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    Melodyne 5 released!

    Cheers Larry! Didn't see this one coming. That sibilant detection alone is going to save me a ton of time.
  2. ZincT

    Arturia OB-XA

    Just heard on John Lehmkuhl's weekly Unify livestream that he heard from an Arturia contact that they will be including OB-XA in V collection 8 but wanted to give folks access to something new ahead of the release. The contact said that if you buy OB-XA now they will discount the upgrade cost to VC8 (presumably by the amount you pay now, IDK). Here's the bit where he mentions it... https://youtu.be/sG9Le3k7WMg?t=4395 He also shared that they will be doing a Unify patch library using Arturia synths!
  3. For anyone who has PluginGuru Unify you can also get some free BBC DiscoverStation BONUS patches for Unify which makes use of the BBC Discover library. To see what they do you can watch the latest livestream from around this point --> https://youtu.be/sG9Le3k7WMg?t=911 The free Unify patches dropbox link is in the text area below the video.
  4. Hey Aidan, I use Groove3 a lot (that and Udemy) and they have quite a few Arturia courses. Eli Krantzberg is also one of my favourite instructors (he's also just done a video for EzBass on YouTube). The Arturia ones though seem to be mainly Tyler Coffin...
  5. Thanks, I had an issue with v1 not handling my controller knobs correctly but that is fixed in v2.
  6. ZincT

    Arturia OB-XA

    Ah OK. Just to be clear I got the same offer as anyone else with VC6...
  7. ZincT

    Arturia OB-XA

    Not sure what you mean TS. Yes the pricing is consistent with their recent sale but I also passed on that (although it was a close thing). I have decent synths coming out of my ears, so I guess I'm just waiting for a better deal. Maybe see what they come up with for VC 8.
  8. ZincT

    Arturia OB-XA

    Pretty good! My price as a V Collection 6 owner is 149 EUR. If it was 99 I would do it but I will wait - been waiting to get EZ Bass and that's where my money's going for now
  9. ZincT


    I have the full version of Rapid Composer but I'm also trying the demo of Melodya. I like some of the results I'm getting in the demo but I will probably wait for the RapidComposer update and just use the Melody Editor inside it (the MIDI can always be exported anyway).
  10. ZincT


    Ah yes, that's correct. I have hopefully made that clearer in my post. Thanks!
  11. ZincT


    http://www.musicdevelopments.com/melodya.html As I understand it this functionality will be included in RapidComposer V4 (full version). At least it is in the beta release candidate. In RapidComposer v4 it is called the Melody Editor but essentially it's the same thing. Melodya is the VST version for use outside of RapidComposer. https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=7698399#p7698399
  12. I had the same thoughts after watching that video lawajava and I'm trying and liking the CE demo at the moment. Even the demo comes with a ton of presets and that step envelope really adds something. Makes me wonder though whether Mr Carbone is working on a Carbon Electra v2 as the original seems to be dated around 2015 so could be due a refresh.
  13. Thanks Piotr. I thought I would try the demo as I am trying to be more selective about stuff I buy. Well having tried it I think it’s impressive but I will pass even at this price. Truth is I really don’t need it . I have ProQ3 and many others. So I avoided the GAS this time. 😀
  14. There's also a MIDI bundle on offer at ADSR (20 hours left when I last looked) for anyone who is into MIDI chords/drums... https://www.adsrsounds.com/product/presets/midi-nerds-bundle-5-for-20/
  15. Wow, that's some saving Larry....but is it worth having?
  16. T-4 days and counting! This and Scaler 2 are my two lockdown treats-in-waiting for this month (plus the new keyboard). Any indications who is going to be cheapest yet Larry?
  17. Cheers Larry. Btw it looks like you accidentally posted the link back to this thread instead of T&S. https://www.timespace.com/collections/special-offers/impact-soundworks
  18. I installed MIDI Control Centre and used this to apply the firmware upgrade which was painless. The integration with Analog Lab is really nice as you would expect but the User MAP button should allow quick switching setups for Kontakt, Sampletank 4, Unify etc.
  19. I have updated Waves Central but the only other update for me is OVox and the latest release notes (March 24th, details below) don't mention a fix for the CbB issue so I am sticking with my current version which seems to work fine. Ovox Update: New: MIDI Out support. New: 250 presets added. New: SoundGrid support; OVox can now be used in eMotion LV1 and SuperRack. New: NKS-ready for NI Komplete Kontrol and Maschine. Fixed: AutoPan Stomp Initialization. Fixed: Audio artifacts when using Glide while playing chords. Various other fixes and improvements
  20. Apologies @abacab I missed this post and thanks for clarifying. That should make things pretty painless 👍
  21. It's now installed and looking good. Excellent piece of kit which feels well put together and looks really nice in white with wooden accents at each end. Setup was a breeze: Connect via the included USB type B cable, Windows 10 recognises and configures automatically. The startup light show is also quite impressive and it goes into this mode if left unused after a while. I have tried Analog Lab 4, a few of the V Collection 6, Pigments 2 and even Synthmaster which all seemed to allow use of the faders, knobs etc. without any further configuration. I need to look up the DAW config for CbB and others to use the transports controls but from the video I saw on this it looks straightforward. It comes with Analog Lab (which I already own so a spare license to sell), Ableton Live Lite (another spare) and UVI Grand Piano Model D which looks like a Steinway Concert Grand (49 EUR value). There's also MIDI control Centre to download and a new firmware version (the display shows the version when it boots up). It's on 1.1.2 and 1.1.6 is available which apparently improves knob smoothing 😮). I have also downloaded the manual to have a quick look at and make sure I haven't missed anything useful. The extra octave compared to my old controller certainly makes a difference and it just squeezes into the required space. 👍
  22. Currently when you drag and drop a MIDI file onto CbB with no project opened it will automatically open a new project with an instance of TTS-1 and all of the MIDI track outputs set to TTS-1. This is really useful and I wouldn't want to change this behaviour except to have an option for the user to choose whichever instrument VSTi/DXi should be used by CbB for MIDI file playback. The default should continue to be TTS-1 but, for example, I would like CbB to use the Roland Sound Canvas VA VSTi. I can imagine some kind of preferences option like the one I made up below. You would click on the Browse button to select a different default MIDI synth.
  23. I just tried it with a MIDI file that I have been working with recently which uses some Sysex and it worked well in CbB with SC VA. I also tried it in Cubase and Studio One with SC VA and they all sounded pretty much identical. The manual also mentions the "Import SMF EXC" function; if you’re using a DAW that cannot handle system exclusive messages, this loads MIDI data and applies the system parameters to SOUND Canvas VA.
  24. That's interesting and I'm amazed that you still have one. Does it still power on or is that why you use samples of it?
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