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  1. Just tested it after the update and yes it does still use 1Gb of RAM per instance.
  2. I have most of what's in Absolute 5 bought separately, apart from Groove Agent 5 (I have GA 5 SE included with Cubase 12 Pro). The Absolute 5 upgrade cost is currently 150 GBP inc VAT for me so it's probably worth my waiting for a sale on Groove Agent 5. I'm also still waiting for Halion 7; seems to be long overdue.
  3. Yes, Asterian is quite a departure from the previous offerings. I would like to hear a few more demos from him, but I could definitely use his voice. We could do with some more English male voicebanks. He is based on the singer Eric Holloway; here's a couple of examples of his singing: I have Solaria and Kevin so far, and Solaria remains a favourite. Kevin is a good "poppy" voice but it's difficult to make him rock! I'm also tempted by Natalie; lovely tone. Synth V has certainly made astounding progress in recent times. I am hoping there will soon be a glut of great English voicebanks for it.
  4. Eleanor Forte has now been added to the list of v1. 8.0b1 voicebanks available (link in first post). Also, Eclipsed Sounds has released a new male voicebank, Asterian. Quite a deep voice, although the demo seems to feature more of Solaria than Asterian. https://www.eclipsedsounds.com/asterian
  5. Same for me. I bought all three products for use in Windows some years ago but hardly ever use Publisher and Designer. I will probably just go for the Photo upgrade and agree that it's a shame there isn't a reduced upgrade price for v1 users. I still need to convince myself that I need the new features; back to watching video reviews of v2.
  6. Thanks for the heads up. Btw your link doesn't work (it points to ujam/ instead of https://www.ujam.com/usynth/drive/ ).
  7. UPDATE: The full v1.8 version has now been released. Update in the application. Note: This could be seen as a deal as Studio owners get a free voice bank, AI Mai which supports the new voice technology (DPM). Dreamtonics releases the Synthesizer V Studio 1.8.0b1 update. As a major and comprehensive update, 1.8.0b1 is being rolled out as a beta first. The update introduces a major evolution of the synthesis engine – high speed Diffusion Probabilistic Models (DPM) based singing synthesis technology, along with a number of exciting features and improvements detailed below. 1.8.0b1 also introduces MIDI keyboard and metronome support. Cross-lingual Synthesis feature gets updated to support note-level specification of the language. Users are invited to update individual voices to give the new engine a try. You will find the full list of voices, currently available for updating, down below. In addition to the voice updates, on Oct 27 Dreamtonics released the demo for a new Japanese voice database, Synthesizer V AI Mai. We are happy to announce today that users who have purchased the Synthesizer V Studio Pro version will have access to Mai for free. List of Voice Database being updated to support DPM: Dreamtonics - An Xiao, Feng Yi, Kevin, Mo Chen, Natalie, Ryo AI, Saki AI, Qing Su, Weina, Yuma AHS - Koharu Rikka AI, Natsuki Karin AI, Hanakuma Chifuyu AI, Tsurumaki Maki AI (JPN), Tsurumaki Maki AI (ENG), Kyomachi Seika AI, Tsuina-Chan AI AUDIOLOGIE - ANRI Eclipsed Sounds - SOLARIA Quadimension - MEDIUM5 Stardust Beta versions of these voicebanks which support the new features can be downloaded here. More information -- https://dreamtonics.com/en/synthesizer-v-studio-1-8-0b1-update/ 1.8.0 Beta 1 Studio Downloads Synthesizer V Studio Pro Windows: https://download.dreamtonics.com/svstudio/1.8.0b1-EJ7TAjeC4kQkRABY9Pkj/svstudio-pro-setup.exe Linux: https://download.dreamtonics.com/svstudio/1.8.0b1-EJ7TAjeC4kQkRABY9Pkj/svstudio-pro-linux64.zip macOS: https://download.dreamtonics.com/svstudio/1.8.0b1-EJ7TAjeC4kQkRABY9Pkj/svstudio-pro-setup.pkg Synthesizer V Studio Basic Windows: https://download.dreamtonics.com/svstudio/1.8.0b1-EJ7TAjeC4kQkRABY9Pkj/svstudio-basic-setup.exe Linux: https://download.dreamtonics.com/svstudio/1.8.0b1-EJ7TAjeC4kQkRABY9Pkj/svstudio-basic-linux64.zip macOS: https://download.dreamtonics.com/svstudio/1.8.0b1-EJ7TAjeC4kQkRABY9Pkj/svstudio-basic-setup.pkg Free AI Mai Voice Bank download supporting v1.8.0 DPM feature (for owners of the paid Studio version only) - https://resource.dreamtonics.com/download/English/Voice Databases/Free Voice Databases for Synthesizer V Studio Pro/Mai/ New Synthesizer V product page --> https://dreamtonics.com/en/synthesizerv/ Also, there's a new paid English Voice Database for $79 which sounds pretty nice (Natalie) -- https://store.dreamtonics.com/product/vdb-natalie/
  8. 2.8.2 Change Log --------------------- - Fix sustain pedal handling in Ostinato Arp - Fix possible crashes with VST3 version on some Windows
  9. Get the update by running Pulse downloader. Version 1.1.0 Change Log Added Mono/Poly Toggle - Velocity Steps Adjustment - Keyswitches Name on keys hovering.
