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  1. After reading The Coffee House thread on Vegan Bullying . Sara ! had a strong desire to protect her child and dog from the possibility of "The Cakewalk Coffee House " running out of Becan ! . Kenny
  2. I played my guitar and checked up on my dog who wound up waiting out the fireworks in the bathroom ... Kenny
  3. We should have gotten a much better cable TV and internet bundle because this show SUCKS Kenny
  4. I Love her attitude and Charisma Kenny
  5. I chalk that one up to human nature . IMHO , we all have those sort of issues concerning various struggles we may have to confront as individuals . How we deal with our success's or failures tells us and others a lot about who and what we are made of as individuals. Now if I was smart I would not say another word , I'm feeling the holiday crunch and I want to feel a part of the fellowship here so here goes a long winded story ...lol 2 years ago I quit smoking cigs exactly this time of year ... I would like to say virtue and will power played a part in that personal accomplishment but virtue and will power did not play a part at all ... The simple truth was I had gotten sick and had a cold that was heading into the middle stages of the flu .... I was having a hard time breathing as it was . Every time I took a drag off a cig I coughed myself into seeing stars and almost peeing in my shorts ...to make a long story short I said to myself I'm not trying to quit , I'll just take a wait and see attitude and not have a smoke when the desire hits me ...Admittedly it was tough , but coughing and putting a wet and gooey shart in my shorts was simply not an option ... A few days went by and the physical addiction to nicotine had loosened its grip on me .... I went w it and said OK lets see where this goes ....it has been 2 years of grace ....now what's the point of saying this ? I did not want to become one of those flaming pontificating a hole's that run around pounding their chest like Tarzan a top the highest tree in the jungle forcing their opinion on other kind folks of the jungle that have not had the good grace to have overcome the smoking habit ( or fill in the blank ) ...like I did ..it was by all accounts from my end an act of grace .... " Live and Let Live " In other News, Tarzan has recently set up a perimeter over by the rubber trees . He has brought in the big guns ...the lions , tigers , and elephants to guard that section of the Jungle Tarzan figures folks should learn how to get by w out the use of a motor vehicle ..he feels it's bad for the Jungle . Tonight he is holding a counsel meeting at 8 O clock sharp over by the fire pit to propose his new agenda . Tonight's topic will include a measure he plans to put forth stating folks need to learn how to swing on a Vine as their main form of transportation .Just like he does ...it's good for the Jungle. Kenny
  6. Loved the sound of your Guild . Also enjoyed listening to your guitar playing and song . Yeah you have a good touch and feel on the guitar ... all the best, Kenny
  7. Hi Mr Larry ! I'm in Awe of how you can come up with your composition , the phrases and all those Musical Variations ....WOW , I really enjoyed listening to your song "Guitars And Strings" just now . all the best, Kenny
  8. Hi Mark , The Jaguar is a very surprising Guitar ..If I had known what I know about them today and sent that information back in time to who I was when I first started playing the guitar , who knows ? my screen name here might have turned out too be Kenny W Jaguar Jazz 🤣 I'm happy I decided to post both version s of this song here on the forum . They both have their moments and I thank you for taking the time to listen to them both . Thank You garybrun ! Hi Tom! Thank you for the kind word Yes my R 8 is a very Sweet Ride ... I am so Lucky to have her . thank you for giving my music a listen . all the best , Kenny
  9. Hi Mark , You have some very beautiful interweaving sound elements and musical textures going on here with your song . At times your song sounds like it is the sound track to an uplifting celebration . Very Nice 👍 Kenny
  10. Hey Strummy ! Champian want's her Coffee cup back 🤣 Kenny
  11. I have way to many personal issues w authority when it come to dealing with the STAFF so I'm just going to listen to some good music instead . Kenny
  12. Hi Bjorn , For some Odd reason the desire to make a video snuck up on me out of the Blue with out any warning . I'm real glad you liked my guitar playing on this tune . I have no idea what I'm gonna play until I play it. What that means is If I want to play what I played in the video , I have to sit here and learn what I Played just to be able to play along w my own video ... Oh BTW , Good Luck on finding some of my melodic and harmonic content in that BOOK 🤣 thank you for the kindness of your comments . all the best, Kenny
  13. Hi All , A 2 for 1 The Sound Cloud audio file was done one day ago for my week 228 Twanger Central submission .... on that take I'm playing my Vintage Modified Jaguar On the u tube video I'm playing my R 8 historic Les Paul pretty much clean . All guitar parts was done in one take with no overdubs for both files . The u tube video I shot tonight a few hours ago on an impulse ... I hope someone enjoys the playing , Kenny
  14. Because “Soylent Green is vegans!” 🤣 Kenny
  15. 🤣 WOW ! I wonder if Costco ships the homeowners Windex purchase in a Tanker Truck after they buy it . Also make sure you search for rocks in your neighborhood ... when you find em ... do your self a favor and hide all the rocks 😉 Kenny
  16. OP , you may want to take a look at Studio One 4 Prime . https://shop.presonus.com/Studio-One-4-Prime Kenny
  17. Hi Larry , Nice to hear your music again , I enjoyed listening to you 2 guitar composition very much . Wow ! this one sounds great . ☺️ all the best, Kenny
  18. Hi Daryl , Merry Christmas to you and your collab mates . Your Fizzy Pickle song collaboration was very smooth and a rather delightful listen . This song performance fits in real nice with all the Hallmark Movies I've been watching all week w Duke . It was real nice to hear your wife sing . She sounded real good on this tune , she sure can hold her own and I would love to hear more of her in the future . I was wondering how James was doing , after hearing this song it sounds like he is doing good ...I have always like his playing ...Hello James ! Ed's Bass part is nice on this ... I'm digging your production values ... I always end up saying to myself "How does Daryl do it ? I can't find any faults ...there is not even a stray hair out of place " Your songs , by the time you post them are always so top notch ...great job on this song . all the best, Kenny
  19. Hi ZincT , I'm glad you dug my guitar playing 😊 I certainly had a lot of fun playing on this one . I have to laugh man ....the section of the track that you liked a lot and got you sitting up was a section of the tune I didn't even play a note on 🤣 Oh well at least I had enough sense to lay out and not eff up the backing track ... Speaking of the backing track here it is ....enjoy...IMHO it is a great one to play over and practice ideas over . thank you for your listen and kind comments Kenny
  20. Thank you for that info , I didn't know those sort of details about Scotland . I don't drink or do drugs anymore , but if I did , I would probably think this was a Unicorn looking to give me a nice wet sloppy Kiss . It seems I'm not alone , Take a good look at this girl in the pic and tell me if she sort of looks just like the girl in the video 😉 HHhhmm, either way, I think I would still want to kiss her after that Unicorn oopps I mean that Rhino gets done ... Kenny
  21. Why did you give up your Studio ? If you want the coveted" Brown Guitar Sound " all you have to do is simply eat right before and after all your guitar practice sessions 🤣 Kenny
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