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  1. Thank you, @AndyB01 :)

    I'm going through a strange phase, artistically speaking, and I am finding the actual composing part to be quite boring. That comes across quite plainly in my music of the last five years or so which has become more and more beat-less and structureless.

    Last year, with the help of a few nice peeps over at VI-C, I went further into music theory than I had ever done before. I think it was all for nought, though, as I have failed to produce anything worthy of the few Spitfire libraries I invested in at that time.

    Scaler sounds interesting, for sure, and it sounds like it would save me having to keep looking up music theory stuff on the interwebs. But it may well be still too rigid and structured for what I am into at the moment.

    If I want to go a bit "crazy" I may try using some extended chords, but that's about it.


    So, I dunno... I'm wondering if I should try Scaler out, at least, and see what comes out of the other end.



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  2. 27 minutes ago, Grem said:

    I like the new UI much better. Seems more intuitive to me. 

    Yes, I agree, and I have since parted with my cash :)

    A Christmas present from me to me...


    I saved my tweaked presets to a new bank and that allowed me to save them to the Chromaphone 3 Packs folder and I am now back up to speed with my little test project 👍


    cheers, and thanks,


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  3. 1 hour ago, Grem said:

    Start the project using Chomaphone 3 demo.

    Too late!!

    Or is it? :D

    I suppose you are right, Grem, I should at least give that new UI a try.

    My reacquaintance with V2.0 has gone very well so far 👍




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  4. I've read all four pages of this topic...

    Reason; I was a big investor in the AAS stuff early on and some of the instruments I upgraded as they became available.

    So, here I am, scratching my head, wondering if I should have a look at the latest version of Chromaphone.

    It does happen to be my fave of the lot. But I have hardly used it at all this year. In fact, not at all. Not because it isn't any good. Chromaphone has simply been pushed to the back of my mind with all the library stuff I have been investing in and then there's the Eurorack stuff.

    I have therefore started a project using V2.0 and if that goes well I may well demo V3.0



  5. Just been having a mess around and I like the following presets; Glass Cabinet, Plucks and Soft Plucks.

    Not so bothered about the rest to be honest. That said, I will still try to utilise all of the sounds somehow, even if it it just to feed through effects to see what comes out of the other side.

    The Pluck type sounds are going to work great with NOD-E, I am sure :D



  6. 1 hour ago, Wibbles said:

    L*******l will be a different proposition altogether.

    I don't think so...

    It's a derby

    Liverpool got beat by the Gunners on Thursday, albeit via penalties.

    A couple of the Liverpool players are now in isolation.

    Let's see how this evening's match goes against Aston Vanilla.

    Any team can beat any other team, regardless of form, on the day...

  7. no so happy with this one:-

    I took one of my Chaotica flame fractal images and rendered it to 8000 x 8000 pixels but I think it still looks too obvious that it is an image within Blender.

    I think what I need to do next is try to recreate some similar nebula type stuff directly within Blender using "nodes." Basically, you can use nodes to create a procedure to make such stuff, apparently...

  8. 14 hours ago, craigb said:

    How hard are those to make Andy?

    For me, yes.

    That animation must have taken me around thirty hours to do from start to finish. Some of the time was spent researching the icosahedron.

    Each time I create a new project I try to learn stuff that I haven't done before. I had dabbled with armatures and bones before but this is the first time that I had animated a thing like this with them. So much time was also spent learning stuff about that too.

    If I started something like this from scratch again I could probably do it in about a third of the time.

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