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    Silver Lining

    I'm very concerned about what's happening on our Mexican border so I wrote this song. I'm trying to stay neutral on this, so I'm not calling anybody out, just drawing attention to the situation. The song can be found here: https://www.soundclick.com/html5/v4/player.cfm?songID=13899237 Edit (7/16): I redid the bass drum throughout this per suggestions from several of you. Lyrics: Raise your banners high Show them off with pride Let your spirits fly Swim against the tide There’s no way to ignore the crisis on the border The danger’s less or more to slip into disorder The cost of living in a land of liberty That’s the price we pay so we can all be free CHORUS: I remember when our children were the future Throughout history we took the time to nurture Now the day has come we just don’t hear them crying We took their hopes away and stole their silver lining Independence Day used to mean so much But, lately something’s changed It feels we’re out of touch CHORUS We keep on finding ways to break a mother’s heart Her baby’s in a cage, her family’s torn apart CHORUS
  2. Lynn

    Silver Lining

    Grem, thanks for having a second helping of "I Must Be In Love". The bg vocal comes from Jacklyn in the voices in Dimension Pro. It kinda blew my mind when I found her.
  3. Lynn

    Return Ticket

    Sonar 6 was a good program for me, but it never produced anything like this! Remarkable!!
  4. Lynn

    Stream Of Consciousness

    Rex, this is not what I was expecting to hear from you, but I like the way you handled this style. Unpredictability is a great asset for any songwriter, and you didn't let me down. I'm looking forward to your next hit!
  5. Lynn

    I Went to the Well (World Beat)

    Freddy, this is so timely! I hope your message is not too late. I like the groove this has, and I think it has mass appeal. I applaud your versatility and arranging skills. I'll be listening to this several more times in the days ahead and will pass this along to several of my friends. Congrats, my friend!
  6. Lynn

    Despite My Situation - album

    Wow! This is fresh and fun to listen to. I wouldn't change a thing. I'll be back to hear the rest of these songs. Great job!
  7. Lynn


    Apply the hotfix and you can turn it on or off under options>click behavior>set during playback.
  8. Lynn

    "Demented Circus"

    Tom, once again you challenge and inspire the rest of us. Your versatility shines! Cool song.
  9. Lynn

    Silver Lining

    Jesse, thank you for listening to this and your thoughtful reply! My ex-wife and stepdaughter are Guatemalan, and my stepdaughter still lives and works there, so this subject is very close to me. I agree with you about the horns. I'm using Session Horns, and there's only so much I can do with them unless I upgrade to the more expensive version. Actually, being a former trumpet player, I think it's the fall of the notes that can be improved as well as the attack, but I will delve into SH and see if there's something I am missing. The bass drum comes from Superior Drummer 3 which is a vast improvement over what I've used in the past. I'm still getting acquainted with that program, too. Thanks again...
  10. Lynn

    Silver Lining

    Thank you JW! Your time and kind word are appreciated!
  11. Lynn

    Where Are You Going My Little One?

    Nice song, Bjorn! I, too, am glad to hear your voice up front in the mix. Your words really bring out the nostalgia in me. Keep em coming!
  12. What a fun song to listen to! You did a terrific job of covering this, especially the vocals. A nice example for the rest of us.
  13. Lynn

    Elegy for Doc - in memory of my father

    You did a marvelous job in this tribute to your father. It makes me sad that I haven't done this for either of my parents. You may have inspired me to do that! Congratulations.
  14. Lynn

    2019.07 Feedback

    I love this hot fix! Cakewalk has kept its promise to those of us who bought the lifetime updates back in the day. There's not many companies that's as responsive to their users as CW. Thanks, Noel to you and all the gang that have stayed with us throughout the years.
  15. Lynn

    Do Not Let them Suck Your Brains Out

    Jesse, not only is your music unpredictable and crazy, but your lyrics are, too. I also think you are traveling in a new space, though, maybe in the same galaxy. Who knows? You have one of the strongest voices around and phenomenal control of it. To sum it up, I can hardly wait until next week to hear what new creation you come up with. You've already restructured my brain
  16. Lynn

    Emotional Gtr [new mix]

    Grem, I listened to this twice because it just happened to fit my mood. A piano and guitar are like bread and butter to me. Man, I can hear the hours and years in your playing. That's just naked soul. Cool!
  17. Lynn

    1001 or loop de loop :)

    Rik, I've probably played this half step chord progression hundreds of time in my life, yet I never get tired of hearing this done well. You made this shine with great tone and dynamite phrasing. It just begs for some company to enhance that groove. I'd like to hear what you could do with some backing tracks, but if not, then it's good to go as is. I'd like to know how you recorded the guitar, if you don't mind?
  18. Lynn

    Little Annie Fannie

    Freddy, this really captures the mood I'm in right now. I'd been listening to some early Clapton and Mayall lately, and this made me feel kind of gritty, if you know what I mean. You have been crankin' out some terrific songs recently, and I like all of them. Your work with Jesse has been eye opening. You are the living example of "I've got my mojo workin". Rock on!
  19. Lynn

    SONG: Recalibration

    John, I've heard a number of your songs over the years, and I usually expect to hear some very tasty guitar work. This time you mixed it up and gave me a synth instrumental that is just mesmerizing! The first thing I did after hearing this was to turn on my synth and start playing, so this inspired me. Good job all the way around. Keep em coming.
  20. Lynn

    Silver Lining

    Thank you, Paul. I appreciate your comments! Douglas, thanks for your time and reply! Grem, thank you for your kind words! Just out of curiosity I listened to " I Must Be In Love", too, and discovered that I had posted the wrong version of that song. I put up the correct version, in case anyone's interested. Rik, thank you for your kind words. I'm sorry I had to write this song, but maybe the nightmare is almost over...
  21. Lynn

    split clip at selection (solved)

    Try the letter S. It works for me and has already been selected in key binding.
  22. Lynn

    Old Audio Tape and photos slide show

    Bjorn, This is fabulous! You’re a lucky guy.
  23. Lynn

    The New Illuminati

    I really like this song, especially your wit that shines through in both the lyrics and arrangement. You are one of a few people here that can really play the blues! Keep up the good work!
  24. Lynn

    An Emotional Homeward Bound Journey

    It seems like I heard a little Roy Buchanan in this. Is that possible? Anyway, I love your playing!
  25. Lynn

    One More Day - Video

    Gary, you made an epic song and video! Your voice gets bigger every time I listen to it. This is a great place to learn, isn't it?