  10. Nice one Fleer! I also just received an email with a loyalty voucher reducing it by a further $50 so worth keeping an eye out for that.
  11. Got it, thanks. It must have taken a bit of time for Symphony 3D to appear in iLok as it is there now and I have activated it 👍🏻 Thanks for your help.
  12. Release notes for EZdrummer 3.0.5 (2022-11-01) EZdrummer 3.0.5 is now available to download using the Product Manager or from the ‘My Products’ area in your Toontrack account. Please note that version 3.0.5 is required for the support of EZX expansion packs released from this point forward (Q4 2022). CHANGES General Added high-resolution graphics for several menu icons and buttons, etc. Improved readability of the main tab labels and improved color cohesiveness with tab content below selected tab. Grid Editor A new articulation row called “Choke (Stop Playing)” has been added for each instrument that responds to aftertouch. The poly-aftertouch editors have been removed. Moving the playhead in the song track now scrolls the Grid Editor to show the playhead, unless the Auto-Scroll option is off. E-Drums The hi-hat splash feature has been improved in order to remove unwanted hi-hat splashes. The hi-hat now has a time window, within which the pedal needs to have been raised after a “Pedal Closed” hit in order to generate a splash. Settings On Windows, there is now a setting to invert the horizontal scroll direction when shift+wheel is used. BUG FIXES General Some (few) EZX presets would for some instruments cause a high-pitched noise at low buffer sizes. The current library preset was not marked with an asterisk if a mixer knob was turned. Printing the MIDI layout with the plug-in scale being other than 100% would cause some texts to be incorrectly positioned and sometimes truncated. Quitting certain hosts when the VST 3 plug-in had been used could cause a crash. The setting “Keep on Preset Change: Output Routing” was never saved in preferences. Loading a project at the same time as the host was changing the plug-in parameters could potentially cause a crash. Changing libraries or loading a preset did not make the host get properly notified that parameter values (mixer knob values) had changed. Drums Tab Trying to load an audio file on a cymbal or a tom would crash the program. Importing an audio file to an instrument with “Keep on Preset Change: Output Routing” active would make the instrument silent. It was not possible to switch to the Drums tab while dragging an audio file (by hovering on the tab). Grooves Tab Fixed some cases where the “Clear All” button wasn’t hidden when no filters were active. Setting the velocity slider to something other than 0 and selecting a different groove would make the filter always say “+127 Velocity.” Mixer Tab Setting a channel output to None, saving and loading the project would cause the channel to completely disappear. Song Track Recording onto a song block with a user-defined Song Part (a custom color) could cause a crash. While recording, notes did not graphically appear on the red block. While recording, moving the playhead before the beginning of the red block would graphically start a new block instead of extending the existing one. The time signature editor did not support keyboard shortcuts for copy/paste. After dragging a groove from User MIDI, “Remove Groove Part” did not work on the block. The Auto-Scroll setting was never saved in preferences. The Count-In setting was never saved, it is now saved in the project (like Metronome on/off). Edit Play Style Pasting notes on the tambourine or shaker pad should no longer cause a crash. Audio Export On Windows, the disk space check could not correctly handle more than 4 GB free, so you could “randomly” get a false not-enough-disk-space error. Channels routed to “None” are no longer shown in the stem selection list. Deselecting stems to be exported did not work correctly. E-Drums Changing libraries with an e-drum preset active could in some cases result in incorrect mapping for some notes/instruments. Floor toms in Hard Rock EZX and Rock Solid EZX were not mapped correctly with some e-drum presets, for example TD-50. Standalone On Windows, the splash screen no longer has a drop shadow because it didn’t look good with the rounded corners.
  13. Thanks for the feedback. My iLok License Manager is currently showing Stratus3D activated (1 of 1 activation). Do you mean that I have to de-activate that and then activate it again using just the serial number which should then activate the bundle?
  14. Thanks @cclarry , @Grem , @Spice3d and @trager It worked 👍 (I was on MPS4.1) and updated to 5.1 for $149. Only issue I have is that I only received one iLok serial for the EA reverb bundle. It activated Stratus 3D just fine, but says it has already been used when I try to activate Symphony 3D with that serial. Should iZotope have included another serial? Is anyone else seeing this? I have emailed support.
