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  1. Background: I had several audio track comps in a folder. I wanted to split them into clips and delete silent sections. I locked the position of the tracks so I wouldn't move any audio by accident during the process. Problem: I found I could only select the first (top) track in the folder when clicking the clips in the "folder track." I had to open the folder and CTRL+click each track in order to select all the tracks in the folder. Apparently all the tracks/clips in a folder cannot be selected using the Folder Track if the clips are position locked. Workaround: I had to unlock the clip position to proceed with my edits. Hopefully this is a fixable problem for a future update. BTW, thank you for this great program!
  2. I understand why the Cakewalk developers would block the ability to send an Aux Track back into itself to save us from ourselves. However, please consider changing this. I'm taking an advanced mixing course through Berklee Online and I was not able to complete an assignment as directed (make an "old school ping-pong delay). You should know the instructor (Rich Mendelson, in a live graduate level class) laughed about "that problem with Cakewalk" and it's why he can't use it. Perhaps you can bury an option to unblock that safety feature in the advanced preferences. Just a thought.
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