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  1. I tried rolling back to 2022.02 but the problem was now also happening with that version. πŸ€” However, your comment about "screen customisation" software did get me thinking.... I use Fences and also MS PowerToys. I have been using Fences for years and it's always behaved fine with other apps. So I tried killing PowerToys first and voila that fixed it! πŸ™ŒπŸ» Specifically, I use the FancyZones feature in PowerToys with my UltraWide monitor. I then noticed that I was on PowerToys v0.57.2 while v0.59.1 was available. Despite having "download updates automatically" enabled, it hadn't! So I updated to the latest version (0.59.1) and Cakewalk now works fine with Powertoys running. Problem solved, thanks for your suggestions @Ben Staton πŸ‘πŸ»
  2. I haven't found any other apps that are misbehaving mouse-wise and the issues only started after upgrading Cakewalk to 2022.06. I will see if my spare wired mouse works any differently and also maybe try rolling back to 2022.02. Thanks for your help.
  3. Yes, after opening Cakewalk I tried opening a project - mouse didn't work so I used ALT-F and cursor down/Enter to load the project. When I then click on the file menu with the mouse I immediately got the Save As dialog box as if I had hit File then selected Save As... from the menu.
  4. I'm getting something weird in 2022.06. After loading blank Cakewalk none of the menus work (File, Edit, Utilities and Help) when I click on them with a mouse (nothing happens). Pressing ALT-F brings up the File menu and I can then operate the menus from the mouse but after closing the menus they no longer work again (either mouse or shortcut key). Loading a project from the task bar Cakewalk icon loads the projects fine and the menus seem to work ok, but after a while pressing any of the menus causes them to do something (not sure what they do but I get an hourglass for a short period and the project refreshes) but not open the menu. All other DAWs that I tried were working ok (Reaper, Studio One). UPDATE: I thought I would record an OBS screen capture video to demonstrate the problem, but with OBS recording the problem goes away! Stop and close OBS and the problem reappears. πŸ€”
  5. Thanks @User 905133 Now you mention it I do recall that limited time deal for TS3.5 MAX to include Syntronik 2. I also have Amplitube 5 standard (purchased on intro when it came out) and Amplitube 4 MAX (part of TS2 MAX) plus all of the artist collections included in TS 3.5 MAX. When I select only Amplitube 5 MAX presets in Amplitube 5 I seem to be able to select any of them without any "missing gear" notifications so I wonder what the Amplitube 5 MAX upgrade would actually get me. My revised TS3.5 MAX upgrade list for $99.99 would therefore be.. 1. Syntronik 2 2. Amplitube 5 MAX (though I already have 4 MAX and 5 Standard plus all of the artist collections included in 5 MAX) 3. TASCAM tape collection 4. FAME Studio Reverb I can't recall when I last used one of the other IKM tape models and I am hardly in need of another reverb so maybe I will wait and see what other offers come up in future and put the money towards EZ Drummer 3 upgrade.
  6. Yes, sounds likely! What do you think they would add to TS4?
  7. Cheers Larry. The upgrade from TS2 MAX for $99.99 looks like a good deal. Then again I picked up so many things on the last group buy. Checking what I already have it would add the following items for me... 1. Syntronik 2 2. Amplitube 5 MAX (though I already have 4 MAX and 5 Standard plus all of the artist collections included in 5 MAX) 3. TASCAM tape collection 4. FAME Studio Reverb Not bad for $99.99.
  8. This works out at 350 GBP inc VAT for seven of their engines, whereas the Output website is offering the full shebang (10 engines and 22 expansions) for 334 GBP inc VAT. The offer has been there since before Christmas and the only Output product I own is Movement.
  9. It's a nice time for a SALE! Spring is here, the sun is out more often for us, it's a little warmer and my eyes and nose are running like a waterfall - so let's have a 30% off SPRING SALE! From now until April 15th, get MegaMagic: Keys, DiscoverStation, UniLofi V1 and over 70 other libraries and save 30% without even needing a promo code! NOTE: Bundles, Unify and Renegade are not on sale. The Wavestate BUNDLE (now with support for hardware and PlugIn versions in the same library!) are on their own 25% off sale until the 15th as well. Join us in tonight's Livestream for a fun exploration of a new plug-in by Spitfire Audio designed by BT and Spitfire Audio for a very unique Cinematic Pad type of library. Also 3 NEW Reverbs arrived this week from Baby Audio (Crystalline), Fuse Audio (VREV-140) and a new breakthru reverb by BT and Unfiltered Audio (Tails) that is TRULY MIND BLOWING. We're going to have some fun - join us if you can! Link here...
