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  1. If you wish to use the RealTek chip you have a couple of choices

    1. Leave ASIO configured for your primary interface and use WASAPI Shared or Exclusive driver mode (Preferences > Audio > Playback and Recording) when running the RealTek or

    2. Deselect all input and output drivers in Preference > Audio > Devices before making new input/output selections. Then review the rest of the audio configuration to verify it picked up the device change and all the device specific settings are correct.

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  2. 7 hours ago, Jordi said:

    For some reason in audio settings windows, only can select 16 bits 48khz my Motu Ultralite. 

    That's OK, the bit setting in Windows does not affect the DAW.


    7 hours ago, Jordi said:

    I don't understand about how i can configure the audio settings in windows to use Asio drivers,

    There is no setting in Windows to select the driver. The driver selection is made by the program needing to talk to the device.

    Most Windows programs do not use ASIO instead relying on native Windows drivers. 

    ASIO drivers are mostly used by audio and video tools. Some web browsers can use ASIO too.

    The choice of driver, if there is one, is part of the program setup like it is in CbB.

  3. 2 hours ago, Lord Tim said:

    On the rare occasions that I think "Ah crap, forgot a synth part" I'll go through and disable any effects that introduce latency until it's fine and back at the mix stage again.

    Another approach if one has to record late in the process is

    • bounce the project down to a scratch track
    • archive everything except the scratch track (bypass FX on the master bus if any)
    • record new stuff

    once the recording is done

    • unarchive all the working tracks/buses (enable FX on the master bus if any)
    • archive or delete the scratch track 
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  4. I would normally respond to this

    6 minutes ago, fret walker said:

    I deselect the Realtek driver, hit apply, and it just reverts back to realtek. 

    Deselect both input and output in CbB Audio driver preferences BEFORE making a new selection.

    But this

    8 minutes ago, fret walker said:

    I've  disabled drivers, uninstalled the realtek drivers, reinstalled Cakewalk, reinstalled the Presonus Universal Control with drivers, nothing works. I did see Presonus installer complained about McAfee firewall so I turned that off and turned off Windows Defender firewall and reinstalled. No luck. 

    Leads me to suspect a much bigger problem with system configuration.

    Why would there ever be two firewalls running? One is enough to mess with installers.


  5. The delay is likely due to audio buffering.

    The buffers you have control over are

    • the Mixing Latency settings in Preference > Audio > Device Settings (or software supplied by the hardware manufacture) and
    • Plug-in Delay Compensation - some plug-ins require time for processing. The DAW uses PDC to keep everything in sync. Toggle the FX button in the Mix Module. as a quick test for PDC induced latency. If bypassing FX noticeably reduces latency, then one or more plug-ins somewhere in the project are the cause. Usual suspects are dynamics processors and IR-based reverbs. Consider temporarily bypassing the plug-ins or replacing them with less resource intensive plug-ins during recording. Also review the PDC button page.
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  6. 16 minutes ago, Jonathan Sasor said:

    Okay, it should be working now, go ahead and give it another try.

    CbB 2022.11  & 2021.12

    SONAR 2017.10

    SONAR X3

    SONAR X2

    all seem OK now


    I no longer have MC installed



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  7. 3 minutes ago, bitflipper said:

    Open Preferences and go to File -> VST Settings.

    1. Under the Scan Options section, click Reset

    2. Check the Generate Scan Log option

    3. Re-scan


    If the instruments still aren't there, open the scan log with Notepad and search on their file names (e.g. keyscape.dll) and see if they are even mentioned. If not, then the appropriate folders are not included in your scan path. If they are mentioned, see if their initializations failed or succeeded. 

    These options are not available to the OP

    7 hours ago, Raquel Cruz said:

    Yes, I'm using sonar platinum

    unless they are willing to upgrade to CbB

  8. 15 minutes ago, HIBI said:

    ACECORE.DLL is a library used by Microsoft Office


    The OP has a bad scan path defined in CbB Preference > File > VST Settings

    If you need help cleaning up the scan path post an image your VST Settings

    The scan path should only contain paths with VST2 and VST3 plug-ins.

    Every folder in the scan path is searched for plug-ins not just the top level provided in preferences.


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