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  1. You need to wear a mask while you use those viral drums!
  2. MY KIND OF MUSIC!!!! I assume this is in Am Yeti another favorite song of mine!!!!
  3. How may I acquire such emojis for my own. Thanks for any help on this matter in advance THANKS!
  4. I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY I Wissshhhh youu asa Hhapppyy Birrrrthdayyyyy and many free beers!!!! and ice cream and cake Have a GREAT DAY Bapu!!!!!
  5. You have to be very careful of over groomimg
  6. The Greatest rock band of all time
  7. I found Becan in fridge so I Am having Becan eggs toast with raspberry preserves coffee with pineapple juice and a bearclaw pastry
  8. Now that You mention i find myself strangely smiling at the photos
  9. Thanks for the info Shane! They like the new house. I hope they’re not in a bad hurricane area. I think Sandy went though there. I know they’re not very far from the coast. I’m looking forward to visiting and seeing my grandkids again
  10. My oldest daughter is moving to a place I’ve never heard of. She says I will love and come visit for sea food. They have gumbo up there? I Am looking forward to a seafood platter! I won’t be able to go till at least summer. Plus I’d have to save awhile too cuz I’d be driving
  11. Well for God's sake don't mix up your IUD with an ICBM. Looks like a fish hook to me
  12. That's it! the Eee Wee Gee Bees !!!
  13. Oar Eee Zee Gee Bees but I prefur Eee Gee Bee Gees
  14. I was touring the South in a Southern Rock band when this came out. I was in a motel overnight in Mississippi when Lynard Skinnard's plane crashed that night just 20 miles from the motel.
  15. I vote for the band name of Eee Bee Gee Bees
  16. Cela me rappelle le moment où je jouais de la percussion dans un orchestre à l'époque.
  17. Which reminds me, I had an incident yesterday. I was thrown out of the local park just for arranging squirrels by their height They had the gall to accuse me of critter sizing!
  18. Reminds me of the Telecasters. I like it!
  19. The picture above and one with 4 people , in each corner , facing away from each other looking down is posted in all the elevators in the local hospitals in my city after walking around the hospital today and getting on several elevators I got an eerie feeling I was in a sci-fi movie I wanted a picture with the 4 people in each corner but I was leaving and didn't want to go back
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