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  1. Hello, I found a lot of tutorials for other DAW's but nothing about CbB? Is that true? Ok, some ideas I try to reproduce in CbB an some are working. Do you know Techno, Psytrance or similar produced tracks with CbB? Thanks Regards, Mark
  2. Hi, today I have updated CbB to Version 2021.01 (Build 098, 64bit), great! And I have found the free MPC Beats vst. And installed. But Cakewalk crashes. Now I found a short good tutorial on YT from Mr. X.E.L Ohh. and I saw the same. As soon as I double click on MPC Beats, select simple instrument it shows in the arranger and then CbB crashes. 😞 Reinstall didn't help. Does anyone of you have the same problem? Or a solution? Thank you in advance. Best regards, Mark
  3. Hi, thanks, that's currently my way. But I saw on another DAW the possibility to select the notes in pianoroll and press 0. 😉 And we have the possibility to create own shortcuts, but I tried that and it doesn't work. 😞 Regards, Mark
  4. Hi again, I tried unter option -> Shortcut Key 0(zero) global and mute tool [STRG+F10] Then I tried something in pianorol. New shortcut 0 didn't work. STRG+F10 didn't mute selected notes. What do I wrong? Thank you for your help. Kind regards, Mark
  5. Hi, I know how to mute some selected notes in pianoroll via the button. Now I wonder if there is a chance to create a shortcut, let's say 0 (Zero) to mute. Is that customizing possible or already available? Thank you in advance. Best regards, Mark
  6. Hi, ah, OK. got it. Thank you all!
  7. Hi, I like to work with CbB, quiet good DAW. So, now I have a thought and try to figure out if that is possible in CbB. Sometimes I'd like to see the sound like in a EQ when I check some samples in the browser. Or sometimes I try some vst synths and want to see it. Also, if it is possible to see the frequence. Maybe always visible in a small frame, like the help-frame? Do you understand, what I'm looking for? Kind regards, Mark
  8. MG_privat

    DearVR Micro FREE

    Hi, yes, that plug in looks interessting, but when I use it in the current CbB-Version, it crahes. Any idea how to solve that problem? Or is it up to the programmer of DearVR? Thank you and all the best for the next year! Regards, Mark
  9. YES! That was the problem. VST3 drop down an set Midi in. Great! Thank you!!! Best regards, Mark
  10. Hi, I'm not also not able to get TAL Vocoder2 working. I have found small tutorial on YT, but not detailed enough for me. As a beginner, it is at the moment difficult to understand what that routing works, for the effects. I have a short audio file insert on line 1 and should create a midi on line 2, and then I'm lost. Will try it tomorrow again. Best regards, Mark
  11. Hi, yes, single plugins to change from uncategorized to, let's say Synth, is no problem, but in the document it is mentioned that I can mark more then one plug in and then select the new categorie. But it wont work, wondering why.... Yes, I found it but why do I have a shortcut when it isn't working, or do I have to use another key? Thank you for your help. Kind regards, Mark
  12. Hi, I'm happy that my CbB is installed again and working. 🙂 Now I have a lot of plugins and read in the document that I can assign more than one plug in to a categrie, but it didn't work. I marked three plugins, right-klick, selected the categorie.....and nothing happend. Then I try to open the computer keyboard for a Synth with [ALT] +[0].....and nothing happend. Any idea what I make wrong? Thank you for any suggestions and help. Best regards, Mark
  13. Hey, thank you. After using some registry cleaner, now I'm able to install Cakewalk for Bandlab again. :-) Thank you very much. Best regards, Mark
  14. Hello, I'm new with Cakewalk by Bandlab and made, unfortunately, a mistake..... :-( I have copied some free VST in a special folder, Cakewalk by Bandlab has every VST correct recognized and is available under uncategorized. Perfect so far. Then I installed something wrong on my computer, Windows 10. And got a crash and some wron entries in Cakewalk by Bandlab. Now I try to deinstall, but und add/remove programms/Apps is Cakewalk not listed, I found it under Cakewalk Assistent, but uninstall didn't work. :-( I deleted all folders concerning Cakewalk by Bandlab, used programms like CCleaner to clean up the registry, but a lot of entries are still in the registry. Next step, I started a search via Google, to solve my problem, whether there are information how to deinstall the programm, but I could not find anything, or didn't understand that. Is here anybody who can explain how can I get a clean system with Cakewalk by Bandlab? Thank you very much for your help in advance. Best regards, Mark
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