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  1. Just curious: WHY would you want another DAW like this if you already have CbB?? What does it have that CbP doesnt that would be worth shelling out $199?? I have Samplitude Pro X3 Suite since the scare we had in 2018 after Cakewalk went wobbly .. but I never really used it. Unfortunately then i also bought Studio One which i never really used either.
  2. What are the advantages if any of using ACID rather than Cakewalk? OR What can ACID do that CW cannot? AND I have ACID Music Studio 11.0 (x64) installed and Acid 9 PRO uninstalled. Is it better to have ACID Music Studio 11.0 (x64), the newer version installed or is Acid 9 Pro still better?
  3. Thanks guys, Yes I agree about the drums. This was done a few years back. I am now considering reopening the project and remixing + sort the drums. Result will be posted here when done AN FYI .. the pic in my avatar. I am on the right, sitting and the SINGER ( who sang this, John Brennan ) is on the left standing, white top
  4. The fathers name is actually DEPENDULATE because the offspring Pendulate and Generate have not left home yet and dont look like ever doing so .. spongers
  5. BTW for those of us into Thin Lizzy and Phil Lynott .. a new movie of his Life and Music will be out in cinemas this autumn. Here is the trailer:
  6. Thanks @Lynn .. was a labour of love. I didnt sing it, that is our singer John Brennan. I did the guitars and Keys. One of many brilliant tracks by Thin Lizzy and the great Phil Lynott. Whom I was lucky to see live twice in my home city CORK back in the 80s .. and then also Phil lynott himself live twice in Cork City at a different fantastic venue called SIR HENRYS ( where early days Nirvana played before they got too famous ). As an aside in the early 90s we supported Rory Gallagher in Cork City at what was called The lark by the Lee ( outdoors, open air. The Lee is the river flowing through Cork City )
  7. We ( COLOURTIDE ) recorded this a while back. All recorded and mastered using CAKEWALK at the time. Of course, being from Ireland and a Guitarist I am and we are huge THIN LIZZY / Phil Lynott Fans so we decided to do a version of that great track "DONT BELIEVE A WORD" Guitars ( ME ), Bass, Vocals all live / real ... rest is keys played by myself, drum samples using Midi. Hope you enjoy .. ( our interpretation may not be for the purists ) .. PLEASE turn it up: http://www.tidalsound.com/mp3/dont believe a word.mp3
  8. An FYI - When logged into the ARTURIA SOFTWARE CENTRE click on your name top right and go to preferences in the drop down menu. Now go to ADVANCED and UNTICK SILENT INSTALL. Back at the update page for all the instruments, click update on each indivividual one and it will allow you to step through the install asking for where .. next next type things. Way more control .. If you dont like where your current ARTURIA stuff is installed just uninstall everything via Control panel and then reinstall using the ARTURIA SOFTWARE CENTRE and Silent install off, now you have everything where you want it!!
  9. Yeah i just saw the LIBRARY Tab down left and then the browse Library .. i get it now. So it only downloads as you go. Its more like you have ACCESS to 7500 loops, they dont download auto And they download as OGG Format, seems you cannot change the download format to WAV etc
  10. Installed Mixcraft 9 Recording Studio ( checking it out for Neice ) .. no 7500 loops, even though it says so at the HB page on this bundle
  11. So this seems to have A current version of MIXCRAFT ( 9 ). 2 versions: - Mixcraft 8 Home Studio - Mixcraft 9 Recording Studio I note at the site they have 2 versions for sale - - Mixcraft 9 PRO Studio - Mixcraft 9 Recording Studio Just curious, it looks like they dumped the HOME STUDIO? So as a matter of interest ( judging by comparison tween PRO and RECORDING at the mixcraft site: https://acoustica.com/mixcraft/compare-chart Which would be better to try in the HB - Mixcraft 8 Home Studio or Mixcraft 9 Recording Studio - feature wise? ( This is more a curious Q as i most likely wont be trying them for a good while, too much otherstuff going on music software wise .. but my niece is showing an interest so I was thinking for her )
  12. @ZincT Have you tried the built in 8 track yet, auditioning samples together to build a track .. Chop & Slice them, effect them, pitch shift etc while picking up the tempo from CW. Then drag drop to CW. Really nice. This vid from that Beatport remix competition I entered last night really shows this in action:
  13. It also has AAX plugin version. The loopcloud app installs as a standalone program. The VSTs / AAX plugins are the bridge connecting your DAW to the loopcloud app which in turn is connected to the cloud
  14. Indeed .. but loopmasters have been around for as long as I remember. There is nothing to stop you from downloading all your samples either. In the loopcloud app just go to your cloud library and right click on the folders of your sample libraries there, in the drop menu is download samples to your puter.
  15. And @Dzilizzi .. it may seem Im drifting away from this threads topic I started with but in fact its part of the solution which I sort of now have answered for myself via my cheering on of Loopcloud No need to clutter your local drive with samples in fact, use the cloud storage and features of Loopcloud as a solution in that regard so to speak. I took out the 10 quid a month sub because I could see all that plus alot more as described above. What I didnt realise also was any past or new sample packs you might have bought or for free if you had an account with Loopmasters will auto appear in your loopcloud library tab, and the point here is YOU DO NOT need to download these packs, just use them from your cloud account when you need them.
