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  1. UPDATE V2.1.0 Released - New Features ! We've added a bunch of new features in this latest free update to make Melody Sauce 2 even more user friendly. This update should be available for you to download from the “Downloads” tab in your account. Log in to your account at https://accounts.evabeat.com/ See below for a list of new features: • DAW MIDI mode: Play sounds via incoming midi There are now 3 general modes to select from: CREATE mode: this is Melody Sauce’s current standard operation - create melodies or play the melodies you have created inside the plugin. Melodies will play via the internal midi-generation engine using the plugin’s sounds. DAW MIDI mode: this new mode allows Melody Sauce 2 to play incoming midi from your DAW, so any midi placed on the same track as Melody Sauce 2 will be played by the plugin’s sounds. This means you can drag midi melodies from the plugin to your DAW and Melody Sauce 2 will play these directly from the DAW. This also allows you to use Melody Sauce 2’s instruments like a regular virtual software synth via your own midi or a midi keyboard. MIDI OUT mode: select this mode to route the midi to other software instruments. • Play melodies inside the plugin You can now play melodies inside Melody Sauce 2 without having to play your DAW using a new internal playback engine. Control internal playback of any melody in the Melody Bank via its start-stop icon. • VST3 format Melody Sauce 2 can now be loaded as a VST3 plugin from your VST3 plugins folder. This provides lower CPU usage and adds full compatibility with Cubase on the latest Mac computers. • “Export Favourites” option in settings menu to bulk-export midi files from the Favourites bank. • Logic Midi FX: improved stability on M1/M2 Macs Improves performance and stability of Midi FX in Logic on M1/M2 Macs (Silicon processors). • Multiple bug fixes for various issues across different DAWs (installation, serial activation, sound issues, timing, looping, UI and font issues, and general performance and stability enhancements). • Windows version is now 64-bit only. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS • Download the Win or Mac installer from the “Downloads” area of you account at accounts.evabeat.com. • We recommend quitting your DAW first before you starting installation. • Run the Win or Mac installer file. • Open your DAW - depending on the DAW you may need to rescan your plugins via your DAW's plugin manager tool (see our Support Guides for further help). • Load the plugin in your DAW as a VST3 (or as an AU or AU Midi FX in Logic) • You may be required to re-enter your Melody Sauce 2 serial number. NB: Upgraded Already? If you’ve already upgraded, your Melody Sauce 2 Upgrade serial becomes your only serial, and you only need to enter this serial into the plugin's first licensing window - do not click on the "Upgrade" button. For any account or installation problems, please open a support ticket via the Help bubble on our site www.evabeat.com/support. The EVAbeat Team
  2. UPDATE (ignore what I said earlier if you happen to have read that @Fleer😉 I got it working in Cakewalk - I misread what the PDF manual said, so my fault. Anyway, all you do is load LoopEngine once and then load as many Listeners as you have tracks with separate MIDI. Then you set each listener to a different channel by clicking on the relevant button in the plugin. Then you load up your instruments (I tried Minimonsta2 and Twin 3 this time) and change their input to be from whichever Listener you want to drive that instrument. Pretty easy. I will also try it on other DAWs and post here if there are any problems.
  3. Yup Fleer! Any way to squeeze a few more dollars out of ya!
  4. Thanks Brian. Logged in to WAProd and the upgrade from Chords PRO + Notes to Loop Engine is only £12.54 (+VAT). Sold!
  5. This is also a cheap way of adding Rumble to the full version of Cube (which I own), thanks @Wibbles If anyone with the full version of Cube wants to do the same, follow these steps: 1. Get the Rumble serial from your Pluginboutique account. 2. Login to Lunacy audio and go here -->https://lunacy.audio/downloads/ then scroll down and enter the serial for Rumble into the "Register License" box 3. You can now download Rumble and unzip it. 4. Open Cube and go to the browser, then click the Add Expansion button bottom left. 5. Point it to where you unzipped the expansion and then enter the serial at the prompt. Done! BTW I bought Glitchmachines Cryogen for £5 to get the deal. P.S. PM me if you want to swap something for my unregistered copy of Cube Mini. I'm looking for an unregistered serial for UVI Model D.
  6. https://dreamtonics.com/synthesizer-v-studio-1-8-1-final-update/ Updates, as usual, are done from within SV - click the "Check for updates" button, download and run the installer. https://store.dreamtonics.com/product/ninezero-voice-database/ Note: I also had updates to Kevin (to v1.0.8) and Asterian (to v1.0.1) voicebanks. These will show up when you check for updates; just hit the update button from within SV.
  7. Here's a new demo for the upcoming Ninezero voicebank from Dreamtonics:
  8. @locrian Thanks for the heads-up! Sounds pretty good but will be interested to hear some more demos.
  9. Happy to help, glad you got it sorted 👍🏻
  10. ZincT

