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  1. Hey Some Guy and Starise , thank you both for attempting to help me out . OK here's where we stand now . I sent in a ticket yesterday w Magix and to my surprise they got back to me in less than an hour . ( must be the hours I keep or I just get lucky ) I was advised to download the beta Acid Pro Version 9.0.3. ( Build 29 ) 64-bit . Having done so and going through the install all seems to be working out for the best now . I'm no longer getting the VST scan drop out, the program seems a little snappier and now I can play OGG files ... Speaking of the OGG files most of those I got came with a program called Mixcrat Pro . That was a program I had picked up when SONAR was no more before BandLab took over and brought us all Cakewalk as a sonic gift ... A couple of things OGG files do play nice in Acid Pro , ( this I know because my 3 Windows 10 64 bit computers have either Acid Pro 7 or Acid Pro 8 installed on them ) They are certainly good enough for a starting point when hit w a blank project . A personal favorite activity is I like to sit down during a practice session and learn how to play many of the loops I have note for note on my guitar I'm an equal opportunity lick Crook ...not only do I like to nab licks from the various OGG files I have . I love to nab licks from my Logic converted over from CAF to 24 bit Wave and every other loop library I have collected over the years 😎Oh Yeah .... As far as Why Windows 7 ? It was up until recently my only Win computer that didn't have Acid Pro installed . For a deal like this $20 bucks you better believe I'm gonna salivate at the dangling hook and JUMP ... Hey Starise ! I was also shocked at first wanting to know if the deal is or was legit ...it is legit man . Not only did Magix help me out with my Acid Pro 9 temporary set up woes , Acid Pro 9 is listed along with every purchase I have ever done w Magix in my Magix account ... all the best, Kenny
  2. Craig , I enjoyed the video πŸ₯°... The style of story telling was just like a modern day fairy tale done as a video ..I almost got a lump in my throat . Oh yeah , that cute lady w the camera and no smile until the end ... Whew... what a looker 🀩 That girl puts most of S.L.I.P.'s photo girls exactly where they belong.... In The Dog Pound under mine....oops I mean under Dukes supervision Chester Cheeto enjoyed and validates you πŸ–•and your post πŸ€™ Kenny
  3. Acid Pro is a great program ...I go back 15 years w it . I have almost every version of Acid Pro Studio and all the current Pro level versions ...4, 6 , 7, 8 , 9 Don't get me wrong as much as I'm complaining about an issue I'm having w this new version of Acid Pro ....I do like the program very much ... Good Luck w yours once you get it up and running . Kenny
  4. OK when you are up and running w Acid Pro 9 please see if you can have Acid Pro read some of the Mixcraft OGG files ... Over here they do not work ... In Acid Pro 9 they seem to be listed as MPEG Layer 3 files ( as shown in the explorer ) edit Here's a screen shot of my Magix Soundpool 18 as seen in my explorer view within Acid Pro 9 OK ...sheesh , even the very OGG Sound pools that Magix's sell don't work in Magix Acid Pro 9 Version 9.0.3. (Build 26 ) 64- bit As I mentioned before in an earlier post these OGG's can be seen in the explorer view. Yet they will not play anything other than a bust of noise when I try to audition them VIA the explorer view . When I insert them into a Acid Pro 9 project they will only play a short burst of noise and the graphic will not show a waveform .... Thank You Magix Kenny
  5. Thank you Paul ! Douglas , I'm glad you enjoyed the tune ... Hi Freddy , those are some very kind words you have said . Thank You all the best, Kenny
  6. What ! no OGG file support ? Acid Pro 9 don't even seem to read them nor recognize them ... there seems to be no way to audition them using preview in the file explorer . Once inserted in a project to hear and see if they work , all I get is a flat-line graphic where it should show a wave form and a noise when I hit play As far as I can tell so far there is no way to insert the OGG files into an Acid Pro 9 project and have Acid Pro 9 play them Nice one Magix Kenny
  7. Every 6 months is not that bad ...I have a number of audio programs from Magix that require an internet every month to stay active ... (Audio Cleaning Lab . Samplitude Music Studio ) Kenny
  8. Here at The Rent a Friend Dating Service we take great pride in our quality control All of our Moans , Groans and Late Night Screams are real .....not Fake . Come and explore Your Wild Side ! Kenny DANG when I kill a thread I really go all in and kill the thread ...🀣
  9. I'm part dog , I have this terrible habit of grabbing a leg and holding on for dear life while doing gyrations . Aiming Higher ? Sure I can go there ..... Oh yeah into the bush we go . Hey wait what happened to the bush ? Wibbles was here first and he trimmed it ... Kenny
  10. 🀣 My Beard is longer now than it was in my Avatar . Not only do I have Raisin Bread up in there , I also have have Grizzly Adams Bear tucked away in there hibernating ... Kenny
  11. Since October will be oven in a few hours , after today do we have to start talking about Novembers topic ... National Raisin Bread Month ? I'm a fruitcake , I don't know if I can handle talking about a much more evolved loaf of bread for a whole month . Kenny