  10. Yes it's online authorisation. Beats has been included with Captain Plugins since v5.
  11. I authorized from Captain Chords Epic and also had the unauthorized message initially for the other Epic plugins. However, after reloading all plugins they work fine and I no longer get the message. So try that if you haven't already. Initially I noticed that you still get plain chords rather than "pianistic" as the video above claims. What you have to do is edit the rhythm and select or randomize from the list of rhythms. The How-to guides still link to v5 guides πŸ€”
  12. I'm enjoying the demo Aidan. Lot's of late 70s/early 80s sounds
  13. I was on an older version and I could only find v 0.3.3 on their website here --> https://support.ujam.com/hc/en-us/articles/4408406593938-UJAM-App-FAQ However, after installing that version it then did what Larry describes above (offered to install 0.3.4 upon exit).
  14. Cheers Larry. I hadn't spotted these before. Nice one πŸ‘πŸ»
  15. Thanks Larry. They are also doing a special price on the Stardust Tape Echo 201 upgrade for Mercury 4 owners ($10, normal price $29) https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/audio-plugins/cherry-audio-stardust-201-tape-echo-upgrade Non Mercury 4 owners can also get it for $19 https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/audio-plugins/cherry-audio-stardust-201-tape-echo
  16. From PG Email... Say HELLO!! to Modern Cinema - Renegade for Unify! Create by PlugInGuru family member Bob Dedes (he's written demo songs for libraries I've released starting in 2005 with MegaMagic: Dreams!) Bob has created a Power Packed High Energy 82 Patch + Sample library that is actually 6 different libraries in one: 1 - Cinematic Percussion - huge impacts, toms, hand claps, body slams and more! 2 - Sound Design - Sub and Organic Hits, sweeps, swooshes - awesome for all genres of music production. 3 & 4 - Ear Candy - Stings, vocal chops, stabs, brass hits PLUS lots of other cool elements to add to a track. 5 - Music Instruments - Synth & Electric Bass, Insane and fun to play Electric Guitars, Synths and Vocals. NOTE: ALL of the Hits, Percussion Instruments and Instruments contain between 4 - 8 round robin samples for incredible depth and realism. 1 Guitar alone has 5 velocity layers of 8 round robin samples - over 1,600 samples for 1 the IBZ Cruncher (HI MEM) Patch! This 1 guitar has 5-velocity layers and 8 samples per note with every note sampled for 3 1/2 octaves! They sound so good! 6) A 650MB WAV Library of all the above PLUS additional hits, fx as well as percussion and guitar loops - PLUS all 12 demo songs Bob wrote are available as separated tracks for you to be able to study what he did. Get ideas of ways to spice up your productions from these, then fire up Unify, load up the sounds he used and write that hit track! This BONUS should be a separate purchase but we're including it because it is SO HELPFUL for everybody! Over 8,000 Samples, 12GB in size, this is a library like NOTHING we've ever released before! Retail is $89 but intro offer is $69 https://www.pluginguru.com/products/modern-cinema-renegade/ There's also a walkthrough video of it here... Saturday Livestream Agenda: We will definitely play with Modern Cinema - Renegade but maybe more exciting is we will interview Bob Dedes about the building of this library! There is also a new synth by Cherry Audio. We will play with that too! Join us Saturday at 12pm PDT Livestream Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFO1D5pUFJ0
  17. Trackbout has updated Ripchord to v2.6.0 and open sourced the code. What's New: Full native support for Apple Silicon. The source code is now available on Github: github.com/trackbout/ripchord A preset tagging system with user defined tags to organize presets. Automatic recall of the last resize when a new instance is opened. The max resize was increased from 150% to 200%. Various minor improvements.
  18. It's now been updated to v1.2 Changes: - NEW: Updated Framework - NEW: Persistent GUI settings (via Settings option) - NEW: Drag and Drop license file on registration window - CHANGE: Broken Tap simulation now must be set via right click on AGE knob. - BREAKING CHANGE: Broken Tap simulation is OFF by default You can download the update from your User Area account.
