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  1. I had a quick watch of the Duduk (my favourite instrument) walkthrough by the same developer - sounded nothing like one from the bits I heard. Tarilonte's Desert Winds has a beautiful one but haven't managed to justify the spend yet. I agree re the sounds of the tin whistle - as a folky of over 40 years I wasn't impressed. The interface is pretty grim too
  2. Thanks John that was really useful!
  3. Whilst I would generally agree with that, I believe that some people have had problems with 20H2 - I've held off installing it - as yet it hasn't been a scheduled as an automatic installation but it is there if I want it I appear to be on 2004 at the moment with no issues relating to CbB
  4. Take care Larry - we'll miss you!
  5. Really hope Meng is in it for the long haul!
  6. Hi Robert - thanks for your response re screensets on the YouTube page for this video which you have also referred to above in your response to Jim. A video on Workspaces would be great too. I set one up to create my template but I am sure there are many like me who would still like more guidance on their use!
  7. Sinclair Spectrum then the Yamaha CX5 which I just used for composition and FM synthesis. Still got it. No idea if it still works though. I remember programming in half of a movement from Bach's 3rd Brandenburg Concerto before losing the will to live 🙂
  8. @RobertMcClellan may well have covered midi and audio in other videos (I'm sure he will point you the way 🙂 ) and you also may want to check out Mike at Creative Sauce who has a complete course on Cakewalk here. He also has a specific video on routing Kontakt. Hope these help
  9. That's certainly my position - I've never been an early adopter - didn't get a mobile phone until I needed to call home after a conference (as I was going on a pub crawl 🙂 ) and found none of the phone boxes worked and one of them had been used as a toilet! I'll stick around until the upgrade from TS2 to TS 3 is worth it - I wouldn't go to more than £100 as I don't really need the stuff
  10. Yep Peter please stick around - most of us recognise that your response was out of character and you graciously apologised. I'm sure none of us here us innocent of not losing it occasionally in a discussion and regretting it afterwards! The best thing about this forum is its friendliness and helpfulness - ok we get a bit annoyed about stuff sometimes but we shouldn't shoot the messenger!
  11. Orchestral Tools has a free percussion library for the free Sine Player. Not sure how extensive it is but the sounds I've played have been pretty good
  12. Quite a lot of stuff in there over and above TS Max 2 so I don't imagine it will be a cheap upgrade
  13. Yep that seems to work for me too
  14. Sine Player is the VSTi - you then load Layers sound files into the VST. It's not the easiest of hosts to get around admittedly. Orchestral Tools also have some new free sounds including a very good string ensemble
  15. Definitely. A few disappointing ones but lots of great stuff in there especially the more ambient / atmospheric ones
  16. That pesky abacab - I'd have beaten Larry if wasn't for him!
  17. Have I actually beaten Larry to this one?! https://labs.spitfireaudio.com/pipe-organ?__s=gzw6qow58ownp56lonyy
  18. There are many excellent tutorials around that you could follow. Mike at Creative Sauce has a whole series from first steps.
  19. Installing the Synthwave sounds and the free AT content seemed to reset my content paths in ST4! It deleted my ST3 path and replaced it with an additional ST4 one! I've reset the paths and rescanned and it seems to be ok now. I was very confused when I opened ST4 initially and most of my content had the download symbol overlay!
  20. Sorry to hear that, Bill. Best wishes from York in England
  21. Yes good luck to Robert with this. He has contributed a lot of excellent tutorial and other material for free so I can't imagine anyone would begrudge him success with this course
  22. I fancied that but my ageing graphics card isn't up to it - still I've got a backlog of Epic & Ubisoft games to try out from when they had their Christmas giveaway
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