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  1. My mates pickup line Hey babe, I bet you're wondering if that is a banana in my pocket or I'm just happy to see you? How about we go back to my place and remove all doubt? He says it works every time, although he is doing 5 to 10 in a Max Security Prison
  2. I think the official word was this is the Hard2ware Forum.
  3. .I found a couple of interesting pics of a potato and a sweet potato
  4. The Rolling Stones The Who Led Zeppelin Pink Floyd Deep Purple Black Sabbath AC/DC Kiss Queen (early to mid) Def Leppard Judas Priest Iron Maiden There is probably others but they would be the main ones. mostly Black Sabbath though I would say.
  5. Double ditto. I think John Lennon could have eventually wrote a good song, but someone shot him, probably couldn't wait any longer. j/k
  6. 09th Feb 1964 here Welcome to the Machine
  7. Lock in Number 2 followed by Number 3 thanks Ed.
  8. I'd say somewhere between Tumescence and Rigid. If 'Sheens' avatar is anything to go by, I would say perhaps a large Pig.
  9. Most of the weird naming comes from the ChopTones stuff, they have always had weird naming even way back during the BIAS Amp (1) days and before, although it is pretty easy to figure out what they are representing. Although I have pretty much resigned TH-U to the dust pile, I am still looking forward to seeing what this here thingy can do.
  10. Excellent they be them 2, even better at that price, (can't recall what I paid at release) πŸ‘
  11. Yeah, I know what you mean, my old Ford would be the best car ever if the damn thing wasn't full of rust and would just go instead of breaking down all the time. πŸ˜πŸ˜‡
  12. 'twas my thought when I read this earlier. Then my lack of giving a shit took over and I successfully moved on. I feel much better for it.
  13. 5 John's ? Good grief . . . I thought 1 was bad enough.
  14. I replaced my earbuds with IED's Can't hear a damn thing
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