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  1. Yes, CbB automatically loads TTS-1 and performs the necessary setup to play a MIDI file using TTS-1 if there are no MIDI output devices selected in preferences. If there is a MIDI output device selected, CbB simply opens the MIDI file and does not load TTS-1.
  2. While waiting for the buttons, keep in mind the functions may be bound to keyboard shortcuts in preferences.
  3. In order to make an existing audio+MIDI track pair into an instrument track when the MIDI track has a drum map: remove the drum map, typically by pointing the MIDI track to the synth make the instrument track open the MIDI tab for the instrument track in the Inspector (in the video below, I had to change focus from and back to the instrument track to repaint the inspector) re-add the drum map
  4. Manual scan is fine. It is the rescan options that slow the scan down. The rescan options should be enabled only when trying to solve specific scanning problem and then immediately turned off.
  5. Both "rescan" options in preferences should be turned off. Not just the rescan for existing plug-ins. The image in the link shows the default scan options. Are yours different? If so, how? Does the scan toast actually show the plug-ins begin scanned? That is not normal. With the rescan options turned off, plug-ins should be scanned once.
  6. Just checked using CbB 2019-01 ( Don't have a problem switching between the default "Sort By" and custom layouts I created for FX and synths in the browser or FX Racks.
  7. I run CbB without running as administrator and all my VST plug-ins are installed in the default "C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Vstplugins" directory. The problem with DSK Electrik GuitarZ is that it is trying to write into its folder. This is another reason to avoid synthedit plug-ins. Not only are they stuck at 32bit but they perform operations like this. All the plug-ins I have that write to disk do so without forcing the plug-in binary be installed outside of the CbB default location or VST3 specified location which is also in "C:\Program Files."
  8. Looks like a plug-ins made with synthedit. It may require running CbB as administrator. Personally, I avoid using 32bit plug-ins whenever possible. This includes plug-ins made with synthedit.
  9. Yes, the MIDI data has to go to somewhere to get rendered into audio (either a hardware or software synth) and that audio has to get routed to an audio track in project for the DAW to send it to your audio interface.
  10. Yeah, the image is easier to read but it was pretty obvious from the uploaded image what was going on by the track icons. The MIDI track is currently pointing to the MS GS Wavetable synth. That was the only part that I could not make out. You need to get the MIDI data in that track pointed to the soft synth. There are several solutions provided in my first reply and the reply immediately below mine. If you find yourself working with a lot of MIDI files and do not use hardware synths, you may want to disable all MIDI output devices. Then opening MIDI files in CbB will automatically use TTS-1 the GM soft synth bundled with CbB. As a rule, avoiding the MS GS Wavetable synth is a good idea. You still need to add an additional audio tracks when replacing one of instruments in TTS-1 with a different synth but the routing will be a little more obvious.
  11. I use various combinations of instrument, audio+MIDI and instrument+MIDI for soft synths depending on the circumstances. But cannot say I have ever used or read about one using one for the sole purpose of playing MIDI data in another track. Are you using a separate MIDI track to feed the instrument track like @abacab suggest? It does not seem so because of AFAIK, the reasons cited are the some of the reasons for using instrument tracks but are not reasons for using separate MIDI tracks to drive instrument tracks.
  12. You really changed from audio+MIDI tracks in 2008 to instrument+MIDI tracks when working with soft synths? I know many like to keep MIDI tracks together but do not recall ever reading a post where one regularly used instrument tracks in the manner you describe. Please explain the advantages of using instrument+MIDI track over audio+MIDI tracks (the only solution available for years in SONAR)? I have been using this stuff for a few years myself but am always eager to learn something new.
  13. Insert the a synth from the main menu (Insert > Soft Synth), from the track view context menu (right click in the empty space below the track headers), the + at the top of the synth rack or drag the synth from the browser. Use the Insert Soft Synth Options dialog to select an audio track (if one does not exist for the SC88). After adding the synth, point the MIDI track output drop down to the soft synth. To use the existing SC88 audio track if it exists, skip adding the audio track in the "Insert Soft Synth Options" dialog and set the input of the existing audio track to the soft synth.
  14. It is true, often there are several ways to accomplish the same thing and there may be no best way. That said, I seriously doubt you have ever created an empty instrument track and only used it to play an existing MIDI track.
  15. Pointing the MIDI track to the instrument track is expedient and will work but denies the OP a clear understanding of how the DAW is intended to be used. The reason the OP ended up with an instrument track in the first place is because they selected the wrong options when inserting the synth or used the Add Track menu which does not provide the most flexible track setup when adding a synth to a project. When working with existing MIDI tracks the best way to add a synth is not with the Add Track menu but any of the other methods that use the "Insert Soft Synth Options" dialog. These include Inserting a synth from the main menu, from the track view context menu, the synth rack or dragging the synth from the browser. All of these will display the "Insert Soft Synth Options" dialog allowing the user to select the track(s) they want to add to the project. In this case, it would just be an audio track. Then after adding the synth with audio track and pointing the MIDI output to the synth, the user can convert that to an instrument track by clicking on either the MIDI or audio track selecting make instrument track, if that is how they choose to work. While I have no problem with down and dirty solutions when one understands what they are doing, shortcuts like this are a disservice to one just starting out and trying to learn how the DAW works.
  16. There is no point in having this discussion here. There is no Cakewalk Anniversary Mac Edition. AFAIK, there are no plans for one. There is a thread requesting a Mac version in the feedback loop area. If you wish to continue this discussion, please do so over there.
  17. Uploaded images get resized making them difficult to see if they contain too much data. Use an image server (ex. imgur.com) and post links to the images bounded by img tags to have images display without resizing. What I can tell from the image is track 11 is an instrument track. An instrument track is a hybrid make up of a MIDI track and audio track where the MIDI input section and audio output sections are displayed as a single track. If you want to use the instrument track as is, select the MIDI clips in track 4 and while holding the SHIFT key drag the clips into the instrument track 11. Another way to use the existing track is right-click in the track 11 header and choose split instrument track, delete the MIDI track created from track 11, set the track 4 output to the DSK Electrik GuitarZ and set the input on the audio track created from track 11 to DSK Electrik GuitarZ
  18. The program comes with a pdf and built-in help with examples of how to use it. The tool can add practically anything to the CbB Utilities menu. I wrote the program partially in response to a post in this thread about using iZotope RX with SONAR. I do not have RX but imagine it is setup using the Tool Editor like any wave editor.
  19. After running the installer manually (instead of using the Command Center) either run the stand alone DP or the DAW as administrator to register the synth.
  20. I would start with the lens drop down set to None This lets you see the entire UI.
  21. Select the notes and set the channel in the Event Inspector Module
  22. The Tools Editor is not included with SONAR or CbB. It is something I wrote. It is free to use. A copy may be downloaded from my Google page.
  23. Here is a link to a discussion about this on the old forum. I am not sure if b rock ever made his Rapture program for Lucky Man available but I saved fr4ncesco's version. The original link is bad in the thread. I just uploaded the prog file and added it to the top my Google page. enjoy
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