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  1. Also just noticed in the store that Bass Music Powerpack and Genesis Tribute are now showing as FREE. If you don't already have them the other free packs are worth having not to mention some of the paid ones.
  2. I own Analog Lab 3 and VC7 upgrade is $299 for me. The good news is that Analog Lab 4 is a free download in my account. So if you own AL3 check your account!
  3. Same here Mesh re RockRack but I'm loving the demo of ENGL E765 👍
  4. Thanks abacab! Pretty nice! 49Gb download but it plays after 39Gb and continues to load in the background. I don't have any other versions and it's playing as single player just fine.
  5. ZincT

    Free amp sim ToneLib

    Thanks Fleer. Looks good and also has OSX and Ubuntu versions. Their other software also looks interesting... Tonelib Jam (learning and practice software for guitar players) --> https://tonelib.net/jam-overview/ Tonelib Zoom (editor for Zoom fx pedals) --> https://tonelib.net/zoom-quick-start/
  6. Hey Simeon, I really enjoyed your video and I have to agree with all of the above comments. You made every instrument sound beautiful with your great playing and technique. Thanks for sharing 👍
  7. Cheers Piotr, and the same to you and yours 🥚🐣
  8. That might be an option Fleer 😉 I'm slightly confused now though as the 8 letter serials that T&S sent me this time for the Richard Devine bundle are the same as for the previous purchase for which I got the free Richard Devine bundle. Does anyone know whether these are unique for each AAS pack but generate different longer serials (unique per owner?) when registered on the AAS website?
  9. Cheers Larry. Got it from Time and Space (same price) https://www.timespace.com/products/toontrack-songwriters-drumpack-midi ...but I was able to use my points so it worked out at 1.94 GBP. They also gave me another free AAS Sound Design Bundle - strange I thought they would limit it to one per customer.
  10. Thanks Larry. Got some recently. Tempted to buy more.
  11. ZincT

    Boz Sasquatch 2

    Cheers Larry 👍 No brainer upgrade for 10 bucks.
  12. Hey abacab, I had the same deal for MAX but knew it would overfill my 1Tb "sample SSD" which I only bought in November to replace a 512Gb one. Of course I then wished I had gone for a 2Tb SSD but maybe that and the upgrade to MAX will happen at some point in the future. I also still have shed loads of ST3 libraries installed and full Miroslav Philharmonic (the ST3 folder alone is currently 172Gb!). What you say is true about the limited variety of instruments (even more so in the standard version) which is why I still have all that ST3 stuff installed.
  13. Thanks Peter! For me 4.0.3 has been pretty stable and with 4.0.4 the memory footprint is now also vastly improved. Overall it's a big improvement on ST3 but I wish the standard version (that I own) didn't have so many synths as I already have more than I know what to do with including Syntronik. Really love the pianos, guitar, brass and voices though. It looks like the MAX version will be a must at some point although ideally I would prefer a way of trading some of the synths for other acoustic instruments.
  14. ZincT

    Metal Machine EZX

    $23.66 at Bestservice.... https://www.bestservice.com/ezx_metal_machine.html
  15. ZincT


    Tried the demo and instabuy for me. Haven't bought any PA for a while but they seem to be doing more of a "waves" pricing model these days.
  16. Thanks mono! I'm joining the band of fools, lol. Good suggestion bassdaddy and works out at around 8 gbp for all three with my t&s points. Edit: it wouldn't let me use my points but still a good deal.
  17. Glad I waited! Got it now, thanks Larry 👍
  18. Got them now. No brainer at this price. Worked out at around 23 GBP.
  19. Scratch that! They got the total wrong... The total for all 6 packs = 9 + 9 + 9 + 9 + 19 + 19 = 74 Now 60% discount on 74 x 0.4 = 29.60 So it is actually 60% discount.
  20. Good point! I think they must mean 60% of the normal price ... 49 x 0.6 = 29.40 -- SEE UPDATE BELOW
  21. Not used it yet! I got the Studio version at Christmas and only used Jamstix in a couple of projects so far. It seems quite deep and unique and I hope to use it more in future. I do have an unfinished song which gets heavy in the middle and was thinking I might see what Jamstix metal drummer can come up with. The existing drum track is made in AD2.
  22. Tempted as those are the only bits I don't have. Does anyone have any of these and care to comment? Thanks Larry.
  23. First time I have been tempted by PA in a while. Still eyeing up Thorn, SpecOps and Metric A/B.
  24. Thanks Larry. I finally got around to demoing and ordering some more Kuassa bits. Already had Vermilion but after demo'ing the others have now added Creme, plus the Wah and Chorus (I'm a sucker for chorus and this one is great). I'll maybe add Cerberus when I get a bass guitar 😁
  25. Thanks TS 👍 They certainly keep their products updated!
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