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  1. I have a Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S61 Mk1 and love it! Mk2 has more features, but is slightly crippled as a straight MIDI controller.
  2. REMatrix Solo is built in to the CbB ProChannel and is a convolution reverb. You can load any IR response in Wave or AIFF (IIRC) format. I have a ton of IRs collected in person over the years.
  3. Try to increase your latency buffers just a bit. "Edit > Preferences > Audio - Driver Settings" Also, try freezing some VSTi's into audio. "Freeze Synth. Audio from a soft synth is bounced and placed on the synth’s track. Output from the synth is disabled, as is the FX Rack on the synth track."
  4. You can change the Start Screen to a text file name list, and then scroll down.
  5. Try exporting without latin characters in the file path. I've had numerous issues with carat, acute, tilde, dieresis and other diacriticals in OMF.
  6. Kontakt 7 has locked out 'under the hood' editing on most libraries because of proprietary coding for HDPI scalability. Many other bugs have arisen as well, so maybe wait until the dust settles before upgrading. Just MHO.
  7. I have several of Tracy's VST instruments and they are VERY playable and sound really good. I've been waiting for the banjo for a year and will buy it momentarily.
  8. Make sure that you are in automation read mode.
  9. Mechanical transmission through the chassis from the fan to the onboard mic is difficult to eliminate. Maybe try a small, cheap plugin lavalier or desktop mic? <$10 on Amazon
  10. For purely CC/MIDI control (no notes played) try Korg nanoKONTROL2 MIDI Control Surface, $80 USD.
  11. FWIW: I can confirm this exact behavior.
  12. Spam/Scam probably; Once upon a time I sent someone some scratch tracks for demo with the spoken phrase (in a sexy female voice) "FOR REFERENCE ONLY" set in the track every 10 seconds loud enough in the mix that it would be completely unusable in a commercial situation. They responded, but refused to pay my book rate, so I blew them off.
  13. OutrageProductions

    A lost gem

    I remember that. It disappeared from my rig when I went totally 64bit. And then I discovered Voxengo SPAN, which is far superior anyway.
  14. But that means having to dig the 56k modem out of the storage box in the garage and dusting it off... 🤣
  15. Step #3 is your issue; when you deleted the original video from the DL folder, it will no longer show in the project (however, I suspect that your "corrected" audio track is there). CbB doesn't actually 'save' imported videos into the current project directory, but just links to them in their original location, so... if it doesn't exist in the original location... it won't show up in the project. I've learned this the hard way because I keep all my Vids on one drive and CbB projects on another. If I do a little "housekeeping" on the video drive, I inevitably get myself into trouble without intention. Try to import the NEW/Edited video from the alternate save location. Edit: when I'm done and paid for a score, I save the CW project as a bundle, copy the video to the same directory, and zip it up for archiving. Just FYI.
  16. Right click on the audio loop and select Groove Clip Looping (or CTRL+L).
  17. That's what Markers are for. Keyboard shortcut <M>.
  18. Check the folder preferences for project templates, then look in that folder using file explorer for the actual <project>.cwt files. I have had certain odd things get hashed in my global preferences after a few of the application updates over the last couple years. Worth a look.
  19. When this happens, try the <WINDOWS KEY + TAB> or <ALT +TAB> to see if it is behind something or maybe thinking it is on another monitor.
  20. If you encounter a device with a female combo XLR/Phono (Neutrik) input, unless it is EXPLICITLY labeled otherwise, it will be balanced TRS, per AES/IEEE guidelines.
  21. Somewhere in the midi track is a CC or NRPN data bit causing that, and it should show itself in the event editor list.
  22. As a work-around you could insert a CC to turn off (bypass) the reverb section at the beginning. Also try the VSTi in a new, empty project to confirm EW is the culprit.
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