  19. Does anyone know what has happened to Gothic Instruments and support for these Dronar modules? Shortly before Time and Space went under I received an update to Dronar Guitarscapes from T&S but there are some issues with the update, and I cannot find any Gothic Instruments website.
  20. I think the base install of Omnisphere is around 64Gb. Mine is currently 70Gb but that's with a few add-on libraries that included sample content. I just did a search in Omnisphere for "electric piano" with just the factory library selected. With All categories selected this came back with 27 results and with Keyboards category selected there were 11 results. Not that many, but that's probably because they want you to buy Keyscape for EP and other keyboard sounds. Omnisphere also has the Sound Match feature where it will search for similar sounding presets to the current selection which is a handy way to find sounds. That's probably true but I did it the wrong way around; buying Omnisphere after already buying most of the other major synths. That's GAS for you I guess Then again I do like to have choices. That's a good point Fleer. Some day I would like to add Keyscape and Trillion and I'll be intrigued to see what is added to Omnisphere 3 whenever that appears.
  21. @Tim Smith Omnisphere was certainly a considered purchase for me but was well worth it (and I got it cheaper than usual in a sale). As well as the PluginGuru Omnisphere libraries which are excellent and have now all been Unified, there are also a load of top quality 3rd party Omnisphere libraries. Having said that, John has now largely moved away from making new Omnisphere libraries, partly because he was fed up seeing PG Omnisphere libraries for sale on eBay for peanuts. His Unify libraries are protected via serial number and he is gradually building up a good set of these with many more planned. They have the advantage (if you don't own Omnisphere) of only requiring Unify to run. Uni Lo-Fi is one such paid library and one of my favourites of late. MegaMagic Keys is another recent one for Unify which is worth checking out. As others have said, check out his videos for specific products to see if they float your boat. Incidentally, if you don't already have them you can still get the free (or optional donation) UniScream 2020 and 2021 libraries for Unify. These don't appear under products on their website but the direct links are here... https://www.pluginguru.com/products/free-uniscream-2020-library-for-unify/ https://www.pluginguru.com/products/pluginguru-uniscream-2021/
  22. Sounds great, purchased! Also, PluginGuru Unify owners who buy Borsta can download the Borsta Unified Factory Library here ... https://www.dropbox.com/s/0f0npgq9gxwu57m/Klevgrand Borsta Unified.zip?dl=0
  23. Quote from PG email... We are doing something special this weekend - we are putting our best foot forward to try to send some aid to our brothers and sisters who desperately need assistance in Ukraine. EVERYTHING at the site is 10% OFF (including Unify!) and a NEW LIBRARY just for this effort is now available. 100% of the sales of the library and 100% of the sale at my website between now and midnight on Sunday night will be sent to the Ukrainian Red Cross (50%) and Vostok.sos (50%). https://www.pluginguru.com/products/united-for-ukraine-unify-100-fundraiser-library/ My heart goes out to those struggling in war torn cities that were completely normal 3 weeks ago - I can't even imagine how difficult it must be in freezing temperatures with no electricity, food or in many cases even solid walls in their homes. I have relationships with a number of truly amazing people in Ukraine that have sent me recordings they've made on their phones in the dark as bombs are going off all around them - I can fathom that reality, but that is what they are facing. Please help if you can. The UNITED Library has 1GB of fresh new content including a bunch of Razor Samples I was saving for another library, a bunch of TB style basses, GuruNationβ„’ members Kendall W Cochran III and Allen Somerlot contributed some IN-Freaking-Credible Recycle Drum Loops, I made a new NEVER SURRENDER Drum kit and the library wraps up with new synth Pluck and INSANELY GREAT Synth Patches from Razor I sampled. You can buy UNITED V1 at 1 of 4 prices: $30, $60, $125 or $250. Please pay whatever you are comfortable with - this library comes without a license number and installs the same as all our other libraries. ALSO: This library is a COMMUNITY PROGRAMING EVENT. So that means over the coming weeks, you can make patches and send them to us and we'll add them to a COMMUNITY BONUS Library for UNITED V1. More details to come. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Live stream link (from Saturday 12pm PDT). UPDATE: John added my Unified Generate factory library and Doug's Unified Spire factory library to the Unify web page. It wasn't mentioned in the email but John covered them in the livestream.
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