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  1. 4 minutes ago, pseudopop said:

    They should've started with this one, though this time it's the relaxed tone of voice that doesn't quite match the music, IMO. But sounding much more promising!

    Yes agreed; both on the voice not matching the music and it sounding more promising anyway. 

  2. 8 hours ago, TheSteven said:

    At one point this was highly regarded.  
    It probably still compares well with most of the stuff out there with a couple of exceptions.

    Yes, it's been on my "to-buy" list for years, but I never thought it was worth what they were asking.
    Just demo'd it again now and it does sound great and is definitely worth 29 bucks.

  3. 16 hours ago, abacab said:

    I already had Waveform 11 Pro, but decided not to do the full upgrade this year as I do not need all of the Pro features.

    Instead I added Waveform 12 Free, plus the MIDI Producer Pack. I got that for $25 (with the discount code: FRIDAY22) and it gives me all of the MIDI tools that Waveform Pro has. https://www.tracktion.com/products/waveform-free-expansions

    This year the Waveform Pro 12 features are all available in 3 separate expansion packs [Recording Engineer, MIDI Producer, Synth Pack] that you can add to Waveform  Free to customize it with only the features that you need: https://www.tracktion.com/products/waveform-free

    Thanks for pointing this out @abacab

    I have just added the MIDI Producer Pack to my Waveform 12 Free. 

    I am curious about the MIDI capabilities of Waveform, but don't want the outlay of Pro to find out. Also, I did the 90 day demo if Waveform 11 Pro (for Wotja beta testing) but never got around to trying out the MIDI capabilities before it expired 🤦‍♂️

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  4. 4 hours ago, MusicMan said:

    I also watched this one before as well and he goes quite deep into the options and examples too:


    Thanks for the video.

    Another useful one; I've watched a lot of his reviews. He even used it for de-essing 😎

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  5. 36 minutes ago, MusicMan said:

    They seem to do a pretty decent loyalty discount. Not sure if it increases with the more you have though, or whether it's just a set loyalty, but it's still nice to see.

    What particular functionality are you looking for from SmartComp?

    I like sonible stuff in general as I find their UIs to be pretty well designed. They can also get you close to the settings you want quickly often needing only minor manual tweaks. 

    I have Trackspacer so will be interested to see how the unmasking capabilities compare with it.

    This video piqued my interest when Smart Comp 2 was introduced so I kept it on my radar waiting for a decent upgrade price.


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  6. 1 hour ago, MusicMan said:

    Sonible Smart Comp 2 ($61.98 @ AudioDeluxs) with free Melda Transient shaper plugin

    Check your discount directly on Sonible first. Showing $35 for me.

    A lot of people seem to say it's better than Trackspacer 🙂

    Same for me on Sonible website. I have Smart Limit (and other Sonible stuff) which is now in my default template.
    I was waiting for Smart Comp 2 👍🏻

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  7. 8 minutes ago, dee said:

    i wonder if JRRSHOP will have promo as well so we can slash price even more, or is it just for kvr ?

    I have seen Tone2 sales on Bestservice before but don't recall seeing them on JRR.

    If you own any other Tone2 synths, then you can sometimes receive offers by email direct from them.

    Also, you can email them and ask for a price for a specific synth or synths, stating what you already own.

  8. 15 minutes ago, Jan Schmitz said:

    I don't to form my own opinion, I want yours first to see if it's even worth bothering.

    Anyway, this is for next BF as I'm like $500 over my budget already...

    The trouble is that my opinion might be different from yours.

    Anyway, I own all of them and in my opinion they are among the best-sounding synths available. 

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  9. The sale is on until 1st December. 

    Thomann has Electra2, Gladiator and Icarus2 for $77 ex VAT https://www.thomannmusic.com/tone2.html 

    KVR https://www.kvraudio.com/marketplace/tone2-audiosoftware#price-biggest-discount-percent

    Best Service have them at the same price as KVR but you will also earn Bestcoins. They also have a couple of effects at sale prices (AkustiX Enhancer and Ultraspace)  https://www.bestservice.com/deals/tone2_sale_40_off_3730.html 

    Price Summary:

    Electra2 - Thomann $77, KVR and Bestservice $89.40 all  ex VAT

    Gladiator - Thomann $77, KVR and Bestservice $89.40 all ex VAT

    Icarus 2 - Thomann $77, KVR and Bestservice $89.40 all ex VAT

    Nemesis - KVR and Bestservice $59.40 ex VAT

    Rayblaster - KVR and Bestservice $59.40 ex VAT

    Saurus 3 -KVR and Bestservice $59.40 ex VAT


    Information pages for the synths:

    Information page for Electra 2 - https://www.tone2.com/electra2.html

    Information page for Gladiator - https://www.tone2.com/gladiator.html

    Information page for Icarus 2 - https://www.tone2.com/icarus.html 

    Information page for Nemesis - https://www.tone2.com/nemesis.html

    Information page for Rayblaster - https://www.tone2.com/rayblaster2.html

    Information page for Saurus 3 - https://www.tone2.com/saurus.html


    You can download trial versions for evaluation from here -->  https://www.tone2.com/download.html


    Also, there are a lot of expansions for each synth which can be purchased from Tone2 here --> https://www.tone2.com/shop.html

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  10. 4 minutes ago, Zo said:


    I grabbed it for the tr 808 and need to pick a synth ( probabily a xv5080 or the systeM 8 )

    i was anticpating new synths all we go is zillions patches ...

