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  1. I now have And FINISHER Voodoo also
  2. So bought Mellow also - thats it for now ... mellow and Solid, backline sorted Royal next - https://www.ujam.com/bassist/royal/ BUT this BF sale is going on until 5th Dec .. The Black Friday sale ends on December 5th, 2021 .. maybe it may get added as a Flash Sale
  3. Royal is on sale for 50% now - 64 bucks instead of 129 How are you finding it, sounds great
  4. Just bought it. Top stuff. Thats drums sorted .. Really considering ROYAL for the bass and maybe MELLOW also ... arg, I promised myself i wouldnt do this again
  5. And that SOLID Drum plugin sounds great also for 29 bucks https://www.ujam.com/drummer/solid/
  6. That ROYAL bass instrument sounds really good .. possibly more versatile .. for me anyway And this MELLOW at that price is only for 24 hrs. Looks like they mat be doing a different one at that price each day ??
  7. The ROYAL bass instrument sounds even better, real sweat
  8. Sounds good Bass: Virtual Bassist MELLOW 2 Drums: Beatmaker VOID Guitar: Virtual Guitarist SPARKLE
  9. It seems for us the upgrade price is to MAX for $149 / €149
  10. Are these the upgrade prices from previous syntronik?
  11. Anybody have this one? It is an older plug I think
  12. @cclarry It seems to be random .. it switches
  13. The link you provided up top in OP goes to a page for Dragon @ $149 https://keep-forest.com/store/libraries/223530 However if you go via the front shop page banner it does give you the offer prices: https://keep-forest.com/store
  14. Seems the $29 for Dragon and $39 for Atlantica is gone already? Both at $64 still there though
  15. $69 /€60 for FX Collection 2 ... no brainer Jumped on that one ..
  16. The thing is though with the sub, in both Play and Drum you get access to loads of kits, content for these plugs on an ongoing basis to either buy with points or free. This seems to say you buy it from PB and whats in it is what you get at that time .. it doesnt give you perpetual access to constant newer stuff every year going forward OR maybe it does? They still try and sell you new kits ongoing maybe The play and drum plugs are specific in what they do. The sub however gives you access to a massive amount of loops of all kinds that you can mix and match and chop in the mini DAW inside the loopcloud app itself and then onto your DAW. Plus of course ongoing you get points that allow you to buy/add individual loops or loop packs to your library. You also get cloud storage. And then also get to download 25 FREE loops per day 365 days of the year
  17. Not sure of that. Its a Q for Loopmasters via email I am subbed with them annually. Id say they may have cheaper BF sub price also
  18. Play and drums and Khords plugins come with annual LOOPCLOUD sub - €109 ( probably $99 in USA ) https://www.loopcloud.com/cloud/subscriptions/plans
  19. I think this slight price drop is there until start of december so no real issue about waiting until then before jumping as BF is tomorrow week. Last thing you need is buy now and see another cheaper price again for BF
  20. In the actual TITLE of this message too ... No worries, just a suggestion.
  21. @cclarry MAC only it seems??? Might be worth adding to title ( looking at download page ) https://www.add.app/download
  22. Great Value this and perfect timing too .. my last cheap sub is just up Be careful, DO NOT use any other coupon with this, if you do it cancels the 2 for 1 and gives you standard 12 issues
  23. Yes .. just tick that and you can go get the plug. BUT I am sure immediately after you login to your reason a/c again and cancel the newsletter OR wait for the next Reason newsletter and unsubscribe from that email.
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