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  1. Just tried to update MASSIVE X and got a trojan alert from Windows Defender: So went looking via google and got this very recent post at NI Forums: https://community.native-instruments.com/discussion/11586/microsoft-defender-detects-trojan-script-on-update-file-of-massive-x Seems other "legit" applications are suffering from same issue when updated etc
  2. In comparison to same item here in EUROPE considering $99 is €92 / ST£80: At AMAZON M-Audio Store: https://www.amazon.co.uk/M-Audio-AIR-192-Studio-Grade-Instruments/dp/B07YZLN475?ref_=ast_sto_dp&th=1&psc=1 ST£152 or $186 plus shipping if you dont have prime Then at THOMANN: https://www.thomann.de/ie/m_audio_air_192_8.htm €179 or $193 plus shipping So someone is making really nice margin it would seem. Unfortunately we here in Europe wouldnt buy from US due to shipping costs and excise duties and VAT added. probably end up well over the high prices above
  3. Just to make sure people are aware. Vegas, Soundforge and other magix apps turn up quiet regularly in Humble Bundles. Typically you will pay about $25 for a bundle, never more really. The versions of Vegas, Soundforge etc would usually be 2 or 3 behind the latest version. So I imagine the next audio bundle from HB will include say Soundforge 14 Pro and/or Vegas Pro 19 ( Last HB Audio or Video bundle had SF 13 and Vegas 18 Pro So do keep an eye out. For last good few years this is how I have been upgrading SF and Vegas. Cannot argue with the price. Of course the HB with SF, Vegas comes with other software on top also that maybe useful https://www.humblebundle.com/software
  4. Same here, though I am on 13 and see no reason to upgrade from that. As with 13 i will wait for 14 or 15 to come out on Humble Bundle for $25 or so
  5. My upgrade from 8 is $99. Is it worth the upgr from 8 to 9.2? Im not sure it is. I already have SQ80 V and the augmented strings and voices I found to be resource hogs. I think Ill pass
  6. Check out there other offers inc 2 limited time decent size Midi and Sample packs: https://vstalarm.com/ They also have a Arturia Pigments preset bundle - 820 presets for $19 https://vstalarm.com/product/biome-bundle-for-pigments-by-vicious-antelope/
  7. Get a further 10% off with Coupon - VST10OFF Keep in mind, partic in Europe the prices in the OP are EX VAT
  8. Well @Wibbles you are getting $400 worth of software for $25 AND alot more in that bundle besides Sound forge, but for the $25 SF alone is well worth it
  9. @Wibbles I would keep an eye on HUMBLE BUNDLE so - https://www.humblebundle.com They WILL have an audio bundle at some point in a while with Soundforge Pro 14 in it along with possibly a newer version of ACID and VEGAS .. all for around $25 or so. Always an absolute steal and a no brainer. Last HB Audio bundle had Soundforge Pro 13 .. it always 2 or 3 steps behind the current version which is SF Pro 16 at the mo.
  10. TBH for years now I have been "upgrading" Soundforge, Acid and VEGAS via regular HUMBLE BUNDLES featuring all of them of a reasonably regular basis .. for princely sum of approx €25 Now at VEGAS 18 Pro & Soundforge Pro 13
  11. Though I have 6, i still steer toward 5 .. WHY? Because 5 loads far faster for me anyway and can load across a number of instances w/o cpu issues ( Core i5, 16GB Ram, SSD ) Nice GUIs are one thing, but I prefer performance
  12. @Esteban Villanova I am proof of its resilience even though its plastic. In that time I have dropped it 4 or 5 times, we have laminate and wood floors. No cracks or damage, still works. The plastic is very tough actually.