  12. OK that is one strange looking picture . After doing a triple take , I'm seeing 3 girls out of 6 at the County Fair all lathered up getting ready to have their legs shaved . Please tell me I'm gonna be the Barber , I'm not gonna have to be blindfolded and I get to use my razor sharp teeth πŸ₯° Kenny
  13. CoveCamper ! thank you.I'm glad you Enjoyed the ride . Gary , I'm happy you enjoyed this one ...it is so much different than the other tune you were interested in ... Hi Tom , Wow , the only flying I do is herbal y induced and I don't have to deal w an Airport for that flight plan 😎 It sounds like you were having some night ... I'm glad you dug my playing on this one and the energy of the tune may have given you a favorable mood change ...thank you for sharing . Hello Mark , Overall my right hand holds much of the secret to my tone and phrasing. This is a big reason I ditched modelers and went back to using real amps a year ago . Thank You ! Hi Dave , Cool assessment ....I actually find great moments of relaxation when I play my guitar using controlled Emotonal Chaos ... Hi Rik , It's good to see you back . I'm glad you liked the tune and my playing ... I won't answer the question as to what guitar and amp I used nor will I discuss my signal chain at this point . I prefer to leave things a Mystery ... I wish there was a nicer way to put it but there simply isn't .. thank you for the song listen and comment, Kenny
  14. Thank you Pragi ! Thanks Craig ! funny stuff man πŸ˜‚ Kenny
  15. Thank You John 😊 I've been swamped , I'm glad I finally got back here ...didn't want you to think I was snubbing your request . As far as this version of my song / playing goes and myself being a non singer ....I posted the tune as you heard it as my arrangement & guitar performance ...I have been know to go back and add new parts or remix long after a song has been long forgotten on this forum .. There are 3 versions of the tune ...on my SoundCloud there is my performance w everything I have done so far . Then there is the bare bones backing track in the songs description . Last but not least there is my backing track that I had decided to make available for down load . ( post # 5 in this thread ) Pick the one that works the best for you .... if you make some big money and end up going places .....please help a brother out ...lol all the best, Kenny
  16. Thank You ! S.L.I.P . this thread about Music In Space helped to inspire me 😊 Kenny
  17. Just In Folks ! Breaking News , Kim had gotten real tired of listening to her old man 🀣 Because it was a long time coming , Kim took action and decided to get on a One Way Rocket to The Galactic Wide Butt Belt of Planets in a far away Galaxy ... NASA did pick up an obscure radio transmission of a non determined origin along the way just before they lost contact . NASA will not confirm nor deny the source of the transmission, but some folks at The Space Center say she was listening to this 😎 Kenny PS in other news Taylor Swift wrote a new song that placed #1 on The Billboard Charts about breaking up with Kenny . What makes her new song most interesting was the fact she never heard of Kenny before nor met him When asked by the press why she chose to write the song Miss Swift said she felt sorry for Kenny because after seeing a photo of Kenny's new song she felt a Tyrannosaurus Rex had a better chance of reaching it's junk with his short arms than Kenny ever had of reaching his while wearing his Space Suit
  18. WOW John , very heartfelt expression and performance on all levels . One thing I enjoy about your Music is in a way it is like a thinking mans Music . You use sophisticated instrumentation and harmonically you have a good grasp of chords and what can be substituted and altered . Sorry about your loss . May you find comfort in music and song , Kenny
  19. Sure , As far as your song went Yeah I can dig where your coming from .... Intense feelings w out any sort of reason for the injustices of being left in the dark and having all the feelings of being dumped while having to sort out and make sense of her actions and thought processes ... It has been a real long time since I had a girl that I really cared about kick me out to the curb and do a little dance on my heart w her stiletto's .. Now they just shut me down way before I can even get a hug , a kiss or even their phone number ... Kenny
  20. Bjorn , That was a fun Listen . I'm sorry I laughed when ever the screams happened ...I don't know what the monster was saying but his voice was pretty scary . Every Year I say I want to do one of these ...and I don't ...hhmm a few more day's left ...who knows ? all the best, Kenny
  21. Welcome to my Orbit is a little something i just did earlier today , ( Yeah another Twanger C...) I went for high gain rock fusion playing on this one ..I only played one guitar track ( w Overdubs ) If you happen to be looking for relaxation in a tune trust me this ain't the one ...😜 I hope you enjoy the ride . Kenny
  22. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^What ? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^🀣 Kenny
  23. Daryl thank you for the kindness I love it 🀣 if you keep playing and producing tunes with the quality of the collab you did called " Online " there is no doubt in my mind that cottage may be your new home studio much sooner than we all think Kenny
  24. Hi Wookiee ! Country Singers , Your not a fan huh ? I notice they like to sing about select people, places and things we can't seem to " live with "or "live with out "? Thanks for giving this one a listen and commenting ..... I do appreciate you doing that my Furry Pawed Friend Kenny
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