  16. The organiser as you call it is the Loopcloud app thats installed on your computer, but its much more than an organiser. It is also an online 8 track DAW where you can mix/match and audition samples together before committing to purchase if they are not free. You also can chop, pitch shift, effect and stretch samples there all before dragging and dropping to CW. The app with the loopcloud VST inside CW also takes the tempo of the project you are running in CW. It gives you access to all the samples at loopmasters which you can buy individually or as packs ( paid for by points that you get if you run with a monthly sub ). HOWEVER you have 30 days trial FREE. After that do not pay another dime and just keep the Loopcloud app and vsts installed which as I said will work away with the large amount of free content you get left in the cloud while you do the 30 day trial. You also get a few hundred free points during your 30 day trial to "buy" some samples. You really have to try the app, the vsts and the integration with Cakewalk to get the idea properly. As i also said the app indexes your local samples on your harddrive as an option, up to you.
  17. @Dzilizzi As I said on page one .. I will say it again. Where organisation of loops and samples is concerned go try LOOPCLOUD. It has a free 30 day trial and the app / plugins that come with it work on even if you dont opt for a sub. The loopcloud app optionally indexes all your sample packs that you may have on your local harddrive. The apps filtering system I find is great and works seamlessly with your local samples + your purchased loopcloud samples + your purchased loopmasters samples ( latter 2 in the cloud ). The loopcloud app is also an online 8 track DAW that works with your DAW via plugins. So if you have a project going in CW with tracks in already from vsts etc but want a sample loop for one of the tracks, load up the loopcloud vst, switch over to loopcloud app and start loading samples live audition from the cloud to play along with your project until you find THE sample that suits your project. At that point you can drag / drop it into CW track. If you opt for a sub .. each month you mount up points to buy individual samples or packs .. most samples are pretty much 1 point. The other thing you also have with a sub is that in each 24 hour period you can download up to 25 FREE samples ( depends on plan you pick ) .. literally every day. Thats alot of samples. I cannot stress the ease of this, the organising features and tbh the creativity it brings to the table. I dont think you will ever need to buy a sample pack elsewhere ever again. AND if you do buy anything from Loopmasters website ( who own loopcloud ) .. it automatically appears in your loopcloud app, so you dont have to download these purchases either.
  18. Of course .. another possible way of doing this is instead of using ext usb drives to store the sample packs etc one could put them all on an older unused PC and centraly store there .. accessing over a peer to peer network? Would that be quick enough vs USB Drive?
  19. Over the years I have simply amassed 1000s of samples in sample packs, bought them, kept free ones I liked and all that. Up to now I have kept them all on my harddrives in System but now I am going to move them all to ext USB Drive because I will not be using all of them all of the time. I would like to audition them from the USB drive and only use the ones I want to rather than cluttering my HD with GBs of stuff not used regularly. Of course I AM NOT talking of Kontakt and the like here, its literally just the sample packs with loops and one shots and the like
  20. Then without fail @Magic Russ I highly recommend you give LOOPCLOUD a go. You get 30 days free and then if you continue its about a tenner a month or less. Even if you dont sub after the month you get to keep and can use all the welcome sample packs, GBs of, in your loopcloud account. You can also set the loopcloud app to "document"/ Index all your sample folders on your local harddrive. Then you use the loopcloud app to find samples of a particular kind, filtering by KEY, Tempo, type etc. Its brilliant. Seemlessly ties together your cloud and local samples all accessible then via loopcloud plugin inside CW. AND you can audition samples without commiting, trying them live with your CW track and at the correct tempo/pitched until you find the right one.
  21. Ok .. but you could audition from the USB drive via CW MEDIA over the right ??? Once auditioned from the USB drive in MEDIA, what does the action of dragging the sample from there to a track do then? Say in a new project? Is it in memory or temp folder somewhere until you save the project?
  22. However this is what I am finding great about LOOPCLOUD. All my purchased sample packs and one shots from Loopcloud and Loopmasters are in my account and displayed in my Library inside Loopcloud app. Loopcloud app comes with a sort of 8 track DAW functionality where you drag one shot loops / samples too listen too or even compile a loop based track in the 8 tracks, slice and dice etc. Everything up to now is in the cloud, not cluttering your harddrive. So next you drag/drop each of the 8 tracks into CAKEWALK, Now they are on your drive in CW Audio folder when you save. You can also add samples and one shots to those loopcloud 8 tracks and audition them as part of your track in CW before committing them to CW .. playing from the cloud through the loopcloud plugin inside CW. This is the way forward me thinks ..
  23. Thanks guys, What i am talking about is sample packs like from loopmasters and all that .. So 1000's of sample files that you might occasionally use only. Dumping those to an external USB Drive would be fine? and then just drag across the samples you want for a project rather than opening from within CW live?
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