. Good stuff. Anyone who enjoys this kind of close harmony singing should do themselves a favor and check out the Boswell Sisters, if you haven't already heard them. They got that swing!
  17. Single 27" monitor. Wish I had room for a second one.
  18. When you first install CbB, you may need to edit the paths where CbB scans for plugins in order to get all the ones you use in SPLAT.
  19. I used to think an obscure flag was hidden in the registry somewhere and didn't get cleared on uninstall. Another option would be for the software to phone home over your network connection and check their records to see if your computer has installed before. Probably lots of other options I haven't thought of.
  20. I've had this problem too, starting several updates ago. It might have even started with the last Melodyne update some months ago, though I don't remember. If I click "Remove Region FX" and start over, it usually works OK. Once the blobs appear, Melodyne will continue to work normally on additional clips for the rest of the session.
  21. Thanks, craigb, that's the one!
  22. I've been searching in vain for the graphic that shows the many thousands of dollars invested in each link of the pro music production chain in order to achieve the highest possible recording quality, only to be delivered to the listener in mp3 format through a pair of $2.00 earbuds. It might have been in a thread in the old Coffee House. Does anyone have it?
  23. The 1909 update was forced on me last week. It re-enabled the WiFi adapter on my desktop PC and a few other things I had disabled. It also reset the power management on some of the USB hubs to allow Windows to shut them down. I had that disabled before the update. Those are the main things I've noticed so far. Haven't run into any real problems yet.
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