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  1. Copyright and Trademarks .....What the heck is all that anyway ? That Jimmy guy stole my whole look and only paid me one banana. Meanwhile he made a fortune . Kenny
  2. Hi Grem , I'm glad you liked the story I told because every detail in the story is true ... Kenny
  3. I used to love listening to traditional Celtic music( where I used to live in N Y C there were a lot of places to play and hear it live ) ... Anyway back to topic . The band in the video sounds Great ... Nice find , real modern sounding , Gary Moore would sound Great over that Kenny
  4. Why not just put up a clip of your playing ? you can always pull it down long after the thread is gone Kenny
  5. Hmmm, Interesting A few of my tube amps have exhibited those symptoms ...in my case I put up with it long enough to pick up some electronic cleaner and eventually I will take the amp out of the chassis / enclosure to spray and clean everything I can ...work the knobs and switches and check all connections I guess to have it done right you may need to take it to a tech and have them go through the whole amp ...clean the pots , re tube and change the old capacitors... Kenny
  6. Say that looks pretty cool ... Have you made one ? if you have how is it ? Kenny
  7. Yes there is no doubt , Kobe definitely walked the talk he gave in that motivational video .... Oh Lawd ! after watching the video a few times .... I'm still trying to figure out how to tie my shoelaces . Kenny
  8. I'm posting this here because Kobe was a Genius and a teachers teacher ... Everything he said in this video is great advice and works for Music .... After hearing what he said here , I wish I did more . Kenny
  9. who else ? Don't forget Grandma Inge Ginsberg Kenny
  10. . Kenny ( Someone just put 5 bucks in the tip jar and requested this tune!😁 )
  11. Good for you ! I'm learning a lot from his videos . Kenny
  12. I sure hope you gave "Polly " a cracker after he learned and sang all them Hip Chord changes . Kenny
  13. I went all in on The Guitar exercises for chromatically approaching triads ...I have been working on that one for days ..it is coming along rather nicely ... any one else ? Kenny
  14. No , The Square Guitar I posted in the other picture didn't have a case to go with it ... When I went to pay for the Square guitar I had seen the case you mentioned under a pile of old linens and blankets . I asked the elderly woman who was selling the Square guitar "what was in the old beat up case underneath the pile?" She told me it "was just a piece of junk guitar she had laying around the house" . Her story was it was left there abandoned from the previous home owners from when she had bought the house and moved in over 50 years ago . I asked her if it was OK to take a look at what she had in the case . She told me she was tired of moving it around and wanted to be done with it Then she told me to kick in another 20 bucks and I could have that guitar under the pile w the case too ... With out missing a beat I kicked in the extra Andrew Jackson , said my goodbys to the elderly woman , and promptly left w out even bothering to look inside the old beat up Guitar case .... When I had gotten home this is the guitar I found inside that old beat up brown guitar case w stickers all over it ... Oh Yeah ! for $20 bucks extra I think I did pretty good .... Kenny
  15. Hi Mesh , Yes ! The Soul Scale exercises for Improvisation is a very good lesson . The info in The Soul Scale exercises for Improvisation are bite sized and easy to remember while practicing away from the computer .... I spent a good deal of my time practicing the concepts of this video yesterday while I was looking around at some of the other videos he has up on his u tube . I did notice throughout the video I heard a little G Benson in there + some really hip country rock type of sounds in the Guitar playing ... This I heard when it went into the extended octave practice .. Great stuff , a real nice easy way to bump up the chops and have new things to practice and learn on the guitar . Thanks for posting the videos you have posted so far in this thread ...I'm into it .. all the best, Kenny
  16. I guess 2 Squares equals a rectangle ... If that's the case , I guess I can learn to like squares myself ... Kenny
  17. I may be a few years older than you and I mean no disrespect by bringing that up because back in my day all the musicians and friends I had would listen to music together as a group of people sharing the whole experience together . It was very rare someone would listen to music by themselves unless they were trying to copy what was on the record or learn something for a gig . It usually went some thing like this . The second someone bought a new record there would be 8 or 9 of us crowded into a small space listening to the NEW music together ... The same thing happened for equipment . When somebody bought a new guitar, amp or pedal it was the same thing 🥳 8 or 9 grimy sweaty paws looking to coop a feel on the new guitar ...amp or pedal . I do feel lucky I have seen the musicians I have seen ...I won't drop names yet I will say that Paul Kossoff left a lasting impression on me since back then ... I can still close my eyes and see and hear him in my minds eye ...man when that guy bent a note and put some vibrato on it he really got me on a core level ... tone to the bone in any event I have seen and heard just about everybody I wanted to see ... in a lot of cases I met and hung out with many of them too ....the old guard not the new guys ....the new guys are too stuck up lol come and get you some J B ..I'm ready for you are you ready for me ? ..lol Kenny
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