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  1. 4 hours ago, Max Arwood said:

    Ok thanks. I have a bunch of trouble with string sections. The slow attack always makes them late. I was wondering if it could fix this?

    Probably easier to start the notes earlier, assuming these are virtual instruments so you would just be nudging the start point slightly to the left. 
    That's what I often do in this case either manually nudging the offending notes or using quantise with a negative offset.

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  2. 3 hours ago, Max Arwood said:

    That’s exactly the info I needed!  Can voice align align a vocal to a drum track or other instrumental track? Could I align Flute and clarinet from an orchestral piece?

    Thanks again!!

    Glad it helped Max.

    I have only ever used it for vocals and was going to say that it's really meant for vocals but then thought I would try out some instrument scenarios.

    So first I recorded a 4 on the floor kick beat on one track (EzDrummer frozen to make audio) and myself singing notes deliberately out of time on another. To my surprise Vocalign Ultra was able to tidy up my vocals to be in sync with the kick drum. 

    I then tried the same thing with a flute and trumpet part using Sampletank 4 instruments. I made the flute part perfectly in time and then copied the MIDI from that to the trumpet track and manually moved the notes around to make it out of sync with the flute. I then froze both track and used the audio with Vocalign Ultra. Initially the trumpet sounded weird and then I realised that match tuning was selected :) After de-selecting match tuning it was able to match the timing and bring the trumpet back in sync with the flute apart from one note which I had probably gone too far with when I moved it out of sync. 

    I have to say that I was slightly surprised and impressed with the results for non-vocal alignment although I guess the results  might vary depending on the specific situation.

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  3. @Max ArwoodDifferent products for different things. As usual with such products there is some overlap.

    Melodyne is primarily for tuning a vocal (or other instrument) part in the greatest of detail. The version I have (Editor) can also adjust sibilance, timing, gain envelopes and a whole host of other things like audio to MIDI. For the full rundown see here --> https://www.celemony.com/en/melodyne/new-in-melodyne-5 

    Vocalign Ultra is primarily for ensuring that multiple vocal tracks are aligned, timing wise with a main vocal part. It can now also do some pitch modifications but I wouldn't use it in place of Melodyne for that. It also now uses the same algorithms as their Revoice Pro product which is a step up from Vocalign Pro. See here for more information -->  https://www.synchroarts.com/products/vocalign-ultra/overview 

    I demoed Revoice Pro but disliked it's workflow and messy UI. Vocalign Ultra is much slicker and does more than Vocalign Pro 4 (which I upgraded from). I  find I can do most things I need to with Melodyne Editor and Vocalign Ultra (and Pro 4 before it). 

    There are no hard and fast rules but my typical workflow for using them both would be as follows (take it as read that I would also remove dead space/breaths etc in vocal tracks):

    1. Record all the vocal tracks, main, harmonies, doubles etc.
    2. Tune/edit the main vocal track as necessary using Melodyne. This might include breath control, sibilance, timing, pitch and gain etc.
    3. Either use Autotune or, if necesary, tune any dub tracks as necessary with Melodyne (any that are not too bad you could use Vocalign Ultra to tune in step 4). 
    4. Use Vocalign Ultra with the main vocal track as guide and all of the other vocal tracks (at least the ones that are supposed to align with the guide) as dub to align them. 
    5. In Vocalign Ultra you could optionally adjust the timing and pitch of the dub tracks in comparison to the guide for creative effects (using manual adjustments or presets).

    You could (and I did) use Melodyne alone to align the tracks with each other but that is a manual and time consuming process (not sure whether it's easier in the Studio version).  

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  4. 16 hours ago, Charlie Hills said:

    Whelp, I couldn't wait until tonight. I tried to set it up as a Mackie controller but that didn't work out at all. Given the success reported by others, I'm sure I missed a step, but I'm not sure what. The good news is that it didn't mess up my previous setup. So that still works. 👍

    I think my bigger issue is still my audio I/O device. But that's going off-topic, so I'll leave it here. If I try the Mackie-approach again, I'll follow up. And if anyone has additional overall experiences with CbB + Oxygen Plus, please continue to share. 

    I normally have my Oxygen Pro set to Studio One DAW config as I use it with Studio One Pro 5, but for the Mackie/HUI setup to work in CbB I had to set the Oxygen config to Pro Tools. These were my preferences and controller page setups (I still have the ACT one in preferences but disabled for ACT and WAI)...




  5. I have installed the latest CbB with hotfix and all of the old projects I tested seem to work correctly.

    These include quite a lot of Soundtoys and Waves plugins which seem to work as they did in CbB v2020.11.


