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  1. Just run the installer and it overwrites/updates what it needs to. No hassle here.
  2. I have one of these - Cait. It's mainly rhythmic chants, mouth noises, song snippets and vocal effects plus some ambient and other presets. If that's what you are after then it's well worth $18.
  3. I went to use Melodyne last night and it took me to their website for an update to (I was on 5.1). New in Version 5.1.1 Change: A workaround has been integrated for ARA compatibility with Mixcraft 8. Fixed: Lead sheets are now exported correctly via MIDI. Fixed: In Apple Logic, playback can also now be started reliably from Melodyne. Fixed: Under macOS, shortcuts using the “cmd” and function keys are now displayed correctly.
  4. You can always use it with SAVIHost to make it run kinda standalone. That's what I do. https://www.hermannseib.com/english/savihost.htm
  5. Yes I noticed that. Very annoying! If I had a pound for every time I downloaded the Mac version of plugins from PB.... 🙄
  6. @bjornpdx that's the Mac version. You need to download the Windows version. In your account there's a selector for win or mac versions.
  7. I got the Windows installer to download by right clicking and selecting "Save Link As". Just clicking on it did nothing. The installer is named Iac-1.0.2-setup.exe and is around 63Mb. Download of the 9Gb lite file is very slow so they must be getting slammed. I'll retry later.
  8. Have to admit it Fleer, even as a died-in-the-wool PC'er, the M1 based stuff looks pretty amazing compared to their Apple Intel equivalents!
  9. Available now - it's a full 772Mb download again!
  10. ZincT

    Hitfilm Pro 16 FREE!

    Wow! Nice deal, cheers Larry and Humble Bundle/ FXHome 👍
  11. Thanks Larry. The update actually worked from within BLA for me this time.
  12. Download from your account at https://www.pluginboutique.com/myaccount (available now!). 2.2.0 (available now December 10th 2020): Bass mode • Generate bass lines adapted to your current scale and chords. • More than 100 bass lines in many genres (Funk, House, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Synthwave, Trance, Urban) • 7 new bass sounds (Bass Guitar, Chorus Bass, FM Bass, Jazz bass, Retro Bass, Saw Bass, Tight Bass) Melody mode • Generate melody lines adapted to your current scale and chords. • More than 100 melody lines to choose from. • New keyswitch for live-switching between melody parts. Playback • New re-trigger and follow behaviours when switching chords before the end of an expression pattern. • Quantize and Swing - Align played notes on a grid or apply a global swing of various note lengths. • Enhanced Progression Editing • Ability to create groups of chords • Ability to customise all playback parameters per group UI • Quick Navigation - Switch between the various screens from the quick navigation menu or use keyboard shortcuts to navigate even faster. • Update the expression selectors to accommodate new playback modes. • Increase the size of copy/move icons when dragging chords. • Add notifications when dragging chords outside Scaler while bind or perform mode are active. Other improvements • Reduce playback interruptions when switching parameters live. • Sustain MIDI CC message can now be consumed internally or passed through. • Prevent a crash when loading user chordsets. • Prevent a crash when using Keys-Lock. • Prevent a crash when creating a chord from an empty pattern in Pad View. • Add 16 beats chord duration. • Syncing between Scaler instances now conserves Humanize settings. • Prevent notes from being cut-off when using Keys-Lock - Chord Notes or Chord Extension profiles. • Prevent the fretboard view from triggering keyswitch. • Overall stability and performances improvements. .
  13. No it just means subscribe to their newsletter and they will send you the link to buy it for $39. You also get links for their other free packs from the Xperiments instruments (which aren't bad for free).
  14. Certainly a lot cheaper than used 😵 --> https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Solton-Programmer-24-sequencer-drum-machine-arranger-bass-synthesizer-manual/373347623910?hash=item56ed40a3e6:g:a3QAAOSwASRfiGch
  15. Yes it is listed along with AL4 which was bundled with my Arturia keyboard.
  16. Ah Ok. There was a popup from ALV about registering that happened when I first offline installed it . Assume you have tried clicking on that, although it didn't work for me but that was when the Arturia site was under heavy load.
  17. I had to hit the synchronize button (bottom left) in Arturia Software Center for the licenses to be updated even though it it supposed to synchronize on startup.
  18. ZincT

    Mac Pro Video $1 Sale

    Sounds like a plan Larry I watched some of the videos mentioned on the ASK thread and they were pretty good (Melodyne, Studio One, Jordan Rudess).
  19. Also, I just checked the store and noticed that I own 26 expansion packs in AL4 but only 20 in ALV. The ones I own that are missing in ALV are: Kraft Tribute Tangerine Tribute Ambient Soundscapes Iconic Vibration Dark Ambient Past to the Future Maybe some didn't make the "quality" grade?
  20. I just checked and ALV actually has 4166 presets... Whereas AL4 has 8679... Also, Pigments is now up to 1080!!
  21. I can understand both arguments and it depends on what suits your needs. The full collection suits Simon and many others. For me though AL (v4 anyway) made more sense as I can easily search all of the instruments presets to find what I'm looking for. I don't very often need the UI of the instrument to tweak a sound as AL4 gives access to commonly modified ones. I got hold of VC6 when I spotted someone selling it cheaply on KVR and thought at that price it would be worth a punt as I could always resell it for what I paid (which is what I did). Realistically I found that I hardly ever used the individual instruments. It just became an annoyance every time there was an update which required 21 updates to be downloaded and installed. Now with the advent of ALV it seems that you no longer have access to all the presets from VC8 unless you own VC8 but for me the difference is not worth the cost of ownership. Obviously YMMV but that's how it is for me. Like abacab, I also bought Pigments (on an intro deal) and for many reasons it's a keeper for me.
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