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  1. Here is the Loopcloud U/I .. as you can see down bottom right its CONNECTED TO CAKEWALK. Also the columns eg NAME, WAVEFORM, KEY etc .. you can right click and add way more to customise the info per sample you want to see. I opened SAMPLES on left, this is the local sample collection on my Desktop PC. Under that are loops added to my Library but in the Cloud Also note when you open a sample you have ORIGINAL and PROCESSED down the left .. this allows you to drag either to CW tracks. It also picks up the BPM from CW. Obviously you can process the sample here a bit, then add to CW track via drag/drop. Before adding to CW track it will play along with your project so you can audition until you find a sample you like The image below shows the LOOPCLOUD main VST open, connecting it to the Loopcloud app above. You also see two other loopcloud plugins over right - Loopcloud Player and Loopcloud Drums .. these add specific types of packs with own U/I inside CW Hope this helps y'all!!
  2. In a nutshell .. a no brainer. Because when you sign up you end up with many more packs added to your account as a welcome. Eve if you dont continue with the plan after a month you can still use the Loopcloud plugins / app as a sample manager for your own samples on HD along with your stuff you get from Loopcloud throughout the month. As a member you also have access to 25/30 free samples a day out of 10s of 1000s that are free .. You can also dip in out the odd month here and there rather than paying annual fee of $99
  3. This pack is via LOUPCLOUD https://www.loopcloud.com/cloud/blog/4644--StayInspired-Free-plugins-courses-and-sounds?utm_campaign=86588_LM StayInspired 02-06-2020 I am a loopcloud user, so if you have a loopcloud account by logging in then go to link above you can add the freebie vocal pack to your Loopcloud UI. Loopcloud works well with Cakewalk via the 3 VSTiplugins that come with it ( Loopcloud, Loopcloud Drum, Loopcloud Play ). They link to the standalone loopcloud app which you open before opening cakewalk. From there you can drag drop the samples etc to a track in CW. But before that in the loopcloud app you can set the TEMPO and a version of the loop will be ready via drag and drop at the tempo of your track in CW. Very nice setup .. I find anyway
  4. Doesnt support band releases yet, just personal projects
  5. Thanks guys ONE AND ALL. The points are all very good and what I was hoping for. A good wide debate on this issue and focused on Cakewalk which is what we use. I take the point that the DAW should not matter, but we are at the Cakewalk forums About windows 10 & hardware, yip, my day job is my own small IT company for 20 years. I understand. To be truthful i have never had any issues with my systems specs because i tend to buy parts for a desktop upgrade ( have same actual box since the 90s, a tower ). Where laptops are concerned, I study, read reviews and really consider. I have a 17" Dell laptop thats 7, 8 years old - core i5, 16gb ram, Nvidia 2gb card, Hybrid 2GB drive - still handles well for music TBH .. I use a nifty ALESIS Core 1 with that which does the trick BUT that uses ASIO4ALL which I found best ( doesnt have own asio drivers ) My desktop is a Core i3, 16GB Ram, Nvidia 2GB card and sata drives. On that is the M-Audio Profire 610 ( attached through firewire card ). Again works fine, I have to say a lovely I/F with all the ports required. Probably one of the best M-Audio products? Even with all that I am always on the look out for an audio I/F that is USB and that I can swap between my two systems which does support ASIO via its drivers rather than relying on ASIO4ALL. I have been looking at the newer M-AUDIO I/Fs .. my experience with the profire makes me partial
  6. I am actually not in a huge rush, just want to get in early to ask these Qs about drivers and I/Fs that work better with CW and so on. Nope re 2nd hand for me
  7. Thanks for your list @John Vere .. however I have refined the OP and subject of this thread more to what I am trying to find out. An AUDIO I/F that works with Cakewalk without potential BSODs and where the DRIVERS behave as properly as possible. And that are ASIO maybe. Of course Latency is another aspect of concern. So rather than going off buying a nice new shiney Audio I/F and pretty much finding out its a useless brick for reasons outlined above, i am just trying to gleen from other CW users which models are the least troublesome and have updated drivers that work
  8. Thanks @John Bradley .. while you were writing this I added the following to my OP: MAYBE a better Q is what Audio I/Fs NOT to get for cakewalk? From perspective of driver issues and the like
  9. Hi Guys, I have an old Firewire M-AUDIO Profire 610 .. it is very old, still works but driver support for it + no firewire ports much these days means I am considering replacing it. Looking for an I/F that plays well with Cakewalk in regards to drivers, latency, ASIO and things like that. Seems to be Focusrite, Presonus stuff is up there? Also noticed ( as i play guitar ) the IK Multimedia AXE I/O .. looks interesting. I am not sure MAUDIO is at the races much these days still? Of course without going to mad on the price .. reasonable being the word MAYBE a better Q is what Audio I/Fs NOT to get for cakewalk? From perspective of driver issues and the like cheers / Thanks Aidan
  10. Last night I posted my bands album went digital on Bandcamp here. That album was all done in CAKEWALK. Similarly this EP was also done in CAKEWALK completely. TIDAL is a name I use for my own stuff ... Instrumental, Electronic, Ambient https://tidalirl.bandcamp.com/releases
