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  1. I am using an old M Audio Axiom 61 midi controller and would like to map it's Transport controls to Bandlabs transport controls. Any suggestions on how to do this? Much obliged!
  2. I'm hoping the next BL version will resolve this issue!! Fingers crossed
  3. Anyone else having a problem with Key Bindings??
  4. Glad it's working for you Will! Still wonky here.. I have tried resetting key bindings many times. At first they work, later I hit a key combination and nothing happens or it does something completely different. I've never seen this issue in 25+ years of using Cakewalk.
  5. Anyone else having issues with Key Bindings in Bandlab now? New problem here and didn't start until the last upgrade. Very wonky! Hardly anything is working correctly. Import and Export does not work properly either. Suggestions?
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