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  1. New amps sound and feel pretty good. But all your old presets are gone with the wind! Like they never existed. The blackface style amp sounds nice, although the EQ doesn't work as on the real amp. If you turn all controls to their minimum values the real amp produces no sounds, and this one does. And no noise gate? Seriously?
  2. Get 'em here: https://vstbuzz.com/freebies/ Warning! Some products require full Kontakt. Some don't. You still have to check system requirements yourself!
  3. Soundwise

    PA Days 5 + 6

    Blame it on me? Blame it on you? Blame it on Mr and Mrs Jones? No! Blame it on EDITH!
  4. Yes! Brass sounds are particularly good. https://www.bandlab.com/soundwise/alisa-miller-3-days-of-deceit-c65de
  5. I get offers to upgrade to Sam4 for $149 all the time. Paying that much for Sam3 with the full Independence library was well worth it. Paying this again just to get a plugin browser and automation lanes is not on my agenda. No, no, no!
  6. I've been using free version for about a year and trust me, you can get every basic guitar tone, from clean through crunch to insane high gain. The way Revalver responds to your pick attack and reacts to your picking nuances is unmatched up to this day, even though competing products sound just as good or, in some cases, a tad better.
  7. Soundwise

    PA Days 5 + 6

    Yeah, blame it on Browser!
  8. Soundwise

    PA Days 5 + 6

    Sure! Up to 90%, because I try to keep them organized within the media browser.
  9. Soundwise

    PA Days 5 + 6

    Exactly! CbB says, I have 3000+ of plugins/instruments. If one can't make a good sounding track with all these options, it's not the plugins.
  10. Soundwise

    PA Days 5 + 6

    I wonder if anyone has already received the monthly voucher. I haven't (yet).
  11. You must have the ACT Combo module in order to use amp clones.
  12. Yes! It's not really a sale for those, who still remember older prices. But if you don't buy what you want now, you'll have to pay more later.
  13. Sad but true. They have to (re)conquer their users back and start promoting this excellent sound engine using modern methods.
  14. They are about to raise prices, so I got some more modules from them. That Marshall DSL2000 profile for the ACT Combo is mind blowing! Love it!
  15. BIAS Standard Combo Includes: BIAS FX 2 Standard BIAS AMP 2 Standard $49.56 with code GROUP at JRR https://www.jrrshop.com/positive-grid-bias-standard-combo
  16. Soundwise

    UJAM BF Sale

    Don't mean to hijack this thread. AD2 is very expressive and don't really work good if you need a solid groove played evenly and rock solid. But they shine when you want a drum player that is inspired yet just a tiny bit sloppy. Software instruments are not just samples, processing and triggering engine. It's mostly the player's technique often associated with his feel and touch as well as recording engineer's idea of a perfect take. You are correct, it's a matter of taste but also a sum of all production techniques and visions behind the product. If something wasn't meant to be a top notch product but maybe just a temporary stand-in for amateur composers/arrangers, it's hard to expect excellence from this. Still hope to hear a nice tune made with these instruments.
  17. I was hoping to get some fancy plugins and software instruments this year, but all the nice BF offerings hardly match what I already have. So I thought, to heck with this! I'll go hardcore. And got me some hardware. Still hooking things up.
  18. Soundwise

    UJAM BF Sale

    I've been eyeing Solid and Eden for a while. But when the prices went this low, I realized, that these tools ( I have Phat and two beatmakers) are never used in my projects, only during tests, where they fail big time compared against ToonTrack drummers, AD2 and even Air Strike. Because: 1) they sound cheap, 2) the workflow is tedious. I hope someone can prove me wrong and demonstrate a great sounding tune produced with these tools.
  19. Soundwise

    Nembrini BF Sale

    Was 80% a few days ago.
  20. I can't stack the BF voucher with my personal voucher. This means, I'm gonna use this code instead. JUST_SKIP_THIS_DEAL
  21. Wonder what those different circuits are. Based on popular mods or years of production?
  22. The converter isn't the only thing that matters in audio interfaces. Other things of the same importance to consider are preamps, quality of power supply and drivers. Poorly designed preamps can ruin all advantages AD/DA converters may have.
  23. I think you folks are misusing the code. It should be pasted somewhere between your chair and your monitor. Generally in the upper area.
  24. Argh! It was supposed to be a secret code! And only for customers with 3000+ plugins and 3TB+ of sample content!
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