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  1. @cclarry You’ve come back too late!!. I’ve spent all of my money on actual instruments and mics etc.. oh well.
  2. Final piece of the puzzle came yesterday. 2 hours yesterday and 3 hours today on Jamulus so far. Mics all work great. Apollo Quad being fed with Unison preamps in play. Matched pair Rode NT55s with cardioid modules on.
  3. I decided not to just tack on to my throne thread. On Monday I said goodbye to my Roland TD17 KVX kit... and hello to this. Hendrix Bubinga 6 piece 2 up 2 down with Paiste Big beat cymbals mounted on a Yamaha hex stand setup. Last but not least I have a set of 6,8 and 10 original Remo Rototoms.
  4. Great tune. Been playing it live on and off since it came out. Accordion use aside of course :).
  5. I use Samsung evos and crucial mx500 SSD drives. Really can’t go wrong so far been fast and reliable. I do have a higher end nvme of some high end type as boot drive on the audio pc too. 2018 MacBook Pro has hard soldered nvme also I think. Once you’ve gone SSD whether it’s recalling sample (superior drummer 3) or audio, spinny disks are just dead slow. A spinny disk is still very large backup if you prefer local storage of course. Sometimes I do miss my old tape backup system lol...
  6. Definitely useable. Expensive but very comfortable.
  7. I have version 13 that came with the suite.. guess I am at stand still until they get desperate again ;)>
  8. My Studio One Pro 5.x has been doing duties as my mixing interface to Jamulus lately, not much else... I am really hating lock down more and more... when will it end?????
  9. $299 to upgrade from Suite.. ouch, hard pass!!.
  10. My specs are in my sig. I wasn't and I am still not, a fan of a PC for music, OSX Core Audio is still the best.. but, I gotta say, my audio PC is also very good for games LOL.
  11. This should have been a big deal. The end result was nothing and a 10k GBP bill for the gear I recorded them with. Eric Haydock ( deceased) original bassist The Hollies, Peter Hughes and Mick Carroll Ritzi ( big hit with too much fandango in Australia), Graham Pollack and Mike Copson. Me kneeling in blue shirt. Middleton Manchester in my lounge 2000.
  12. @Gswitz I actually have the EurekaProm 3.2 firmware in the FCB1010. It’s connected to the Eleven Rack. I then allow a loop in a patch and use the H9 app to control the 2 H9s on Bluetooth and the Timefactor on USB. It’s changed my whole approach to my electric guitars. And you’d be welcome,,,, hating locked down and locked out...
  13. @Bapu because it weighs too much to move lol.
  14. I dove deep. As someone who is predominantly an acoustic guitarist I avoided this after the 70s/80s. Now.... well... as you will see.. it’s a sad slippery slope. Omg they have come a LONG way.
  15. I just got what is my second ownership of a Roc n Soc throne... OMG. I had forgotten how good these are.. and tan this time. What’s not to love?.
  16. You should hear my drums through it on the master BUS! sensational.
  17. Great video Zo :). Thanks for sharing.
  18. One of the reasons I moved back to UK from USA. I love old history and taking photographs of it too.
  19. Now I just need a 25 voucher to offset the VAT crap... and done.. thanks guardian angel ;).
  20. And cost for those of us with the original.. I wonder...
  21. I got this only because I also was able to use my $50 voucher on it. At £43 for me after exchange rate, it's a useful tool at a more reasonable price. And PA do them right.
  22. I wupped a whole lot of stuff, got my discount, GBP is up, so all up it was £136 until March 2022 now. Considering I had stuff that ran out of cover in December, I'm good with that.
  23. I find this sale disingenuous. Any is the wrong word!. Don’t get me wrong if there was something else I must have right now, it’s the time to get it... but seriously.
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