  6. 1 hour ago, Charlie Hills said:

    Aaaand, they just started working. I don't even think I changed anything. Like, I left for a while, came back, and decided to give the ACT Learning one more go. And suddenly they're responding as expected. Not sure how I feel about that.    ;)

    Very strange. It's still acting the same here.

    I would be curious to see a step-by-step of what you did. 

    For example, are you using MIDIIN3 for ACT? 

    What does your ACT config page look like?

    Which DAW do you have configured on the keyboard?

  7. 14 hours ago, Charlie Hills said:

    I'm in the same boat at the moment. Just got the Oxygen Pro 49 yesterday and I've spent a frustrating few hours trying to get it to work as a controller. I took the same approach as above. And at the moment I have sliders and transport controls mapped okay. Current trouble is the knobs, which I wanted to use for pan control. The ACT Learn function recognizes them, however when I turn the pots, the pan only accepts two positions: 2%R and 98%L. That's it.

    Anyone seen anything like that?

    I'm not at my keyboard right now but I have seen that behaviour on knobs when the keyboard is in DAW mode rather than Preset mode. Try switching the keyboard to Preset mode. Sorry, I haven't really dug much further in Cakewalk. 

    EDIT: I tried that and it's doing the same for me. The sliders/transport are working fine but the pan is jumping from 2%R to 98% L. I never really got the Arturia working properly for transport control either. That's one area where an update from Cakewalk would be appreciated - to support a few of the more common newer keyboards out of the box (or maybe to convince h/w creators to include Cakewalk configs).

  8. On 1/11/2021 at 1:44 PM, Mark Morgon-Shaw said:

    Cheers, nice one. I managed to get the transport controls to work under ACT

    My Oxygen Pro 49 has arrived and I have to say that the keybed is really nice and it seems like a great controller keyboard. It feels solid and well made and is quite a bit heavier than the Arturia Keylab Essential 49 making it seem more substantial.

    I set it up for DAW control in Studio One Pro using the DAW preset which works fine. This uses virtual MIDI3 in/out on the keyboard for Mackie control. Without changing the keyboard DAW profile (I left it on Studio One Pro) I then set it up in Cakewalk using ACT on MIDI3 which also seemed to work fine after some manual configuration. I used an existing Oxygen 49 profile and MIDI learnt some of the buttons/sliders on the new keyboard which I then saved as a new profile for the Oxygen Pro 49.  @Mark Morgon-Shaw Presumably this is also what you did?

    I discovered that MIDI2 seems to be the DIN connectors on the keyboard but I'm not sure what MIDI4 is used for (any ideas?).

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  9. I used up my expansion 5 pack at Christmas so this is tempting although the price isn't as good as the Sweetwater deal was. For VAT payers it's 39 EUR (approx 34 GBP) at Bestservice.

    Vengeance Sound also still has their Christmas sale running using code XMAS40 at the checkout for expansions and Avenger itself. 

    At the checkout expansions work out at 33 GBP inc VAT.


  10. 13 minutes ago, abacab said:

    @ZincTWhat happened with the Arturia board?

    It started randomly playing G1 notes. If I recorded some playing it would be littered with random G1 notes. It got to the stage where if I tapped the desk it was standing on it would play G1 notes! 

    The pandemic slowed the return process down and the music shop where I bought it were unable to repair it so they sent it back to Arturia. I received it back from them in early December but after initially thinking the problem was fixed gradually G1 notes started appearing at random again. This time the shop agreed to replace it and I had been eyeing up these new Oxygen Pros after feeling a bit let down by Arturia. 

  11. @Mark Morgon-Shaw I am expecting a new Oxygen Pro 49 to replace my faulty Arturia Keylab Essential 49 (replaced/substituted under warranty).  It should be arriving this week. 

    I will let you know if I have any luck integrating it with Cakewalk although one reason for getting this keyboard was the integration with Studio One Pro which I am in the process of migrating to from Cakewalk. I don't know if these new M-Audio Oxygen Pro controller keyboards are the same as the old Oxygen ones but they required DirectLink support which Cakewalk doesn't have. That Editor screenshot looks interesting though as it lists Mackie which should work with Cakewalk.

    I'll let you know how I get on when it arrives!


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  12.  @Tapsa Kuusniemi I'm fairly new to Omnisphere having bought it in the run up to Christmas and only just got around to trying Mutated.

    There are some really good patches and for free it's a no brainer. Thanks for an excellent freebie!

    Now you have me interested in some of your other Omnisphere libraries.

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  13. 2 hours ago, Hatstand said:

    Seasons Greetings from Rochester in Kent. Next year I will spend less on plugins and more on house renovations 😀



    Hey, I'm from the Medway area originally and most of my family are still there. One of my sisters lives near Rochester Castle and we went to a Pretenders and Ultravox gig in the grounds of the castle a few years back. Happy Days :)  Good luck with your renovations!

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