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  1. I'm happy with a custom order tube preamp (Trakhmann TubeColour). I don't record guitar or bass without it, because it makes guitar sound so much better regardless of AI preamps. And for reamping I send DI (recorded with the TubeColour) via DBX DI-box to outboard gear (tube amps, preamps, pedals, floor multi-fx). If any of my tube amp is used, I normally connect its output to the AMT PE-15 and send line level signal back straight to my AI, or mic cabs, or both.
  2. Since Samsung acquired AKG (along with other companies, like Harman, DigiTech) the prices have skyrocketed. You can still find NOS AKG headphones. AFAIK, Amazon policies prohibit selling fake product.
  3. There was a big shootout of LA-2A compressors, plugins, including UAD, and hardware. CA-2A was of of the best. Not sure if the site with this test is still online.
  4. My first PC based on Intel 486 CPU had two HDDs - 200MB and 400MB. It couldn't play back mp3 files, but other than that it was a monster, running the latest Windows 98. I still have boxes of floppies with data created on that machine, but no floppy drive to read them. I've upgraded my PCs only 5 times since then. That's not a lot, considering the time span.
  5. Interesting! In what way is this device better than competing products, such as Two Notes Captor? Can you elaborate? FWIW, I don't care for IR loading capability and only interested in high quality DI signal.
  6. Sphere person vs perpetual person. Sounds epic!
  7. My favorite headphones for ... basically anything, including mixing. I also have Sennheiser HD650, and use them occasionally, but 712s have more definition and better scene. With plugins like Sonarworks (or Toneboosters' Morphit) and ARStudio 3 one can easily make great sounding mixes.
  8. It's possible to build bass lines out of provided midi clips. Also, you can try Step Sequencer view. Unfortunately, there's no chord/melody line generator in Cakewalk.
  9. How's about symphonic orchestra and jazz bands? I'd love to hear that!
  10. Things I hate about S1: Leaving monitoring on doubles the output level for virtual instruments. Using solo track toggle (Alt+LMClick) makes midi drum track "stumbling in". I.e., some hits are doubled. Not always, though. Still irritating. It's difficult to find a working combination of safe solo state when using busses. Not intuitive at all. Unpredictable monitoring behavior on audio tracks. Sometimes it mutes audio during playback, regardless of Tape monitoring setting. Sometimes clicking on a plugin in the Mix section just unfolds it in the FX slot instead of opening the plugin's UI. Start and End markers must be set BEFORE you attempt to render a mixdown. Other than that, I think it's a great program with a nice set of features.
  11. I use Dell2416D 24" 2560 x 1440 monitor. Big enough for me and the resolution (resulting in PPI) is perfect for my eyes.
  12. Why? You're always welcome, Zo. I've got so many chunks already recorded and would be happy to record a few lines when needed. Feel free to ask.
  13. Sounds very authentic. But what's the point of this? What happened to the joy of expressing yourself in an improvisational frenzy?
  14. Raw bass samples isn't a bad thing per se. Most of the time I prefer DI bass to amped/reamped. A nice compressor and an EQ or a channel strip plugin help shape sampled bass sounds way better than any bass amp-sim I've tried. Also, it's not uncommon to split bass guitar signal via DI-box, running it through PA for audience and using an amp solely for bass player's convenience. But if you must use a bass amp, nothing comes close to Ampeg's tone and character. IMO, so take it with a grain of salt.
  15. I have Pro versions of both. GK amp-sim is very flexible. If you like GK bass amps, this version by Audiffied is a must-have. Unfortunately, I never liked GK bass amps, real or emulated. For some reason, the sound through these amps doesn't sit well in the mix. To my ear. YMMV.
  16. I never liked MB Rectifiers either. They work well with active humbuckers for metal head-banging genres, though. What's your favorite amp?
  17. A pair of iLoud MTMs costs $700. For $300 you can buy iLoud Micro monitors, not MTMs.
  18. To me iLoud MTM Pair + Total Studio 3 MAX Bundle seems like a solid deal. MTMs with two measuring mics, AT5 and ARC3 and Hammond and, maybe, TR5Max for that price is still a little too steep, but with Jam Points it's tempting. I don't really care for other products in the bundle, as I find them not worth the disk space. And then, again, I still have AT4, ARC2, nice Hammond VSTis and almost complete TR5 as well as a pair of good monitors. So shelling out almost a thousand Euro for an alternate take of what I already have... Sorry, IK, no soup for you.
  19. AmpLion 1 is kinda long in the tooth. Back in the day I used to like it and prefer to other amp-sims. Will definitely check out newer version.
  20. CLA GuitarHub? Abbey Road Guitar collection with authentic Beatles era guitar cable simulation? Schepps MultiAmp?
  21. Soundwise

    OTS Bluegrass Banjo

    I thought this topic is about a serious low-end. Where is all that? Where is Alembic Bass?
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