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  1. Will do. And yeah, getting updates from 8Dio is surprisingly awkward. I didn't even realize they'd updated Anthology to 1.2 until you posted about it the other day.
  2. Coming June 19th: https://www.bestservice.com/winter_is_coming.html
  3. So, some interesting news: 8Dio tech support was able to reproduce the problem, and have identified the issue. They said a fix is on the way and will be issued shortly via an Anthology Strings update. I got the email from them this afternoon. Rob
  4. I submitted my issues to 8Dio's support folks, and they said they'll see if they can reproduce the problem. Thanks for your help, Matt.
  5. I really need to pick up Omnisphere, at some point. These sound great.
  6. Yeah, I'm using the most update-to-date build of Kontakt 6. No idea why this is happening...
  7. Available here: https://8dio.com/instrument-category/8dio-instruments-on-sale-vst-au-aax-kontakt-instrument-samples/
  8. "8Dio Anthology Ensemble - Empty" patch, with the Sustains or Legato articulation loaded up. When I got to the Section Mixer, I can't change which section is highlighted, and only the Violin's can have their pan setting changed. The pan slider works, and I can turn sections on or off. But I can't highlight the Cello section and change their pan setting, for example. This does work for me in Kontakt 5, but doesn't work in Kontakt 6. I'm using Anthology 1.2.2 also, although the same problem occurred for me in Anthology 1.0
  9. Through June 24th, available here: https://cinesamples.com/product/cineperc
  10. Hi folks, Curious if anyone else can reproduce this problem: I noticed that in Kontakt 6, the Section Mixer for Anthology Strings no longer responds properly. It is not possible to select a section and adjust the pan. Only the Violins section is highlighted, and the other sections are not selectable. This is NOT a problem in Kontakt 5. I am using the latest update to Anthology Strings (1.2), but I suspect this is a problem with the previous version, too. Anyone else have this issue? Rob
  11. Amicus717

    Adagio Basses

    Actually, that is correct - I paid $8 for Violins via a coupon code, rather than $28. I had forgotten about that. I own the original Adagio and Anthology Strings, so I guess that's why. To my ears these updated Adagio libraries sound a bit smoother and a bit cleaner than the Anthology Strings (although I think they are all based on the exact same sample set), and the Legato patches are really legato -- the slurs are prominent and dramatic, especially the Legato I articulation. I use the Anthology Strings legato patches on a daily basis as part of my template (I break them out by section using the section mixer in the GUI), and I see these Adagio updates as sort of a subtlety different color variation to Anthology -- which could be handy. I'm not sure I'd pay $48 each for them, to be honest, but $8 for all four works just fine and I can see me slotting them into a project every now and then, when I need some seriously over-the-top string melodies.
  12. Amicus717

    Adagio Basses

    I bought the Violins for $28, and now I'm getting the rest for free. The emails for the free updates all say: "The recently reworked Adagio volumes include several new features and polished articulations, as you have already purchased the Violin update, the Violas, Cellos & Basses will be available to you for free!" Not sure if that was a one time thing or if folks can still get this particular deal...
  13. Amicus717

    Adagio Basses

    Just FYI: Folks who already own the original Adagio strings, and have paid for at least one of these upgraded versions should probably have a second email in their inbox offering them a personalized code to get the additional upgrades for free. I paid for the first set (Violins), but the rest have all been free. I almost missed those emails when they came in, as they sent me both the $48 one and the free upgrade one.
  14. It worked for me. When I did the Crossgrade check at Best Service, it dropped the price of SE 2 Synchron to $37, which works out to about $10 cheaper than the price on the VSL site.
  15. Intro pricing available, and there is a significant discount for owners of the current SE libraries (we pay about $40 - $50 per library), including some new instruments. -- eg. SE vol 1 Synchron includes new instruments Solo Violin 2 and Solo Cello 2 plus a new Concert D piano: https://www.vsl.co.at/en/News
  16. Available here: https://8dio.com/instrument/century-ensemble-brass
  17. Available here: https://redroomaudio.com/product/palette-symphonic-sketchpad/
  18. Yeah, I like all Cubase's tricks, and there always seems to be more to discover. And I really like Cakewalk's ProChannel and its modules, and just the overall look and feel of its editing tools. And the plug ins. I know they are older than Moses, but the Sonitus plugs still get called up a lot in my projects -- especially the compressor.
  19. Cubase 10 Pro and Cakewalk by Bandlab. I use Cubase for midi work and Cakewalk for audio work and mastering my projects, and both DAWs see steady use. I do own other DAWs - Samplitude X3 Pro, Mixbus and Reaper, but rarely fire them up.
  20. I liked it, Wookie, and for the same reason I like all your stuff - very relaxing, and kind of hypnotic. The repetitive nature didn't bother me at all, as there was enough interesting stuff going on around the main motif - that beautifully timed and subtle shift at the 3:59 mark, for example - that it kept me listening.
  21. Available here: https://www.musicalsampling.com/boutique-drums-ruby/ Reg price is $99
  22. Available here: https://8dio.com/instrument/adagio-violins/
  23. I briefly used Elements a couple years back, as I had a copy on DVD that I received with one of my soundcards, but I honestly cannot remember how much it differs from full Cubase in terms of its midi toolset. Both programs are obviously siblings and share much of the same tool set and overall details, but that's all I really remember...
  24. Great song. And sounds like a great tribute to your Dad. Awesome.
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