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    Uhe Sale at NI

    This is from their FAQ...https://u-he.com/support/faq.html#licenses:how-many
  2. I like the idea of this but I can imagine this functionality being added to Scaler 2 or similar tools one day. In fact I might suggest it to the dev.
  3. ZincT

    Uhe Sale at NI

    Yes Beatzille is great for free. Bazille does come up on KVR Sell & Buy regularly which is where I bought Diva and Repro in the summer for approx. the current NI sale price.
  4. ZincT

    Uhe Sale at NI

    I already have Diva and Repro and the sound of those is what made me want more U-He. Even their free stuff is quality. There are also heaps of decent U-He and 3rd party preset packs for them. I'm not really interested in their effects so I would be looking at Zebra2/Dark Zebra and maybe Hive 2. Shame there's no Bazille in this deal as I liked the demo.
  5. ZincT

    Uhe Sale at NI

    Good point Tomgu; I'll grab that while I'm at it. Zebra3 has indeed been a long time coming and Zebra2 was only updated in October (v2.9.2) (I have been demoing for a while). They also added NKS support to The Dark Zebra in October and it comes with ZebraHZ (a custom-built version of Zebra2 for Hans Zimmer).
  6. ZincT

    Uhe Sale at NI

    Wow, that's a surprise! Not seen U-He on NI website before. Time to grab Zebra 2 methinks. Cheers Larry
  7. Here's Databroth's take on the new ChorusX feature in Rapid which he shows also makes a great resonator!
  8. Funkmasters and Americana now show "Out of stock" on JRR. The other two are still available. EDIT: Now Reggae is also out of stock.
  9. Good call Larry! Thanks for taking the time to post this Matthew. 157Gb is not so bad and I might be tempted to store on an offline drive but first I should check what's included in last year's bundle and the ones that are free as Larry pointed out.
  10. Loving it so far Peter! Gotta agree with all the positive comments about how great the new amp models sound and even the old ones through the new cabs. The UI is also a superb improvement along with the long awaited ability to only show presets that you own. On reflection I don't actually think it's display lag that I'm seeing so the display card is irrelevant and it's a bit nit-picky so apologies in advance. I think it might just be the order that AT5 highlights and de-highlights previous/current presets, the latter being done after it has finished loading the new preset. If it de-highlighted the old preset as soon as you clicked a new one and then loaded the new one it would just seem to be a lot snappier. For the record I'm pretty sure that my new PC is not an issue as it performs well in everything else and I'm loading the presets from one of the fastest consumer SSDs available (an NVMe M.2 ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro ).
  11. Oh boy! Can I resist? 🙄 I'll wait a bit for someone to convince me that I don't need all of this. As they are 2k/HD video assets I assume they must add up to multiple gigabytes in size.
  12. I bought my Unify from AudioDeluxe and for a while updates would come out sooner for those who purchased direct from PG. However, that was fixed a couple of months back so if you buy from a 3rd party you download updates from ILIO but they appear at the same time as the updates for those who bought direct from PG and there is no difference between the two versions.
  13. I also got Cloud City when it was released and have zero regrets! At this price anyone contemplating should just get it. Also, anyone contemplating Unify would be better off getting the Unify/CC bundle. Also, Cloud City has just been updated (check your account for v 1220) with lots of tweaks. John will be mentioning it on his Saturday Livestream apparently.
  14. Just quickly tried the VST2 in CbB, Studio One 5 Pro and Cantabile and it seems to load and work fine in all of these.
  15. Yes, mine also always loads the setting screen on the Audio/MIDI panel (all seems to be selected correctly). The speaker change works for me but it probably depends on the cab you have selected? If it's a 4 x 12 then you can move from the top to the bottom speaker and vice versa. I think the orange arrow indicates which one you have selected. I'm not really sure what the lock IR is doing as it turns orange but I don't see anything happen.
  16. Great synth! Download the update from your account. https://parawave-audio.com/ Also, their Winter sale continues with 40% off Rapid and 30% off the extensions. Change Log Additions: New effect: Chorus X. New effect: Vintagizer. New insert: Sample and Hold. Preset search: Sort by type, name, bank or date. Filter presets by type tags, keywords, bank or author. Copy, Paste, Duplicate, Rename and Browse functionality for preset entries in the browser. Drag and Drop preset entries to other banks. Preset favorites: Can be marked by a star and are now browsable in the favorite view. Preset collections: Reference presets in multiple favorite lists. Layer Loading: Drag and Drop preset entries onto layer buttons to load the first layer. New Options: Set the default output level to 0, -3, -6, -9 or -12 dBFS. Compability for MacOS 11 (Big Sur) and Apple Silicon (ARM64) platform. Changes: Increased bitcrusher fx rate reduction accuracy at high frequencies. Currently selected bank and preset row is now restored if the plugin instance is reloaded or duplicated. Deleting user library samples will now move the files to the trash bin. Removed preset browser "One-Click" loading option. This can be done now by using the middle mouse button, or shift key + left click, or command key + left click. Fixes: Changing the bank/preset sort order will now retain the selected row. Hanging note events in some DAWs that unusually triggered on/off when stopping or using a visual keyboard. Hanging notes due to small loops in arpeggiator MIDIs that had adjacent notes at the end of the loop. Avoid out of bounds index access when resynthesizing samples with very low root note resampling ratios. Visual: Changed the oscillator source browser colour scheme to a dark theme. Added hover states for preset and content lists. Presets: 54 Chorus X Presets. 45 Vintagizer Presets. 29 Rapid FX Presets. 9 Feature Presets.
  17. Lol, with all this AT5 stuff I have been neglecting your other deals Larry! Lots of catching up to do now 🤣 Somehow you managed to play with AT5, post here AND post a load of new deals. You still da King Larry!! 👑
  18. Just tried again and it does actually switch over to the new preset okay it's just the display that lags a bit. Some very nice presets and I have to admit that the UI is a big improvement on AT4. Also, the preset switching with the AXE IO knob works ok (as per AT4).
  19. Definitely this ^^^^ I guess for now I will have to just ....... look at the manual (Ok I'll get my coat) 😱 Oh wait...what manual?
  20. Anyone else notice that when you select a preset it kinda still shows the previous one selected as well (see screenshot in previous post)?
  21. Yes I also own AT4 MAX and bought Brian May separately but not yet Satch (still waiting for a killer deal). Still AT4 MAX/BM stuff seems to be working fine in AT5.
  22. Thanks Simon. I just tried the button that Matthew mentioned and that did the trick. Now it's showing 2602 presets! I only went for standard AT5 not MAX (although that's bound to happen one day I see there are some song presets 👍 ... but wondering why Boulevard doesn't have any tremolo on it 😲
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