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  1. No, but he'll sell you a lime green 1998 Mazda Miada for 14 popsicle sticks and a pack of gum.
  2. I spotted him in the wild:
  3. Yeah, there have been a ton of new amp sim plugins released since Amplitube 4 came out. IK will have to pull out something special for 5 if they want to compete. Last time they released 4 amps with Amplitube (the Marshalls) and it came with a few older Sims from 3 or even before that. That won't be enough for 5. They'd need to update some of the older stuff or add something bigger to hit sales like I'm guessing 4 did.
  4. Yep. I've bought lots from them and I've always felt they were a quality service. But you're right, this is not the first time this has happened.
  5. I feel the same way. Positive grid is 90% marketing. They basically ignore users after purchase. Wish I never bought in.
  6. I dunno, I'll be upgrading to a 10700k. I have Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 and from everything I've read, heat won't really be an issue at all.
  7. I don't really get the appeal of Amplitube Max. And I'm someone that really likes Amplitube. Thing is, I have Amplitube 4, Orange, both Fender 1 and 2, Ampeg 1 and 2, Mesa/Boogie, Really all Max gives me is a bunch of super old stuff modeled like, what? Ten years ago? Also, most of those old amps are just old models of stuff in the newer bundles like Fender and Mesa. If they actually updated this stuff it might be appealing. As of now it just seems like a waste.
  8. Dang... I wanted that colander... I'm sick of all this wet spaghetti...
  9. The NSA has got you no matter what operating system you use. It's just an unfortunate fact of life now.
  10. Nothing new. The VU meter (which should really just be part of the program) and Softube Saturation Knob.
  11. Hmm... I just installed and it activated on it's own when I opened SO. I think I may have activated my code in SO4 first when I was trying to figure stuff out earlier. You could try that.
  12. Good news guys! I've had it 10 minutes and I've already written a Grammy nominated song!
  13. When I try to register my key, I get a message saying I need to enter the key for the product I'm upgrading. Yet, there is nowhere to enter that key and I'm already doing it from within my.account where my SOP4 code already lives. EDIT: Looks like the server is down and they're working to get it back up and running.
  14. Yeah, you should wait till tomorrow so I can log on now 🤣
  15. Personally, I think Notion is miles behind Studio One. I use it and maybe it's because I mostly use tab, but I don't find it very good. I would 100% embrace any improvement to Notion but it would be like adding a rubber dingy to a cruise liner to add it, as is, into Studio One. I'm kinda wondering about a midi keyboard controller. That would probably be VERY tempting to me.
  16. I'm scared to try it. It read my mind, but not my wallet!
  17. Its like they read my mind: https://neuraldsp.com/collections/plugins/products/archetype-cory-wong
  18. In this vein, does anyone have links to a website for finding random collab projects? Preferably that you've used. To add to the list: AAS Objeq Delay Soundtoys Crystallizer Voltage Modular Waves OVox Waves StudioRack Waves MultiMod Rack
  19. Do we get to pick? I'll choose 99 please!
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