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  1. Not so much nowadays. I developed a penchant for sound design and ambient music and threw off the shackles of worrying about conventional song arrangements. Very niche market, for sure, but I really enjoy the process and the end results. I am in no way suggesting that anyone else do this... It just works for me. cheers andy
  2. I'm a bit slow by the way. Just give me time.
  3. Very subtle. I'm waiting for someone to explain it to me...
  4. Excellent, thanks. I was wondering if it was something as simple as that
  5. I am not angry. Was just curious what your problems are that need fixing with an update, assuming that an update would fix your problems. Have you raised your issues with the Cakewalk Peeps? Gone are the days when software was released as "finished." Indeed. I sincerely hope that your Cakewalk problems are fixed, and soon. cheers andy
  6. Not that kind of scratching. At least I don't think so...
  7. Thanks Chuck. My playing ability, or lack of, perhaps doesn't warrant splashing out on those things but curiosity always gets the better of me haha
  8. Yeah, that certainly was the case with earlier versions of Sound Forge. I've just gone through the registering process of the iZotope stuff as well as having a quick look at what they do and, to be honest, I don't think I'll be bothering to use them in either Sound Forge or my DAWs.
  9. Anyway! All of my plugins have been installed and tested now. Some 27 instruments and 39 effects. I also upgraded to Sound Forge 12 because I wanted to bring that up to 64bit, and it recognises VST3 plugins too. Some "freebies" came with that, mainly iZotop mastering plugins, but I haven't tested those yet and will probably only use them in Sound Forge anyway. Got to test my hardware/software setup next
  10. Oooohh... Anyway, I'd like to ask, why do you, @Jyotishvarii, rarely use full stops (periods) in your sentences. Makes your post difficult to read sometimes.
  11. I'm back! On my home internets that it. Strange
  12. Good point... I will give it a few more days and in the meantime I will feed my addiction by using my phone 4G connection. @Wookiee, I can't find Noel's post you mentioned. A search didn't pull anything up either. Do you have a link? cheers andy
  13. Gets my vote. In the meantime I use Pro-L 2 on the mix buss, just because I have it.
  14. Thanks @Wookiee, I'll have a read of Noel's post. Still not working for me at the moment but perhaps now is the time to flush stuff out of the system. Cheers andy
  15. Interesting. So you would say more than just Snake Oil @Chuck E Baby?
  16. Having a bit of a strange problem my end at the moment with regards to accessing this forum. At home, while connected to my router, either hard wired or wifi I get an error trying to connect. I am currently tethered to my mobile on its 4G connection as that seems to be working okay. Any ideas? I've tried doing the flush DNS thing. I've cleared cookies. I've rebooted my router.
  17. Thanks, @Jim Hurley I need to get on with other stuff now, like installing more stuff, but I will definitely come back at this at some point. You are right about the CPU speed. Can't remember the figures exactly but they were less than 5k. I have yet to get into tweaking stuff. Once I have my all my software up and running I'll see what I have to do and might ask nearer at the time here. cheers, and thanks again, andy
  18. Just stopped Prime95 and the CPU temps dropped quick quickly from around the mid fifties to the mid thirties. Is that good? I'm guessing that the Noctua CPU cooler I have is pretty decent
  19. Just got back to my room after having had breakfast and done a few chores. Yes, I found that HWInfo and I've been running it. Not sure what I'm looking at, except some of the numbers, of course. I get some sort of a warning about an embedded controller and I had to click on continue to get the sensor readouts. So, after 100 minutes, with CPU at 100%, highest single CPU core temperature = 65 deg C. No thermal throttling. Power limit was exceeded. Haha! Yeah, noticeably I have a digital thermometer in my little studio. This morning it was sitting at around 23.5 deg C. Right now, with not having any windows or doors open, it has reached 25.8 deg C. And although the air coming out of the case vents isn't particularly high, or even warm, it is definitely a touch warmer than before.
  20. Ah, something was happening, I should have had task manager open. @Jim Hurley, which hardware monitor are you using?
  21. Thanks Jim, I've downloaded Prime95 and followed the torture test instructions but not much happens. Must be doing something wrong...
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