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  1. Once drummers find out the lead singer and guitar player get most of the girls , drummers get desperate and start beating things out of necessity ... Kenny
  2. "Nobody puts bay leaf in a korma". Steve ! sorry about the head crop I got to work w what I got ..... Kenny
  3. Shhhh don't tell anyone , A few of his licks may have made their way into this recording. 2 days before I recorded this tune I nicked every lick I could off Pat Martino's recording of The Great Stream .... Thank you for the complement on my guitar playing . I have always Loved Pat Martino . Hi Bill , I'm glad you got a chance to listen to this as I know you have a long history of playing Jazz Guitar .. Like you , I am all about the playing . I spend a lot of my music time doing the same type of things you do. I'm grateful you made it over here and took the time . BTW , I did enjoy your other post ...I thought it was funny . all the best , Kenny
  4. I Like your tune . This is the type of groove I love to play over and listen to .. Crits ? nah , I'm digging the listen so far ...Oh wait on second thought if you ever do the 17 min version I want to play on that one ... Kenny
  5. This may be the first song of yours that I have given a listen to. Overall yeah , nice one . Love the first time the arpeggio synth comes in . As I listen I find your tune has 2 things going on that elevate it in my mind . 1, it has a visual vibe to it , in sections I found myself placing mental images to your music . 2, Some of your melodies and parts of your songs arrangement have hinted along an Epic type of Musical Vibe ...Thematic in Nature I suspect that you could probably do some tweaks to your instrument choices and arrangement to flesh out a few rather nice off spring's and variations of this song . As far as some of the other things mentioned.... the cymbals and all ....I would only consider that to be putting sprinkles on what you have here ...for some people that may be enough ... At some point I would urge you to rerecord this song using as many real musicians as you can enlist to collab w you ....sort of thing you do when the time is right . The Sax , Bass , and Drum parts played by real players w chops could easily bring your tune a number of notch s over the top . Another thing to consider is your song could also use some rhythm gtr and drama based melodic doubling of the sax melody w guitar .. keys or both .... Someone mentioned any vocal planed ? that person gave you good advice to consider ... BTW I do know my feedback may be out of reach conceptually at the moment ...we all do the best we can with what we have . To me your tune sounds like you work alone . That is why I'm suggesting you consider my suggestions at a future date .... Wouldn't you want your music to represent and take on the momentum of metamorphosing itself into a vehicle of self expression that includes becoming a part of something much more greater than yourself ? I know I would .... I did enjoy the listen . all the best Kenny
  6. hi erwic , thanks man . Hi kakku , I'm glad you like what I'm playing on the guitar with this tune . Back in the day I knew how to play like this , the thing is it took a number of years for me to get here where I could do so effortlessly . The main difference after all the time has passed is being able to play within a zone where I have a lot of extra chops on Tap ... Thanks for the song listen . Kenny
  7. He was a very decent person in real life . He took the time to console and help me out once ... RIP Dr John Kenny
  8. Hi Paul , I never know if my playing can reach someone and affect them positively unless I post an example of my playing . In this case I'm glad I did . Thank You very much for the kind words you said . ... Kenny
  9. I'm pleased you enjoyed listening to my guitar playing ... thank you for commenting. Kenny
  10. Thank you for the kind word Steve ! I really do appreciate it. Hi Lynn, I'm glad you liked what I played here . I don't talk about it much these days , but there was a time when I was playing and jamming with some pretty heavy name Jazz Guitar players ... It seems I was the runt of the litter in the NYC Jazz Guitar World .The players I was jamming and playing with were spanking my left and right butt cheeks clear off my body into oblivion every time I got together with them . Besides keeping up on the guitar , I had to learn how to sew my butt back on with a needle and thread . Eventually I got smart and just started using Velcro instead ... Thank you for the song listen and the kind word all the best, Kenny
  11. Son it is not a sin to be attracted to those 3 female Bag Pipe Players ... You are a man of flesh and blood are you not ? It is even OK w the Boss upstairs that you almost thought about waxing the Bishop as a Tribute in their honor .. At least you had the self restraint to keep it in the holster and find another creative outlet ...you played some guitar didn't you ? FWIW you did come close to a full blown transgression but you averted it and stayed out of trouble .( for now ) As you Father , I must insist you listen carefully to what I am about to say to you. If you ever decide to start playing the Bagpipes .The Boss and I will throw the book at you . Kenny
  12. 🤣 Hey Jesse you are right . That is not my Duke . I did think the picture was funny .. Lets see if we can spot the differences ... A pic of Not Duke ...no smile A pic of the Real Duke . Yes he's happy . It is easy to tell . He is showing his big sloppy smile and and a slightly protruding body part . Kenny
  13. 😂 How dare you say that about yourself Bill . You got a Les , You were able to build The Guitar Wall . You got a XX and you can play ... I'm just used to saying thread . I got to go Granny wants me to double dip while we run the bagpipe u tube video again . Kenny
  14. This Thread is certainly entertaining Now that I have been thoroughly inspired by The Trio of Virtuoso Unobtainable Never in my Lifetime Ever Female Curvaceous Delectable Wiminez that Execute Lighting Fast Dance Moves while playing the Bag Pipes . I have decided to lower my standards and squeeze an old Hag ... I'm a coming Granny I will see you at Bingo tomorrow Night ...After Bingo ...make sure you keep the room Extra Dark ...lol Kenny
  15. You put into words VIA your song how I feel sometimes . The second I walk out my front door it's like a bad dream or a free for all out there . Yeah , I sure hope Mr Together lands on his feet ...same goes for me lol Kenny
  16. That was very nice . I wish my guitar sounded that good . Kenny
  17. Thank You Wookiee for the Crown . Now I can hide the thinning Gray Treeline 😂 I'm glad to be back into playing again . It is always a pleasure to interact with you . I hope all is well for you . The Backing track I played over Kenny
  18. Hi Guys , I will not rest until I get Crowned as The New King of the Elevator Guitar players ...( I'm only kidding or am I ...hhhmmmm ) Here is some smooth Bop inspired lines I played on my guitar over a laid back Twanger Central BT ... I hope you fall asleep lol I mean I hope you enjoy my guitar playing and lines . Kenny
  19. Hey Dave , thanks for posting this video. After about 2 mins of listening while staring at a non moving picture I wound up listening to this while surfing around at some guitar sites . It was a good listen in that regard , Glad I went there . all the best , Kenny
  20. Have A Happy birthday Mesh and Daryl . all the best , From me and Duke .
  21. Every Guitar I have ever played usually came with a G string on it as standard equipment . Edible Undies cost extra lol Kenny
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