  11. Thanks @Douglas Kirby The remixes are of the track called DRIVING HOME, yes positive and upbeat .. that was the plan. At the moment we are also looking at remixing the other original tracks on that album .. of course using Cakewalk for this task too. As a side project for just stuff I do myself I initially added an EP of instrumental, ambient stuff .. these too made in Cakewalk. Project / Artist name TIDAL on Bandcamp, just me. Did a separate post for that here:
  12. Hi Guys, Been a long time CAKEWALK user ( since early 90s ). Throughout those years we have had an original band called COLOURTIDE from Cork City, Ireland. All the material on this album used CAKEWALK to record it even the remixes of Driving home & was used for backing tracks when playing live. This album was for a good while now stuck on just CD but finally its gone digital on BANDCAMP. I play guitar on this plus most of the keys and the sequencing via Cakewalk .. So have a listen .. and even buy a track or two or the whole album https://colourtide.bandcamp.com/releases
  13. who buys BOXED product these days where software is concerned, infact who SELLS boxed software product anymore FFS
  14. An FYI ... Yes i can confirm this is because of GEO BLOCKING. I just tried my VPN software set to USA and I was able to get at the pages on MF. BTW .. its $4.99 boxed version so if outside US there is shipping ( which they would not probably anyway ) bringing the price to about $50
  15. Something odd of late wth the MF site. No matter what product you click on it either stays on the catalog list or it goes to the home page ( Chrome, EDGE ). Geo blocking of sorts? I am in Ireland ..
  16. @msmcleod I think there is potential there for Arrangement Feature tied in with Matrix view. I think as it stands there is a sort of interplay via drag and drop from arrangement sections. Its a case of different thinking on how you might use this. As an aside I also have been trying out LOOPCLOUD and started a thread elsewhere on this: https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/16026-loopcloud-anyone-else-using-it-with-cw-an-issue/ But particularly mentioned MATRIX View there using the Loopcloud plugins in the cells could be very interesting Loopcloud has a 30 day full free trial
  17. Another thing I have not tried that could be interesting is to use LOOPCLOUD plugins in the MATRIX View
  18. I also in the past have used Ableton and have to say I love the session view for creativity and trying out different clips as you build your project. https://www.ableton.com/en/manual/session-view/ Up to now I was always hoping CW would show some love to the Matrix view thinking that this could be CWs Session View. BUT having used the new ARRANGER Feature with this background in Ableton, I think the Arranger view, once used like Abletons Session view IS CWs Session View. So it takes a bit of a rethink in how you create a project/song. Instead of building it linearly you need to build it in a way similar to FL Studio/Reason .. creating PATTERNS along the time line, then making sections of each pattern in the Arranger feature. Create every single different part of your track along the timeline rather than the actual song. So instead of intro verse chorus verse chorus bridge chorus chorus create INTRO VERSE CHORUS BRIDGE and then any variations of same. Now you can experiment via the arranger feature putting your song together with all these parts & variations in a similar fashion to how you might use the session view in Ableton. To an extent the Matrix view has that kind of idea BUT it has not been shown love for a long time. I wonder will the Matrix view in some how be married to the arranger feature sometime?
  19. UPDATE .. I had an issue with a DB error but I seem to have sorted this by uninstalling / reinstalling Loopcloud app on the system I copied the project too. Got help on this from Loopcloud via Facebook messenger, good service
  20. I took up the loopcloud 30 day demo on Friday & I am finding it a very good experience so far, the integration, the included VSTs. In fact it has inspired me to finish a track this weekend. Because you can live audition loops, instruments, drums in realtime as you build your song it does get rid of writers block nicely. I found it great too coupled with the new arranger feature in CW .. pretty much gives you the Ableton experience. Being able to build your track from blocks and parts and with Loopcloud auditioned loops, instruments, drums. An excellent idea when using the Loopcloud Drums VST and having a kit loaded is to export the chosen kit that plays well with your song as separate parts via soloing the drum parts in the loopcloud drum vst and exporting that loop only
  21. So it must be something to do with maybe location/Public IP that it changes the page number and word
  22. That would seem to be it @ZincT .. however I just tried the link in another 2 browsers and on a different machine. All show me Im just clicking the SHORTCUT link above https://bit.ly/BeatDL174 ( thats also in the PDF Mag ) which results in the proper link here: https://www.plugins-samples.com/downloads/?x=JGHRXDUH So @ZincT I wonder if you click on that proper link do you get the page 20 .. and the word is 5 letters starting with V
  23. the message says PAGE 20 not 66 .. from your link above AND it worked for me, in English, the 2nd word, on page 20 top left, first "headline"
  24. For those in Europe etc the price is €39 + VAT ( sales tax ) Thats what bugs me about VSTBUZZ, the Vat doesnt turn up until you go to checkout on any of there deals. They should say this at the product page in my opinion
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