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  1. One thing I've been noticing with Bias that doesn't happen with other plugs, if I save a project using Bias... The tracks are mute when I reopen the project until I open each bias window. Does anyone else find this? I'm using S1-4
  2. Looks like 4.6 is coming early December.
  3. Black Friday has starting taking cues from "Boxing Week"
  4. So I just updated to Bias FX Professional which has an IR loader. One thing I don't like is it truncated all the file names so it's hard to tell what I'm looking at and seems really disorganized. I almost end up avoiding using the IRs I've purchased because I get overwhelmed with all the files. The celestion IRs I have include: Bitrate folders, each containing different sample lengths, different mic selections within those folders. If anyone has a system for organizing some of that stuff so it's actually useable, I'd love to know how you do it!
  5. Hmmm.... I ordered yesterday and still haven't received anything from JRR... I think they've been slow before for me but I can never remember between all the different sites.
  6. But doesn't round trip latency imply input latency and output latency combined? (i.e. A>D conversion and D>A conversion) With virtual instruments there is no A>D conversion
  7. If you're going for one or the other I would recommend Bias FX
  8. Does roundtrip latency really make when using virtual instruments though?
  9. That's what I did last time and it was indeed way better
  10. So when was the last time WUP was on sale? I don't recall that happening this year.
  11. But most companies would give you that support for free so your products work.
  12. That's the most annoying part about WUP to me. I have never and will never use customer support but they want me to pay for it anyway. That's why I pay for the internet.
  13. I was going to ask this because I always forget. This makes it a lot easier to take.
  14. Not that I think these will be anything but excellent... But how is every interface ever "Best in Class"
  15. I guess I just wish I could get what I'll actually use and not stuff I won't
  16. Was beginning to think this company was going under. Will be 2 years since a new plugin on November 7th. Bought the full bundle a year and a half ago thinking maybe they'd add something and I'm not sure it was worth it. Not that I don't love them.
  17. I can't seem to find any info on their site about what actually comes in each version of Bias FX. It says 60 amps or whatever but that doesn't tell me much. I can't see anywhere that explains what product has celestion cabs. Guess they don't want my money
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