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  1. Agreed - Mike is an excellent tutor & seems a really nice guy too
  2. That was so easy I wish I had done it ages ago! Thanks again!
  3. Worked ok here - the one that doesn't work for me is the Steinberg - had to go to their website direct to dl
  4. There is a new update to IK's Product Manager and AT5 which may help if you don't have them? I only have the free version of AT5 so don't know if this might be a solution but maybe worth a try?
  5. Yes just tried here too - just opened a project with Halion Sonic SE and saved it without any problems 🙂
  6. Ah I am hoping that this is the one (saves me troubling Noel for the one he has)
  7. I have a huge number of VSTi s that are in the Uncategorised 'folder' under the VSTi tab in the Browser pane and I want to move these into different and, in some cases, new folders. Could someone please advise of the best way to do this? Thanks in advance
  8. This series of tutorials doesn't cover your specific question (that has already been answered) but is a great introduction to Cakewalk from first steps. All of Mike's videos are easy to follow and entertaining to watch and as you progress I'm sure you will find them invaluable as I have done
  9. The guys at PIB are giving away 25 plugins during their video starting in a couple of minutes
  10. A good deal - just a shame the upgrade from Player isn't discounted as well
  11. You're running hot today Larry! Thanks for the notifications.
  12. Ah just got this too with a project with Halion Sonic in it! I remembered there being an issue and search came up with this thread. Does anyone know if they have issued a fix yet?
  13. Thanks - just realised it is an expansion though and I don't have original!
  14. Doesn't seem to be available in UK sadly. I'll keep an eye out though 🙂
  15. Glad you found Mike's videos useful. I've learned so much through them and he has a great presenting style
  16. I've got them on an external SSD connected by USB 3 but might invest in an additional internal SSD.
  17. I haven't written anything for ages - too bust going through all the sounds at my disposal and rating them where that is an option!
  18. Thanks for all the responses - the sensible ones anyway 🙂 As it happens the RAM I bought won't quite fit behind the heat sink & fan (though my replaced fan is working which is a great relief - unfortunately I did have to pay £25 for the whole assembly as they no longer sell the fan as a spare which would have only cost me about £5!). The RAM has heatfins which makes it quite a lot deeper than my existing RAM - it was hard to judge whether it would fit until I tried. I'll have to return the RAM to the store (Scan) but I am not sure I'll bother getting replacements as I'm unsure now whether it is really worth it as my main hope was that it would improve sample loading times - if that is not the case I don't really have any issues with anything else at the moment so maybe wait and see if I ever get to the point of having problems then reconsider. I've learned a lot from the discussion here so thanks again 🙂
  19. The more I've looked into this the more I am thinking I may be best just using the new RAM and ditching the old. It will still give me twice what I have already. I don't want to risk the PC becoming unstable or having BSOD issues!
  20. It was a custom made one from Chillblast. It has four Ram slots in two pairs close together
  21. Thanks that's very interesting. I've ordered the Ram sticks already. Same manufacturer as the ones I have (Corsair) but faster 1600 rather than 1333 Mhz. I understand these will only run at same speed as my existing Ram. It might be best then to ditch my existing Ram and just use the new ones? So that would be 16gb rather than the 8gb I have at present or 24 GB if I kept the existing with the new
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