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  1. Is Larry Shelby the King formerly known as CC Larry? Maybe he had to change his name to protect himself from the IRS ( Irate Wives Syndicate ). 👩 Rocky
  2. It's legit. The download and serial is stored in your user account at Plugin Boutique. Rocky
  3. bluzdog

    Izotope March Sale

    https://www.izotope.com/en/learn/why-upgrade-to-ozone-9.html Rocky
  4. bluzdog

    Eventide Top 6 Sale

    H3000 Factory $66.32! http://everyplugin.com/h3000-factory.html Rocky
  5. Happy New Year!!! All the best in the twenties. Rocky
  6. Is it as interesting as the one from Band Camp? 😀 Rocky
  7. Damn......now I'm gassing for Kontakt!!! My Gas won't be Komplete without it. Rocky
  8. I'm jonesing for an MP3 upgrade from O8N2. Is this the best deal going right now or is it worth waiting? https://www.bestservice.com/music_production_suite_3_crossgrade_special.html# Thanks. Rocky
  9. F.W.I.W...I recently added that 1tb Samsung EVO 860 to my Lenovo P52 and it works flawlessly. Best Buy has it at the same price. Rocky
  10. Downloaded the free version and fed it into AD2. Holy cwap, this is fun! Thanks for the heads up. 😎 Rocky
  11. Ultimate is $119 in the shop now: https://www.rayzoon.com/online_shop.html Rocky
  12. I couldn't resist this, now I'm waiting for the 970 Evo plus 2tb to come down in price. Rocky
  13. This guy's approach to modal chord substitution is fantastic!!! Thanks for posting these videos. Rocky
  14. https://www.bestservice.com/ezkeys_midi_6_pack_bundle_generic.html $64.67= $10.78 per title. Rocky
  15. Not unless you want to. Three's some new plugs added to some bundles. Rocky
  16. If it doesn't work try a different browser or device. Rocky
  17. I got the same seria l# message but when I checked it was in my account. This looks pretty cool. Thanks!!! Rocky
  18. bluzdog

    PA Rocktober Sale!

    Read my mind. I picked it up this morning after reading that amp sim thread. The price was right with my voucher. Rocky
  19. And Studio One. If anyone is interested in the transient tamer here's the article https://www.guitarplayer.com/gear/tech-support-march Rocky
  20. That's an awesome discussion and it reminded me that I have a Sansamp GT2 packed away somewhere. I'll have to find it and take for a spin. Thanks. Rocky
  21. Obviously a different beast but Addictive Trigger has some similar features. Another awesome video Zo!!!Thanks. Rocky
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