  13. @Esteban Villanova Glad to see you have joined the AUDIENT EVO 4 gang .. As a fellow geetarist, i have the same thing, bought it a year or more ago, have not looked back since. Great piece of kit in all respects plus the portability tween my laptop / dtop is the job
  14. @Patrick Derbidge So, having read your post I downloaded Synthesizer V, installed, opened and within 1 min using the Eleanor Forte Lite voice file, did this at 120bpm https://voca.ro/1js45JxLOHvA this is Eleanor_MixDown.mp3 Having installed the free Synth V app .. here are the free/LITE versions of the voice data files https://resource.dreamtonics.com/download/English/Voice Databases/Lite Voice Databases/ Here is the Synth V U/I with that quick piece i did above
  15. @Reid Rosefelt You mentioned re LA Sessions - NOT SOLO. Is this the case for "Female Soul Ensemble and Male Soul Ensemble", no way of just getting one voice or layering same? Its a mix of a few voices? True Legato? About the EMVOICE - Is it worth exploring? In general - Its more backing vox and not necessarily words - oohs aahs - male/female but mainly male
  16. Thanks guys, Have to say the closest i have come to what I was envisioning is this: https://emvoiceapp.com Installs as a VST, draws down the samples from cloud into a Melodyne type UI
  17. Thanks @Vernon Barnes .. I bought BLUE a long while back and currently cannot get it to open in Kontakt 5, 6 or 7 .. hangs. I emailed them earlier to get a solution. Might be a version issue and I need to upgrade. I did think this instrument may solve part of my request BUT it is FEMALE, dont think MALE singer is in this? Re EastWest Hollywood Backup Singers ... FEMALE only? Notice it is on sale at the mo for $149
  18. I add this here as its a request so I can be on the look out for deals or otherwise on decent solo vocal instrument / plugins to use in MODERN tracks vs say a choral track or a soundtrack. For a usage such as non verbal backing tracks. I think 8DIO sort of tried thsi with The Forgotten Voices series like Cait, but the control features in this were not great in my view. And no real AHs, Ooohs etc, more set phrases not very editable. Hope my description is understandable .. in a nutshell, rather than me recording AHH and layering it .. would be great if there was a solution with less choral but more contemporary vocal sounds
  19. @Bapu I would be a bit nervous of that .. I find DAT tapes are not the most robust of items. My unit works for me but if using it with DATs from others I would be a bit nervous if it damaged them like mangling the tape etc .. the issues with many tape type devices back in the day. As in there is a damage risk
  20. Yip I have .. its a sony portable DAT and I just did exactly that recently. DATs I had from 90s. Only way of getting them off the Dat player is via a stereo mini jack into the Audio I/F ... works fine though. I also have orig I/O box for it but its outputs are coax and good old optical Only prob for you maybe .. Im in Ireland ( south coast Cork )
  21. So back in the 80s BLANCMANGE had a good few tracks out topped by Living on the ceiling ( vid below ). Anyway they have a new album out called Private View, really like it, a definite grower. I like the simplicity + the space in tracks. Also the liberal use of arpeggios ... Sounds of Kraftwerk, Joy Division, Bowie. Whole album on youtube but also on Spotify, Itunes etc. all the sounds I would say you may find in the ARTURIA suite of VSTis LIVING ON THE CEILING:
  22. Spot on @Craig Fowler .. A Q for the ages .. everytime I listen to this new album the same sentiment strikes me. Its just choc full of perfect pop
  23. @paulo I get what you are saying here but in this case I think Per Gessle really pulled it off while being very sympathetic with a familiar Fredriksson presence throughout. I would think Marie would be very proud of this album. Per really was/is the brains and creative behind Roxette. Maybe the slightly awkward looking bloke next to Marie holding the guitar but all the songs were his pretty much, he is the perfect pop song creator that was always a signature of Roxette. Have a Listen to "You hurt the one you love the most" ... its the new "Listen To Your Heart" ( bit of Phil Collins in there too ) As for the name remaining, my view is it keeps Marie there in spirit also. Listening to this album I can hear her all through it via the female vocals of Helena Josefsson and Dea Norberg. Have a read of this fan review. He pretty much has similar concerns to yourself: https://renownedforsound.com/album-review-pg-roxette-pop-up-dynamo/
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