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  1. Spitfire makes great stuff, I probably still have some credit card debt from purchasing Spitfire Mural years ago. Will have to try.
  2. Hey guys I'm resurrecting this thread for a few reasons: 1.) We have some new plugins: My Organ Adam Monroe's Rotary Organ and a pretty good free organ that was just released, Collab3. 2.) I've made a shootout video comparing 11 B3 organ plugins, including the ones previously mentioned in this thread: 8Dio Vintage Studio Organ Acousticsamples B5 v2 Adam Monroe's Rotary Organ Air Music Technology DB-33 Arturia B3-V Collab 3 GG Audio Blue3 GSi VB3-II Native Instruments Vintage Organs IK Multimedia Hammond B3-X Logic Pro Vintage B3 3)This thread ranks pretty high in search results. I did my best to try and do a fair comparison - no added EQ, just presets, drawbar settings, and built-in effects. There is a solo section as well as a bunch of "in the mix" sections where I feel you can really hear how the different Leslie simulations fit into a mix. Coincidentally, the shootout was done in Cakewalk, because I love me some Cakewalk.
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