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  1. As well as the excellent tutorials listed by Nigel above I find the Creative Sauce tutorials very informative and unusually enjoyable - Mike is a great presenter and has loads of Cakewalk based tutorials https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCESNxzJHzDnCIuRO0RhQLeA
  2. Thanks very much again Matthew. That's very helpful indeed
  3. Thanks so much for putting together the template Matthew. I have just opened it and all seemed ok - I just had to edit my midi input for each track. Saved so much work! As you say all the different articulations are there but they just play the most appropriate sound in Discover. Could you tell me what the Print tracks are please? It will be interesting to do a direct comparison with projects where I have used Miroslav Philharmonik and Garritan. I would imagine though that the most successful approach might be to use elements from each library. After a couple of initial run through of the sounds the strings and percussion in Discover appear to be the strongest elements with the woodwinds being the weakest
  4. I've been looking into disabling this too as I occasionally get a failed boot up with a black screen and cursor - I understand that this is a possible fix as it is possibly interfering with my graphics driver - though it has only been happening for a few months and usually occirs if I have been using the other profile on my PC and switch back to my main one. It always restarts ok when I force a restart but a bit of a pain. Interesting it only takes a second or so longer to boot if you disable it
  5. Very fair comment Larry - quite remarkable really - some of the LABS are that size and more IIRC
  6. Just had a very quick run through the sounds - strings are pleasant - though not keen on tremolo arts. except at the highest registers. Woodwinds are very meh - especially the oboes - my favourite instrument - as I thought on hearing the demo videos. Brass ok but not outstanding. Percussion pretty good and possibly most usable. I can see me using some of the sounds but mostly I'll stick to Garritan PO5 and Miroslav Philharmonik A good introduction to orchestral sounds - though given I picked up both Miroslav CE and Garritan PO5 for around the same price as this would have been if I hadn't filled in the questionnaire it doesn't seem like an outstanding deal - I can see its use though for people who have the full version and want a light version for portability The size of the library is a good reflection of the sounds on offer What do others think? Forgot to say - I love the interface!
  7. Ah that explains it. I alter the latency in the ASIO panel
  8. Very strange - can't help you with that one - hopefully someone else will
  9. I don't understand why that should be - so you can't move the blue slider? I've never had that problem
  10. Good luck! I don't have sound in Chrome or YouTube when I am running Cakewalk but it's fine when Cakewalk is closed. I believe there is a setting which allows you to hear both and someone will be along to tell you what it is I imagine!
  11. I'm finding they work fine but not everyone does. I tried WASAPI which has been recommended but I couldn't get that to work - probably me doing something wrong though to be fair!
  12. I'm using onboard sound with ASIO4All drivers (I don't do any recording and am only a hobbyist so see no need for an audio interface) - I know some people run a mile when I mention A4A but I've not had many issues over many years. I'm not sure what audio driver you are using? If you are using the sound cards own you will probably get high latency - though I understand WASAPI mode can address that but not tried that myself yet
  13. Beat (no pun originally intended!) me to it! Just ordered!
  14. Another day another Spitfire update!
  15. Thanks Ryan will do - it's doing it around every 15 mins or so now! I'll get that message to you!
  16. Just an update to my crashing problem with ST4 loading ST3 & 2 sounds that was discussed a while back. Still happening so I have raised a support ticket with IK. Interestingly none of the extra ST content in Total Max (Orchestral Percussion, Neil Peart Drums etc) has caused a crash yet. As soon as I went back to loading ST2 & 3 sounds though the crashes recommenced 😞
  17. There are some very nice sounds indeed included in the free Zenology - especially a few very usable pads. Well worth the price 🙂 0
  18. Ah thanks - that definitely looks worth a download! Thought it might just be bare bones with a tiny number of sounds
  19. I think Elements will be more than enough for me 🙂
  20. That's the one that got me the recent Total Max crossgrade after a bit of hand holding by Larry persuading me it would work 🙂
  21. Many thanks - I've only used the EQ facilities on 8 so far and the improvement you mention there alone makes it worth moving to 9.
  22. Thanks - Extremely slow download for 55Mb - saying 44 minutes left. Presumably their servers are busy?! EDIT - tried a few minutes ago and downloaded fine this time. I've got Ozone 8 Elements so will have to see what the differences are
  23. Larry's on commission from Bandlab to keep us coming back here 😉
  24. yeah took me a while to realise where he meant! The woodwinds in there sound a bit dodgy. Strings and brass probably usable but not sure there's anything there that's better than Garritan or Miroslav that I have already - though appreciate this is a good deal for anyone starting out - especially at the questionnaire price!
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