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  1. Check the Windows Event Viewer
  2. @msmcleod no workspaces were used to make the gif above
  3. change the names of the piano keyboard to drum names the small dialogue window pops up for kit selection. Select any one from the list the piano notes change to drum names, as expected. click on a drum note to edit it and ......... poof ....... the drum note names change back to the piano roll keyboard.
  4. scook

    Bandlab Login Fails

    This image shows an older version of CbB. Update it to see the refresh activation option.
  5. scook

    Bandlab Login Fails

    BandLab Assistant is not needed for updates or refreshing authorization (unless the PC is not connected to the internet). The functions are available on the CbB help menu.
  6. scook

    Keying latentcy

    All the power and stability in the world does not matter. Some plug-ins must see into the future in order to react to in a timely manner. From page 19 of the LP-EQ manual From the TS-64 documentation
  7. scook

    Keying latentcy

    There are two sources of "MIDI" latency and neither has anything to do with MIDI audio buffer size plug-in delay compensation If running the minimum usable ASIO buffer, try bypassing all FX using the FX button in the Mix Module. If the latency goes away, the problem is PDC. Either bypass, freeze (or bounce and archive) the plug-ins that need PDC or use the PDC button in the Mix Module for live input PDC override This is meaningless if running in ASIO driver mode. Profiling is only useful for modes other than ASIO.
  8. Email service from the old Cakewalk site was shut down when the site was archived in 2017 Password reset requires contacting support@cakewalk.com
  9. Confirmed Also, alternate note names are not persistent Close and re-open the PRV and the note names settings is lost. Close and re-open a project and PRV alternate note names are lost.
  10. I just tested with Edge in Win10. The links are OK.
  11. is Display Muted Takes in Parent Track enabled
  12. Rather than mess with preferences, I use a directory junction to relocate where projects are physically stored.
  13. While it is true instrument tracks only have the audio FX rack visible in the track view, the MIDI FX rack for an instrument track is accessible using the MIDI tab in the track inspector.
  14. IDK, I have the full version of REmatrix. Picked it up in a group buy years ago.
  15. FWIW, I have never specified a user folder for IRs. I gave up on adding IRs to Overloud products well before they added this feature. The Blackstar Studio IR Pack is an expansion pack not user IRs. I first checked ProgramData for the IR database but when it was not there remembered they also used the public user folder. I like REmatrix but have mostly abandoned convolution in favor of algorithmic reverbs.
  16. Yes, Blackstar+Studio.rematrix contains the "BLACKSTAR STUDIO.rir" and two banks of presets for REmatrix.
  17. I have the full version of REmatrix. The "BLACKSTAR STUDIO.rir" (a SQLite database of IRs) is in C:\Users\Public\Documents\Overloud\REmatrix\IRLibraries along with the Factory.rir.
  18. Maybe the Zero Controllers When Play Stops setting It is hard to tell from the info provided.
  19. make sure to keep a copy of the expansion pack for future use.
  20. AFAIK, plug-ins originally developed for UAD do not have a preset manager. They rely on the manager supplied by UAD. Maybe one day they will add a preset manager to their native plug-ins. Softube started doing this a few years ago.
  21. This is an REmatrix expansion pack not just IRs. Add it just like any other expansion pack (IOW drop the file on the plug-in UI)
  22. REmatrix Solo can only load one IR at a time and has no facility to load Overload REmatrix expansion packs. The full and free versions of REmatrix can load multiple IRs at a time.
  23. Contact support@cakewalk.com https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021858293-What-happened-to-Cakewalk-SONAR-What-happens-to-everything-I-paid-for-
  24. For REmatrix and the free Rematrix player
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