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  1. Our Music & Mix's are the Punchiest in The Business They are guaranteed to knock you out . Kenny
  2. Here he is again He sure is easy to notice in this pic right ? Kenny
  3. The Jury is in a hopeless state of deadlock on whether this is safe sax or not . Kenny
  4. Yikes , If I saw that catfish near the edge of the water , I would probably need a 2 week supply of men's diapers emergency drop shipped in from Amazon . Kenny
  5. I'm sure you must punch your Beef all the time ....no pics wanted or needed ... But lets face the facts Kid .... you ain't no Rocky Balboa ...and neither am I Kenny
  6. I dunno man , it looks like a set up too me .I go over there looking to have a barbecue w a hot lady and all and the next thing you know I'm hanging upside down from a hook in a refrigerated room with a wannabe Rocky Balboa punching me in the ribs ... No thanks man I ain't falling for that one .... Kenny
  7. That's right people ...all guitars sound exactly alike . My Guitar , your guitar , Jeff Becks guitar even Jimmy Pages Guitar sounds exactly the same as Stummys , bayobill and Freddy's guitar , The catch is the only time they all sound the same is when they are in the case . Once the guitar comes out of the case and is in the hands of the player , all bets are off 😎 Kenny
  8. be warned from 3:44 on she seems to be selling a meal package Kenny
  9. S.L.I.P. was here but now he's gone . He left this pic to carry on . Kenny
  10. That video was so creative on so many levels ...Having said that I'm still not gonna get in an elevator w Puddles ... I'm not so sure I can handle a 6 foot 8 clown if he decided to get all touchy feely on me once the elevator door shuts ...I'm just not as tough as I used to be . Kenny
  11. Tough Break Son ! Judging by your pic you could have given Tom Cruise a run for his Money if you were given the chance 🤪 🤣 Kenny
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