  15. Same here. Will have to try the demo. I have to agree with finding ChordJam the most disappointing out of their suite, kind of unintuitive.
  16. They always do this with updates. I wish they would make it available and then announce it. I will also add the IOS version to my post above, thanks for the heads-up.
  17. Got fed up hitting F5 already 😂
  18. Looks like a big update !! It's there now --> https://www.pluginboutique.com/myaccount The IOS version will also be updated today (via the IOS Appstore). 2.7.0 (available November 3rd, 2022) Changelog 2.7.0 • New Features Add Live Sync ability to keep the Progression Builder (Section C) synchronised across other Scaler instances in realtime. Add new modes for Parallel Harmony to generate progressions by thirds, fourths, and fifths. Add Auto Play in browser (Section A) to enable quick preview of chord sets. Add Multi Voice Output (Multi Midi Out) option to split each note of chords onto separate channels. Add Global UI Velocity controls to change the strength of MIDI notes played through the interface. Add ability to consolidate chords from multiple patterns into a single chord set file. • New Content Scale Based Sequences. 80s, Classical, HipHop, LoFi Chord Sets. Fixed Bass Chord Sets (Triad and Extended). Divisi 4 Part Chord Sets (Intended to work with Multi Midi Out). Avant-Garde Phrases Avant-Garde Performances Internal Orchestral Bass Instrument Internal LoFi Instrument • Improvements Make undo/redo buttons always visible in Section C. Clear Undo/Redo history when clearing state or when importing a state file. Fix Daw-Sync timing causing playback to start early in Cubase. Fix Play-Quantize offset calculation. Remember the last selected scale on circle of fifths in the Voicing Editor.
  19. I tried rolling back to 2022.02 but the problem was now also happening with that version. 🤔 However, your comment about "screen customisation" software did get me thinking.... I use Fences and also MS PowerToys. I have been using Fences for years and it's always behaved fine with other apps. So I tried killing PowerToys first and voila that fixed it! 🙌🏻 Specifically, I use the FancyZones feature in PowerToys with my UltraWide monitor. I then noticed that I was on PowerToys v0.57.2 while v0.59.1 was available. Despite having "download updates automatically" enabled, it hadn't! So I updated to the latest version (0.59.1) and Cakewalk now works fine with Powertoys running. Problem solved, thanks for your suggestions @Ben Staton 👍🏻
  20. I haven't found any other apps that are misbehaving mouse-wise and the issues only started after upgrading Cakewalk to 2022.06. I will see if my spare wired mouse works any differently and also maybe try rolling back to 2022.02. Thanks for your help.
  21. Yes, after opening Cakewalk I tried opening a project - mouse didn't work so I used ALT-F and cursor down/Enter to load the project. When I then click on the file menu with the mouse I immediately got the Save As dialog box as if I had hit File then selected Save As... from the menu.
  22. I'm getting something weird in 2022.06. After loading blank Cakewalk none of the menus work (File, Edit, Utilities and Help) when I click on them with a mouse (nothing happens). Pressing ALT-F brings up the File menu and I can then operate the menus from the mouse but after closing the menus they no longer work again (either mouse or shortcut key). Loading a project from the task bar Cakewalk icon loads the projects fine and the menus seem to work ok, but after a while pressing any of the menus causes them to do something (not sure what they do but I get an hourglass for a short period and the project refreshes) but not open the menu. All other DAWs that I tried were working ok (Reaper, Studio One). UPDATE: I thought I would record an OBS screen capture video to demonstrate the problem, but with OBS recording the problem goes away! Stop and close OBS and the problem reappears. 🤔
  23. Thanks @User 905133 Now you mention it I do recall that limited time deal for TS3.5 MAX to include Syntronik 2. I also have Amplitube 5 standard (purchased on intro when it came out) and Amplitube 4 MAX (part of TS2 MAX) plus all of the artist collections included in TS 3.5 MAX. When I select only Amplitube 5 MAX presets in Amplitube 5 I seem to be able to select any of them without any "missing gear" notifications so I wonder what the Amplitube 5 MAX upgrade would actually get me. My revised TS3.5 MAX upgrade list for $99.99 would therefore be.. 1. Syntronik 2 2. Amplitube 5 MAX (though I already have 4 MAX and 5 Standard plus all of the artist collections included in 5 MAX) 3. TASCAM tape collection 4. FAME Studio Reverb I can't recall when I last used one of the other IKM tape models and I am hardly in need of another reverb so maybe I will wait and see what other offers come up in future and put the money towards EZ Drummer 3 upgrade.
  24. Yes, sounds likely! What do you think they would add to TS4?
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