    Out - Fabfilter Twin 3

    I have the Total bundle and the Twin 3 upgrade in my account is £38.15. No brainer! Here's the link to check yours... https://www.fabfilter.com/myaccount
  11. Yes I'm seeing that price in the UK. Try using a vpn with location set to UK. Might not work though if it checks your address location in your account.
  12. V 1.8.1 Beta 1 just released... The update includes: Integration of Vocal Mode into the Parameter Panel for dynamic modulation of voice timbre (Pro edition required). Improved neural vocoder for male vocals, resulting in enhanced sound quality in the bass range. Updates to the available masculine AI voice databases to fully utilize the new capabilities of the neural vocoder. Make sure to update both the Synthesizer V Studio editor and the voice database to the latest version to access these new features. https://dreamtonics.com/synthesizer-v-studio-1-8-1b1-update/ The beta update can be downloaded from that link, and also the male voice databases except for Asterian (Eclipsed Sounds are still working on the update for him, so watch this space).
  13. @Stavv @Brian Lawler is correct, Synthesizer V is VST3 only. On my system, the plugin is located in this folder (it looks like you already have this folder included in Cakewalk so you should be good to go)... C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\ and the plugin (as per Brian's post) is called synthv-studio-plugin-x64.vst3 It should appear under Dreamtonics when you add an instrument (see below).
  14. Coming soon new voicebank Synthesizer V AI Ninezero, based on the vocals of singer-songwriter, "Ninezero." Best suited for hard rock and metal. Sounds like a must buy to me! Check out the latest demo.
  15. ZincT

    UVI Quadra Traveler

    Also, look out for an email from UVI with an additional $20/20€ off Quadra Traveler if you own World Suite (valid through January 31st).
  16. That's probably enough to push me over the edge. Cheers Fleer 👍
  17. Yeah, seems like a good deal for all the additions from VC8. What are your thoughts on Piano v2 vs v3?
  18. Not seen this before on a 3rd party website. At £89 I'm tempted. Not sure why they have separate options for upgrading from VC8 and VC1 - 7 when the upgrade price is the same. Would have expected the upgrade from VC8 to be cheaper.
  19. Digital Synsations - ChangeLog 2.0.0 --------------------------------------------- - [ADD] 140 new presets - [ADD] 4751 new samples - [ADD] New arpeggiator - Updated GUIs for Retina
  20. Yeah, my thoughts exactly so I gave them a miss. Trying hard not to keep buying stuff I already have covered
  21. I paid for my copy and still use it more than any other LA2A plugin.
  22. Hi Nigel, I have only just got around to doing the v2 upgrade myself, and one thing I noticed was that some of the presets have the mod wheel assigned to volume with some also defaulting to zero. So initially I couldn't hear anything from those libraries on certain patches e.g. bass single on Atma, until I happened to move the mod wheel. Maybe that's the issue for you, idk but worth mentioning just in case So these do seem to work ok in Cakewalk for me. Two of them I bought or got for free from PluginBoutique (Atma, Orakle) and the other one is a freebie direct from Mntra (Rasa). I also asked support about the other free library I had (Frcture), but they said that this is no longer supported in v2.
  23. You will get stray notes Aidan; I used to with my GR-55/Godin setup. It's the nature of the beast with guitar/MIDI where the notes are detected/translated by "sampling" the notes being played. To minimize this: I have found that tweaking the Gain, Tone and Curve knobs can yield good results (start with the gain). Try using a different pickup on the guitar and make sure the input is as clean as possible - you are trying to give the note detection its best chance. Try using an electro-acoustic guitar with piezo pickup - can give better detection compared to an electric one due to the cleaner signal making it easier for individual pitches to be detected. Remember that the way these things work, it can take at least half a cycle to work out the frequency or pitch. This means that the lower pitches will take longer to work out that the higher ones (also used to happen with the GR-55 as it's a method limitation rather than a hardware vs software thing). If you know this then you can do things like playing a bass part on higher strings or higher up the neck and then just transpose it down in MG2. The detection will happen faster due to the higher pitch and will also result in faster tracking.
  24. @Brian Lawler that Timber is very well done and hardly any vibrato on Asterian; but those spoken parts - wow! Here's my take on a classic with Kevin and Solaria. Turns out the backing track is made from the original recording, where Tom Scholz and co presumably didn't use a metronome or click track. The tempo varies from 115 to 120 bpm according to Melodyne making it a nightmare to try and get Kevin and Solaria to follow! I had to export the voice parts in standalone SV, import them into Cakewalk, and then cut and move the vocals to match the timing of the track. It's not perfect but I'm getting there. I'm only using the backing track as I couldn't find a really good MIDI version. https://soundclick.com/r/s8nbip
  25. @Brian Lawler Here's the version with less vibrato although I might have gone a bit too far! https://soundclick.com/r/s8nbhp
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