    Korg opsix reaaaaly surpised me i mean it s been a while i  wasnt surprised sepcially by fm synths ...

    wavestate ....meh never gelled with wavestation , same here , great to jam , but for production triton is king imho ...

    Also the uad ones looks great at 99 and you get 25 dollars of befor midnight ...

    Zillions of patches is right, lol! 

    I've been demoing Opsix and Wavestate since they were released (Skippy sang their praises) and I also really like Opsix.
    Preset 2 Original FM EP sold it to me...so lush sounding, but there are lots of other great patches.

  11. 2 hours ago, Zo said:

    the new korg  synths will certainly make me skipp next year renewal  ....

    Yeah, I let my sub lapse last year.  I liked the synths but it wasn't getting used enough to justify and I dislike the flakey Cloud Manager.
    Still might be of use to some, and this deal means you get one or two lifetime licenses depending on the tier.

    28 minutes ago, Fleer said:

    Not M1 native?

    Not sure about that Fleer. I had a look at their website and drew a blank.  🤔

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  12. Play 4 Life is Back for the Holidays!

    For a limited time, purchase one year of Roland Cloud Pro or Ultimate Membership and get free Legendary, AIRA, or SRX Lifetime Key(s). Keep your favorite instrument for life, even if you don’t renew your membership. Use Roland Cloud for 365 days and discover which instruments you want to Play 4 Life.

    Act now, this promotion ends on December 31, 2022.

    Buy an Annual Roland Cloud Ultimate Membership, keep two Legendary, AIRA, or SRX Lifetime Keys*
    Buy an Annual Roland Cloud Pro Membership, keep one Legendary, AIRA, or SRX Lifetime Key*  

    As a member, you can upgrade to the 2022 Play 4 Life promotion and receive a prorated discount based on your plan.
    Current Play 4 Life members don't need to upgrade.


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  13. 7 hours ago, Zo said:

    Hi guyz this is actually a question , does Logitech ever does sales ?

    Considering the MX keys and MX 3 S mouse 


    Hi Zo,

    Not sure about Logitech direct but they certainly have sales on Amazon for them.

    Here are some current BF deals on Amazon UK (I couldn't see the 3s on sale but have included the 2s below).





    Sorry, can't help with the latency query as I don't have the Logitech stuff installed.


  14. $299


    Upgrade from Coll 3 is $99


    (You might need a coupon code to upgrade; check your account (under Offers from Korg) or see here  https://support.korguser.net/hc/en-us/articles/360038571651 ) - thanks @simon

    New instruments:

    MicroKORG - https://korg.shop/software/korg-collection-series/korg-collection-microkorg.html
    ELECTRIBE-R - https://korg.shop/software/korg-collection-series/korg-collection-electribe-r.html
    KAOSS PAD - https://korg.shop/software/korg-collection-series/korg-collection-kaoss-pad.html

    Just tried the demos and don't think it's worth it for me at $99 and I wish they would improve their installer Software Pass 🤔

    Demos are up on SoundCloud - 


    Unfortunately, Opsix and Wavestate are not included as they aren't legacy but they are on special pricing ($99 each).



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  15. 14 minutes ago, kevin H said:

    Just looked at trance engine…$368?  Wowsers…

    Yes, it's what Brian said; the expensive version allows you to batch-create MIDI files and sell them, whereas the cheap version only allows you to use them in your own commercial releases (but not to re-sell the MIDI files).

  16. 2 minutes ago, Brian Lawler said:

    Yeah- It is kind of odd that it overlaps Epic suite.  Full disclosure- I am a beta tester for Pilot.  Actually I thought it was going to be free for Epic owners, but I maybe I was mistakenly divining that from the beta forum.  Beta contributors also got NFR's.  If the price is going to be $99 (from site), that is way too much.  Not so sure about the $49 sale price TBH. I don't know if you bought Epic on release, but it was rushed out IMHO.  They did make a lot of fixes/additions after release.  Suspect similar from Pilot.  I like it and have had fun with it.   I think your comparison to the Feelyoursound offerings is spot-on.  I own Hauke's original offerings Sundog & Chord Potion, but not the genre tuned later releases, however I have demoed them.

    Thanks for sharing your insights, Brian. That's funny as I am a beta tester for Hauke :) (and I also have Sundog and Chordpotion).

    I bought Epic when it was released and have installed all the updates since then, including the latest which came with a free artist preset pack (by Rosbeh). 

    It's good to have choices; we certainly have plenty of those these days!

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