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  1. So there's only one Gem for $49, it's the EQ550... The rest are $79 and up.... Kind of a bummer
  2. I'm sure it's quality, but I struggle to get excited by a gate.
  3. Would really love to see more than the typical Guitar World Magazine type of players. Not trying to bash anyone or anything, but I feel like huge swathes of guitar players get ignored. It's like shredding is the only music...
  4. I would have cut it in half with a stick by then.
  5. It's only been SEVEN years since v5!
  6. Kinda, love that about VST3 honestly. I always specify VST2 paths now, but for awhile there, they were installing all over the place.
  7. Personally, I know this shouldn't matter, but the PA plugins have never appealed to me because they look like they were made in 2003. 🤷
  8. Almost $200 to update Horizon and there is not a single new plugin in the collection....
  9. At this rate v15 will be out before the end of the year. I'm finally done with waves I think.
  10. Mom's took the best deals?
  11. This looks cool for deep synth stuff, but what are the benefits for regular old stuff like compressors and EQs? The video basically just shows modulation, which is cool, but not really super useful for everything and it would be annoying to have that extra window for no reason.
  12. Oooh.... I really like the FX2.... Probably have to get this.
  13. They had to rotate the felt on the kick drum beater, it was getting too worn.
  14. Plugin companies: 😭
  15. Can't believe I've never noticed this! Thanks!
  16. I had this in v4, but have yet to get it for v5... Now that I've seen that gif showing what it does, wow! Presonus should be paying the person making this.
  17. RSMcGuitar

    Sonar X1

    The best part is this: "I want to tell you I paid $600 new, but honestly can't remember for sure" 🤣
  18. I like these plugins, but I do find it a bit confusing with the astrology naming scheme.
  19. Oh wow.... too late though. Finally upgraded my 1st Gen Scarlett to an Arturia Audiofuse Studio. Love it so far. My Scarlett lasted a really long time though!
  20. Yeah, I really enjoy AD2, but it does indeed feel like abandon-ware. It's funny because I would almost certainly have spent more money than necessary if they ever released adPaks.
  21. Nice. Managed to pick up MESA 2.
  22. It is CPU hungry, but at $10 it's a no brainer, if you like interesting and unique delay sounds.
  23. Seems a bit.... Corny.... 😎
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