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  1. Apparently Pigments is also updated but I haven't done the update yet!
  2. I wondered why they no longer advertised the number on startup like they did in AL4. At least you can still run AL4.
  3. Thanks Simon, I will check them out! I like the new clean look of ALV.
  4. No, it's still running in demo mode as it cannot get through. I can see the license in my account just can't sync. I will try again later.
  5. The Emulator and Vocoder are a lot of fun!
  6. For anyone wanting to get Analog Lab V, here's a direct download link. It's 1.5Gb (AL4 was 1.1Gb in comparison) and took longer than usual due to the traffic load on their website but still better than trying to navigate slowly to the d/l page. https://downloads.arturia.net/products/analoglab-v/soft/Analog_Lab_V__5_0_0_1195.exe
  7. Just wondering whether there's a grace period TS? Might be worth an email to them, can't hurt?
  8. Lol, yes sirrreee! Very nice Christmas present from Arturia 👍 🎅🏻
  9. Same for me.. Arturia's site is s......l......o......w.... but it looks like a free update to Analog Lab V in my account. It also looks very nice..first post updated
  10. I have to admit that I rarely used the individual instruments and found Analog Lab a better option while still offering all the presets from every instrument. So I held onto Analog Lab and Pigments and sold VC 6 on KVR in the summer. I haven't missed it once. I put the money towards new individual super synths (Dune 3, Rapid, VPS Avenger, Diva, Omnisphere etc) Oh and I also did the same as Aidan for some old Analog flavours with the Cherry Audio offerings (which I really like along with their VM stuff).
  11. V Collection 8 -- https://www.arturia.com/products/analog-classics/v-collection/overview#en Analog Lab V -- https://www.arturia.com/products/analog-classics/analoglab-v/resources Analog Lab V -- Direct Download Link (to avoid slowly navigating there) -- https://downloads.arturia.net/products/analoglab-v/soft/Analog_Lab_V__5_0_0_1195.exe Review from Creative Sauce
  12. I finally managed to download the demo! Have to say it sounds excellent and is great fun to play 👍 Tons of factory patches and every one I have tried sounds well put together with a good combination of High and Low string patterns. I still have a lot left to audition. The .blob file is around 4.2Gb so not huge. I guess it wouldn't satisfy perfectionists or anyone with picky clients (TV, Film etc) but I will certainly put it on my list to pick up when it's in a sale. Anyone else having problems downloading try this link (which support gave me)... https://support.ujam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012413020-Download-links-for-every-ujam-plug-in-free-trial-full-version- (Useful link to have as it has download links for all of their product demos.)
  13. Cheers Larry! Trying to download the demo I'm getting ... Anyone else managed to get it?
  14. I have to say that the upgrade is pretty nice 👍 If you don't already own it then check out Larry's thread for the deals...
  15. I just checked my account at Audiomodern and there was an upgrade to v3 waiting for me. So if you own v2 check your account. https://audiomodern.com/my-account/downloads/ The new features are: • Polyphonic Mode / Multi-Riff Engine • Density Function • MIDI Input / Performance Mode • MIDI Learn • Share Presets Across Devices (Desktop/iOS) • Performance Improvements (Desktop/iOS)
  16. Definitely agree with all that! I wondered whether it was worth it over the free version but at this price it's a must have. Lots of really great & unique sounding presets too.
  17. It's a lot of fun in a mad, MIDI kind of way 😁 I fired up 3 instances of Chromaphone 3 and MM3 and quickly had some interesting ideas going. What looks more interesting though is that you can use it for generating CC data. One of his later videos demonstrates this. Here's an intro video. Here's UncleAge doing some stuff with it... https://youtu.be/za2g-X4oqT8?t=1
  18. Yes, looking forward to this update myself. Here are a few of the new features.. Navigation Hot Keys (switch between windows using hotkeys or UI) Bass Mode (over one hundred new genre based baselines created by professional producers) Melody Mode (over one hundred new melodies categorised into sets each with 4 variations) Swing and Quantise Menu (add global swing including triplets and various note lengths) Enhanced Edit Mode (all new grouping and ability to continue phrases and melodies over chord changes)
  19. Oops posted simultaneously with Simon.
  20. With Thomann I usually post a GB link as that's relevant for me and I cannot post links for all locales. I assume that if you are elsewhere you will be logged in under your locale which may or may not not require VAT payment in which case you may get it for even less! Or to put it another way... What he said 😁 ^^^^^^^^
  21. I thought I had missed this killer deal on Generate but thanks to @cclarry 's post on the Elevate Bundle I checked the price of Generate on Thomann and to my surprise it is currently £36! Not quite as good as the Best service price but close enough for me as I am on a synth binge and Generate has such a unique sound. https://www.thomann.de/gb/eventide_generate.htm
  22. Wow, thanks for the detailed review @Starship Krupa I appreciate the time you must have spent on it 👍 I finally bought MIDI Madness 3 using some rewards and virtual cash and chose MTurboCompLE as my freebie. Looking forward to trying it out and especially the dbx on my guitar tracks!
  23. That is an amazing price Larry! Already own it otherwise I would jump on this.
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