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  1. AND Falkemedia dont have any coupon option in basket or checkout
  2. Where would one have used that coupon? At the link in the OP ( in german? )
  3. Based on the times we are now living in cost of living wise, keep in mind at checkout Arturia have an option to pay over 2, 3, 4 months rather than one large amount. Not much if any interest paid BUT could be a way of buying w/o having to pay all at once
  4. I think anyone with KOMPLETE has an SSL already?
  5. Indeed and if used properly, creatively they can be great song idea starters .. also chopping, slicing dicing them. Cakewalk MATRIX might be a good thing for noodling with these Speaking of loops - I have had an annual sub for LOOPCLOUD. Its great, but not making the use of it enough. Just cancelled the annual sub due up next month €110. Ill admit as well as less use a big reason is the cost of living rises .. have cut a few things already. Energy prices in Europe are just off the wall so something has to go to unfortunately. Lots of this here this winter inc streaming services cuts, less plugin purchases etc
  6. I have. i use these vst guitar instuments for an alt way to find ideas and then learn them on my guitars. I have 2 strats, a Peavey impact ( my daily ), a Yamaha cutaway Classical and a tanglewood big body acoustic. Also - partic classical guitar it can be hard to record on puter, as in get the live sound you hear Here is a version of a BLUE NILE track we did a while back. Using the yamaha classical above - solo at about 2.18 on. Was happy with that ( using Cakewalk at time ) http://www.tidalsound.com/mp3/lets go out tonight.mp3 Then more recently used it at the end of a new track we did .. not as happy https://www.colourtide.com End of Getting On track
  7. Even better @Fleer .. use APD-BACK2SCHOOL22 coupon to get another $4 off plus you get there choices of free gifts
  8. Hey @Fleer .. we were looking for this one. Ujam SILK Classical - $29 use APD-BACK2SCHOOL22 coupon to get another $4 off plus you get there choices of free gifts https://audioplugin.deals/virtual-guitarist-silk-by-ujam/
  9. Im still waiting for some serious love toward the MATRIX from Bandlab TBH. It could be a serious game change feature
  10. Alternatively in the past many of us would have got an earlier version of Mixcraft in a HUMBLE BUNDLE so should allow an upgrade also Mixcraft 9 Recording Studio was included in a bundle called "HUMBLE SOFTWARE BUNDLE: MEGA SOUND DESIGNER LOOP CRATE" in sept 2020. That bundle cost €25 inc Mixcraft 9 Recording Studio + Mixcraft 8 Home Studio The only upgrade from Mixcraft 9 Recording Studio is to Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio for $79 BUT looking at compare its really not worth it. The Mixcraft 9 Recording Studio has pretty much all the core stuff thats in Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio. Pro just has a load of extra own plugins which you probably have covered already with your own plugs https://acoustica.com/mixcraft/compare-chart
  11. 100% ... I was happy as a pig in s*1t using away CW but circumstances with other APPLE band members arose which forced having to consider a cross platform app. Reaper in this case for us. The fact once could use that for a while gratis to test and then the buy in price was very manageable for all ($60 ) was a huge plus. It didnt clash with different band members individual financials. Was not a hard sell. If CW was cross platform THAT would have been it hands down
  12. Yes @abacab .. thats what essentially has happened
  13. Indeed @abacab .. which is pretty much the way we work. BUT it would be nice if during the creative stage of developing the track we could all back and forth with the live plugins and same settings. A WAV as you said is baked and cannot be "edited" by another, has to be rebaked and sent back to all each time which can screw up the creative flow
  14. Yes @abacab ... The stems thing on REAPER side is good, basically making separate WAV track from a midi track and it mutes the orig midi track. A project with just all WAV tracks is easier then to load in CW. This also gets around the situation where we all have different plugins. However doesnt get around a situation where ( in our case ) we decided on a suite of plugs we all have and use in shared projects. The possible way there is to export the .MID project from say Reaper and load into CW, but then you have to reassign all the plugs and settings. It would be nice if you could export the project tracks with plugs and settings to say CW or visa versa and IF both people used same plugs it would just work. As you said the "standards" are not great eg OMF, AAF. OMF is a disaster TBH
  15. True ... In our band we get around that by also using REAPER. 2 members are MAC only. Works great. Would be nice if there was a CW to Reaper native project import/export. There is a third party utility alright, not as streamlined as if a full native import/export was available
  16. And best of all .. CAKEWALK is completely free
  17. Thats basically if you are new & DO NOT have IK PM, Amplitube etc already installed. The only instruction for those of us who already have that is RE AUTHORISE in IK PM .. which doesnt work
  18. About this FREE AmpliTube Nu-Tron III https://www.ikmultimedia.com/news/?item_id=13158 However I cannot find it. Popup once logged in at IK said it was registered. Loaded Amplitube 5 .. no sign. Re Auth in product Manager done
  19. Anyone grab this yet? Deep Forest, Enigma etc
  20. This is the FEBRUARY 2022 edition of the Beat Mag / German Edition
  21. OR $49 here vs € https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/virtual-instruments/uvi-mission-6
  22. BUMP This sale finishes today I think. Also another 15% off using SUMMER22 coupon + more off again if you have any Deluxe Bucks in your account. I got Crystallizer for $25.66 and the freebie Antares Choir included too
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