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  1. My email was in my spam folder, despite normal Presonus emails going to my inbox Thought it was odd I didn't have to make an account with Masterthemix to register. I wonder if my licence is just floating in the ether now?
  2. Where can I find info about the restrictions? I've always been tempted to buy GC but I'm worried I'll regret it. Wouldn't be very useful to me if they can't be used on new releases.
  3. Yeah, the Orange collection had that problem as well. Though it seems better now in A5. The Bias cloud for sure! Some of those are absurd.
  4. I believe this is the case. Some serious mojo outta these
  5. Doesn't it come with the MESA 4x12? I already have the MESA collection, so I'm not sure, but that's what normally is paired with it.
  6. One thing I dislike (and this is true for most amp sim software I've tried) is, despite having an input level in the right range, the output level of presets is often clipping. This is true for a lot of the Amplitube presets in general. I almost always have to turn down the output gain to not be clipping. This is especially annoying when trying to scroll several presets. You have to stop and turn the output gain down on each one. Odd behaviour in my opinion. It seems to me, if your input is in the green your output sound be in the green. Not sure what I'm missing with that, but the same was true in Amplitube 4.
  7. According to the info above the presets aren't out yet. When they are out they are under Amplitube 5 in the IK Product Manager. The previously released presets are there as well.
  8. If you click the button to show only the gear you own it also applies to the presets. Edit: I see this was already answered, sorry
  9. Yeah, that's probably true. I would assume most of the work would already be done.
  10. I love that they bundle the installer when you have multiples.
  11. I think the market share of people using the prochannel is probably extremely small.
  12. I had a pretty bad experience with IK Multimedia support recently. I was asking a question about amplitube 5. I was very detailed in my question. Went back and forth 5 times with them and each time it was clear they didn't even read what I wrote. The person who was supposed to be support for the product clearly has no clue how the program even functions. Eventually they just said "we'll get back to you" and just never did. I like IK's products but this was honestly a pathetic level of support.
  13. I think if you're dealing with audio freezing should be non-destructive, so the original audio remains intact no matter what. I could see freezing an instrument and unfreezing it possibly sounding different due to the randomness inherent in some synths. I don't do much freezing myself. When I do, hopefully I'm already at the point where I won't need to go back. I tend to just bounce things down and commit, although there is always a way to get things back, unless you delete all the .wav files. I'd imagine if you updated an instrument that you had frozen in a project, that could be problematic.
  14. I found this picture which seems like a basic tape setup to me. There is a reason there are multitrack tape machines and stereo tape machines. For sure you can treat the source on the way in, but in no way are you limited to doing so. As far as having to double up on the console emulation, that would be up to the mixers discretion really. You wouldn't necessarily need to add console emulation at all if you didn't want it. You might just want the added harmonics of the tape emulation.
  15. I don't agree. You can record a mic through a console onto multitrack tape, then play the tape back through the console and whatever outboard you wanted, then finally printing your 2-bus onto tape.
  16. I think that's a pretty over the top response. You're still obviously able to do a lot more mixing with whatever plugins you need after. I'm not even talking about freezing, I'm talking about committing to the tape sound as the first step. I do believe that is how tape was used in the first place. You're basically saying, if you record a guitar amp and then mix it, that is somehow "just automating faders." Do I have to use amp sims to be a 'real mixer'?
  17. I mean, why not just slap the tape plugin on the tracks and bounce them down before you start mixing?
  18. I enjoy it. I also think AAS is a great company.
  19. Definitely heavy on CPU, but sound good, made even excellent. Need more time with them. The delays aren't as taxing.
  20. I almost passed this one up... and I'm pretty glad I didn't. So far sounding excellent! This is actually like a whole plugin bundle too!
  21. There are some pretty nifty themes in the user forum. If you're into that kind of thing.
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