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  1. boo boo boo ... boo boo boo boo ... BOO!!!!
  2. which reminds me of the last time I had a random thought. I was curious about where in the Auditorium I needed to put the mics to get the best sound for my acoustic Taylor guitar. I sat a chair about half way and had my grand son play a chord. There was an interesting reverberation I liked but I could hear the sound bouncing from several directions and lingering too long. Just about that time I heard a pigeon on stage fluttering . The pigeon cooed but all I heard was one coo sound and no boucncing off the walls. I turned to my grandson and told him " a coo sticks"
  3. It’s deafensnately better cuz instead of thump there’s a “ dong dong dong “ sound
  4. Safari so good. I changed the strings on the Paul and when I play a string now there is no longer a thud! That’s gotta be good right?
  5. I Shure hope so cuz ifn I wasn’t I’ve rationed my Becan for nothing
  6. True I Am forced to cut my Becan into half servings and freeze for future use the strings haven’t been changed since 2017
  7. Random thought - I should change the strings on these guitars!
  8. Shouldn’t I have that version too?
  9. I like this Avatar It could be cuz he has more teeth than I do certainly more handsome or are I?
  10. Come on Ed, Shirley you love Am as we do. Join the bandwagan. Learn to love Am those whom know and love Am Am I herd that somewhere buy can't remember where
  11. I Am innosent of any charges inyouindos and or accuzasions but I do have a new book out inspired by Bapu! Get yours today you deserve it!
  12. I want to thank Steve for awarding me the tittle of SWB
  13. Maybe we should start a poll to decide which members should or shouldn’t use their real picture
  14. That’s why you fit into the “ That’s why I don’t use my picture for my Avatar “ club. I Am a member too It’s easy to see whom is and whom isn’t in the club
  15. I interrupt this message for an impotent massage I Am forced to be shopping with XX. Time is moving extremely slow and I Am having an incredible urge to check NFL scores lt’s one of those “ does this make me look fat ?” shopping trips where I have no say on what we are shopping for
  16. “Actually my real avatar is more scary than Bub” OMG ! Y ou’re right!!!!
  17. My bad beside your name
  18. You know that thing that’s in the corner above your name
  19. I Am dog gone back at the Doctors office oldmonia again I guess I could just say I have Covid-19 but I Am not dead yet
  20. It’s obvious to me XX was present for the question and I don’t want to burn any bridges
  21. Can I change my answer to 2 and a half?
  22. fixeded! pizza beer is what it is. Same as fries with ketchup and stuffing with turkey Becan with everything I often get belch wellington if it eat too much. It doesn't ever matter what kind of beer cept that you like it. My preference is Amber Beer
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