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  1. Use the Track's Edit Filter to select the appropriate envelope for editing
  2. TTS-1 never supported anything higher than 96kHz. It runs at 44.1, 48 and 96kHz only. At 96kHz the plug-ins must be set to light load mode which is a per-instance session setting. There is a bug with the on/off button in the tone section. Pretty sure it has been broken for some time. This plug-in was made in Japan by Roland. Cakewalk never had the source code so BandLab does not either. You could try installing the 64bit TTS-1 bundled with SONAR 6 and see if it works better.
  3. CbB is quite an upgrade from SHS and it is supported. To compare SHS to CbB use this matrix through ProChannel (except for the Boz Digital PC moules). CbB has all the features as Platinum with a years worth of updates. CbB does not include all the plug-ins bundled with Platinum. Here are the plug-ins included with CbB. Plug-ins bundled with SHS will work in CbB.
  4. Studio Instrument series are all sfz engine synths. It is possible to alter the existing sfz files and replace the samples referenced in the sfz files but it is not possible to add new sfz files or programs to the synths. Before modifying the sfz files or samples, make sure to backup the original files.. I have no experience with Steven Slate products.
  5. The gray areas purpose is to advise that there is an active selection in the project and where the selection is in time.
  6. either use the form in the previous message or email support@cakewalk.com
  7. Synth Preview Output uses the synths in the project.
  8. I remember discussing this with AAS. They may hard code the Cakewalk path in their installers. IIRC, they claimed there was some problem if they did not do it. Another thing to check is VSTPluginsPath in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VST. Some installers use the path in this entry. Some modify the entry.
  9. Double check were AAS installs dlls. In the past, I have seen it duplicate files putting them in the manufacturer folder under the VST folder and in the root of the VST folder. Not a big deal but one copy of the of binaries is enough.
  10. The binding was removed years ago to prevent users from accidentally enabling the feature. By default "O" is free and the function is not bound so it is possible to create the old shortcut.
  11. To see the standard header for a 32bit VST, hold the ALT key while opening the plug-in UI. Usually the standard header window opens behind the plug-in UI window. That said you would be better off Installing the 64bit version of Guitar Rig and any other plug-ins that have been updated to 64bit.
  12. Enable the plug-in's MIDI Input in the VST2/3 drop down above the plug-in UI Add a MIDI track, set the input to your controller, output to the plug-in and enable input echo
  13. Might want to check out To set channel on selected notes
  14. Starting with X3 the option was replaced with Always Stream Through FX
  15. position the mouse on the envelope between nodes and CTRL+drag
  16. Cakewalk never sold Adaptive Limiter separately. BandLab has not released their version of the plug-in.
  17. Are Windows and SONAR set to the same sample rate? Does X3 work with the internal sound chip?
  18. Probably won't make a difference... Rename AUD.ini in %appdata%\Cakewalk\<SONAR version> Try other driver modes
  19. Recycle plug-in windows is documented near the bottom of this page
  20. Search the old forum. I am sure there are other replies like this one http://forum.cakewalk.com/FindPost/3286635
  21. I did not make it clear that the initial click must be released to select the region before click-dragging the nodes. Failing to perform the initial click causes all nodes to move.
  22. Using the smart tool when the icon changes near the top of the clip, click to select the region between the two nodes then drag to set the level like this
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