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  1. Lynn

    Cool Water

    Sorry, Bjorn. Try this new link above.
  2. Lynn

    Cool Water

    Hi everyone, here's a new song that has been giving me fits. I finally made peace with this mix, but I could sure use an extra opinion or two. It's called "Cool Water" and is at the top of the list. As always, thanks in advance for your thoughts and comments. It can be found here: https://www.soundclick.com/artist/default.cfm?bandid=1065571 Here's the link in Bandlab: https://www.bandlab.com/lynn_wilson/cool-water-2a3574ee
  3. Paul, this made my day. Your mix is very professional; it's crystal clear, well panned, and fills up my room. What a pleasure listening to you improving all the time, as we all seem to be doing around here. Your songwriting just gets better, and your voice is getting better at conveying your feelings. Keep up the good work!
  4. Gary, you produce some of the most professional recordings around, and this is no exception. Not surprisingly, any of those 3 versions would stand and its own. If you hear a de-essing problem, you have better ears than me, however, reverb might tend to exaggerate a de-essing problem (if you can hear it). The good news is that talent apparently runs in your family, congratulations!
  5. Douglas, this is another strong song from you. It really has that 60's vibe in both the style and production of this song. I wonder how this would sound if you uploaded a 16/44.1 track rather than an MP3. SoundClick will take a CD quality mix now, but even a higher sampling rate for the MP3 might let us know how you hear it better. Personally, I don't think it needs much attention because you've already done the hard part, keep up the good work!
  6. I love this, it's a quirky, swirling blend of textures and riffs with a touch of dissonance. The lyrics are terrific and so true. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Before you work on the track, copy it first to have a backup in case you don't like the result or want to start over. I still prefer my method of right clicking on the clip(s) and choosing convert to mono from the menu. It saves time, and to my ear, doesn't change the sound. Mainly, make a backup copy before editing.
  8. That would indicate that the vocal was recorded on a stereo track. Just right-click on the clip and convert to mono if that's what you want. This makes for easier panning.
  9. Lynn

    Between Night and Day

    This sounds very nice on my KRK's. I, too, was captive to this song. When it was over, I was left wanting more, so I went back and played it a few more times. I hope you're fully recovered, now, and that you have a spectacular new year! Thanks for all your furry words over the years.
  10. As always, you've made the holiday season a little brighter. I've noticed the last several years that Christmas begins just after Labor Day in these parts, and picks up intensity along with Halloween in October, and is almost over by New Year's Day. So...don't wait so long next year, please.
  11. Lynn

    Tamiami Trail

    Freddy, this is a very good production and a very good song. I love the subtle backing of horns that don't overpower the song but complement it. I've said this before, and I'll say it again, if I close my eyes, I can see a band in front of me playing in my living room (or favorite club). Keep em coming!
  12. Wow! This is fantastic. The mix is well balanced and nicely panned, and it made my feet move to the beat. I love good texture and rhythm patterns, and this has both. Carry on!
  13. Lynn

    Flowing Going On

    Kakku, I think this is a very fine work! I've heard EDM juxtapositions that are way crazy, and this song isn't crazy at all. I do like the second version better, but I could dance to either version (if I could dance). The only thing I will suggest is to clip that hum at the very end of this song, otherwise, I think this is on the way.
  14. Lynn

    nuthin you can do

    This is a beautiful production; really, a template for experimentation. I've always loved backward drums, and I was gonna do that myself, but you beat me to the punch bowl. A+
  15. Lynn


    True story. My wife just walked into the studio as I was listening to this for the second time (just five minutes ago) and asked: is this a Peter Gabriel or Phil Collins song? Is it new? I just said yeah. The only thing I noticed is that the vocal seems bright, but it does cut through and is just a matter of taste (or my ears are just tired after listening to music all day). Another outstanding song from you, all in all!
  16. Wow, Randy! What a pleasant surprise this is. I've heard some of your songs in the past, and this seems something of a departure in style. This is very creative and entertaining, and you should take a bow.
  17. Thanks, Kenny. Come back anytime. I appreciate your kind words!
  18. Lynn

    " 'Round Corners "

    Very nicely mixed! It sounds good as is, but I can hear a guitar solo in there, too. Very good songwriting!!
  19. Kenny, this is terrific! Good tone, good solos, good mix. I'm going back in for a second listen, and then maybe more. Well done, my friend.
  20. Lynn

    Time And The Machine

    Wookie, this is terrific on many levels. The arrangement is tight and concise, while your textures create interest and weave a spell. I can hear the PF in this, but it's so much more, something only furry paws could create.
  21. Lynn


    Fantastic, David! You're the most unpredictable writer! I think it's cool that you left them wanting more - a sign of success.
  22. Lynn

    Emotional Meltdown

    Nigel, I just listened to this and "Somebody To Love" for the umpteenth time and just marvel and the professionalism in both the music and video. I love your music, which is some of the freshest around, and wish success for you all. Thanks again for your kind words on my song.
  23. Wow! This is highly entertaining if not enlightening. I like everything about this and would like to share this with friends. I think I have a lot to learn from you.
  24. Lynn

    Earth Rising - song #9

    I'm glad I finally got to hear this. It's very inventive and a showcase for creative arranging. It all fits together like a glove, and I especially like the wide panning which filled out my room. The main thing, it sounded like it was fun to play because it is fun to listen to. I'm always looking for things I can use in my own mixes, and this helps to broaden my ears.
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