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  1. BandLab (the company) offers two DAWs BandLab - a web based DAW Cakewalk by BandLab - the successor to SONAR
  2. CbB was created from SONAR Platinum code. Since that time the DAW has received numerous fixes and enhancements. CbB does not include many of the plug-ins and other content bundled with SONAR Platinum, however; it will take advantage of the plug-ins and content bundled with any 64bit versions of SONAR installed on the PC.
  3. To be clear, content bundled with SONAR Platinum is not included with CbB but features and bug fixes added after X3 are part of the DAW.
  4. Yes, perform a full install of SONAR X3, apply the patches to it then install CbB.
  5. Yes, CbB is much better than SONAR X3 Not in terms of content but in features and bug fixes. All of the content bundled installed SONAR X3 is available in CbB.
  6. Base Octave for Pitches But I usually change the labels in the step sequencer with a drum map or step sequencer template. Would be nice if the SS were updated to read alternate names from master.ins like the PRV.
  7. Not for updating or re-activating CbB BA still provides a front end to their sample library and BandLab DAW.
  8. Starting with 2020.09, CbB has an in-app update feature. This is a better option than running BA for updates.
  9. Yes, the ASIO Panel button has been part of the DAW for decades before it became CbB. Prior to CbB 2019.11, it was the only way to access manufacturer supplied ASIO configuration tools from inside the DAW. Starting with CbB 2019.11, the Buffer Size slider above the ASIO Panel button allows users to change buffer size without opening the manufacture's software, for drivers supporting the feature. In your case, this slider is disabled. This is why @Noel Borthwick and I wrote that implementing the feature request likely would not benefit your current setup. The method of connecting the audio interface to the PC does not matter. The driver's ability to accept buffer size requests from the DAW matters and it appears the Creative Driver lacks this function. Opening preferences, launching the ASIO tool and changing buffer sizes is well within AHK's capabilities though.
  10. While a little more at Plugin Boutique and AudioDeluxe, they both over virtual cash and PB includes their freebie of the month. Both are good values for a very useful suite of tools. While I mostly use the stand alone editor, the plug-ins can be real handy. Especially if your DAW does not include similar plug-ins.
  11. The feature was added in 2019.11 http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=NewFeatures.053.html
  12. One problem as @Noel Borthwick noted above is not all ASIO drivers respond to buffer change requests from the DAW. In fact, you are using is one of the those drivers. This is why the buffer size slider is disabled in the images you posted. So even if the feature was added, your current setup would not benefit from the change. The best solution for now is scripting. Using Autohotkey or similar should be able to automate the process of changing buffer size.
  13. for now it's the aforementioned "Save as" which may be performed into the current project folder and mix recall.
  14. a few cents less at everyplugin
  15. remove the Realtek entry from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ASIO
  16. If not explicitly mentioned in the documentation, it is extremely unlikely the driver supports it. If not documented, contact Presonus support for confirmation.
  17. Here are the paid PC modules http://www.cakewalk.com/Products/By-Category/ProChannel-Modules Softube broke all their PC modules over a year ago and have no plans to fix them. The Overloud VKFX modules while still available from Overload do not contain the PC modules. The version containing the PC modules was only available at the Cakewalk store. Boz Digital still supply the PC modules for their +db and Hoser XT plug-ins.
  18. $99 at Plugin Boutique https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/3-Studio-Tools/51-Audio-Restoration-/6737-RX-8-Standard-Crossgrade-from-any-paid-iZotope-product-including-Exponential-Audio-
  19. The bundled Sonitus plug-ins are 64bit DX format. The 32bit VST version of the Sonitus Suite was never bundled with SONAR. It was a separate purchase, They never ported the 32bit VST plug-ins to 64bit. The 32bit DX plug-ins were ported to 64bit. There is no bridge software for DX plug-ins.
  20. The current versions are shown in https://www.arturia.com/support/downloads&manuals Hover over the download link to see the name of the installer.
  21. Try after removing the Realtek entry or Start with just the Yamaha entry, startup CbB then add back the others one at a time each time starting up the DAW (Realtek last of course)
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