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  1. It is just as bad up there where you are according to the linked article and the news ...Our locations were tied up until Portland inched ahead by a smidge . Dumb assed me walked around last night for almost an hour for my exercise , I didn't realize I was so-posed to stay indoors under these type of harsh air quality conditions ....duh .... Then I went and left my patio and bed room windows cracked about 6 inches all night ...it was painful inside my apt ...I woke up a few times with my throat super dry and it felt like it had closed up on me .. I'm somewhat Lucky , my place came with central air . Today I shut all my windows and I'm running the fan section of that unit . Yeah it smells like something is smoking in here ...It ain't the barbecue ...LOL I see the displaced people on the News and their attitudes are so unbelievable ...Some have lost everything and the spirit they exhibit is still one of gratitude and hope . I'm glad to hear your OK Kenny
  2. Here's what the two guys messing with the little Becan seed see out in the field as the little pigs chases them down . Even though he be small . He is mighty ! Here's what the little piggy sees in his minds eye as he lounges forward and chases down those two guys that messed with him . You go and get them two Piggy! Let your indomitable spirit shine through to Victory ... Kenny
  3. https://www.oregonlive.com/news/2020/09/portland-now-has-the-worst-air-quality-in-the-world-due-to-oregon-and-washington-wildfires.html Holy Smokes ! It looks like the Planet Mars outside where I live . The sky is overcast with an Orange Red Color to it . I live about 10 miles North of Portland OR in Vancouver WA . Thankfully I am not directly in the actual fire burn zone ... The air is so smoke filled and thick it is almost impossible to to breath with out straining . Forget about going outside ... I have woken up a number of times out of a deep sleep literally choking and gasping for air ( dealing w heart problems and shortness of breath before all this certainly contributes to the extreme effects of the air quality for me ) Toughing this one out has been a challenge on so many levels . Between the isolation of social distancing and all the riots in Portland OR I am convinced these are certainly some very strange times ...Yet in all honesty after taking an inventory , I know it could be far worse because I'm sitting here cozy w a full stomach , a roof over my head and a guitar or two to bang on if I happen to feel the need . ( still wish I had a dog ) My heart goes out to all the people that have had to evacuate away from their homes due to the fires . In some cases they have gone back to what they thought was home only to find they have lost every thing . Kenny
  4. I don't care if I take my Music to the Grave with me at this point . Windows 10 has absolutely ruined my desire to use a computer for music making .... Kenny
  5. Every time I go to Sweetwater I have to prove I'm not a Robot with a CAPTCHA ... It gets old considering I get done doing a CAPTCHA for Sweetwater , then when I come back after a little surfing around , they think I'm gonna do the whole prove I'm not a Robot spiel again ... No Ken Do ...No Want to either ... Kenny
  6. That little fella is a scrumptious meal and an exercise program all on his own . Kenny
  7. Dumbo / opus 68 march the Entrance of the Gladiato https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=6233609 Kenny
  8. Hey Craigb ! I finally got around to checking your thread out ..Good Music for sure Yeah . First tune reminds me of the days when a Power Chord actually meant something . It is nice to see this Band has an audience / following that treats them well. As far as the guitar player goes yes he is skilled and exhibits a good amount of restraint and taste in his playing ...also nice tone. As far as the visuals go, I'm sure whatever they are doing is genre specific and tailor made to conform to the bands audience expectations ... Kenny PS the music was good.
  9. Wow these guys put on a really good live show. Kenny
  10. The guitar player is wearing what looks to be a fancy Kendo Hakama . I happen to like that look . I hope that's my get out of jail card if I say something that would earn me a Quivering Palm Death Touch . Wow very interesting band history Craig !. Yeah I want to read more up on these guys ... Hhhmm the bass player Ken-ichi Suzuki which means "the Great Yellow Bapu" in Japanese😁) After hearing that interesting tidbit of information , I wonder if our "Great White Bapu" is gonna start wearing black lip gloss 🤣 Amen Brother ! Thanks Bapu ! After finding this video I can officially say ( just for today only ) I have to admit what ever they are saying with the Shabadabadia section of the song sure is catchy . all the best , Kenny
  11. Thank You Larry ! Thank you for the kind word S.L.I.P.! it feels good to play guitar again ... Kenny
  12. Here is a Video of Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio I made this morning . This song is called Feel Good Vamp in B Minor and it was done was for the Twanger Central Forum . Since I recorded and rendered my guitar solo in Mixcraft 9 . I thought why not post it as a vid ... Kenny
  13. I agree . I'm glad you enjoyed ....I have watched this about 6 times already LOL After I posted this I found a u tube of this song done in a concert live ...These Musicians are for real . They sounded as one would expect this song to sound in a live concert setting ... everything was played the same as per the promotional video ... Kenny
  14. I saw this Video at another music forum and for me it is a surprise find ... I'm digging it since it's older guys rocking out ...these guys a for real and I dig the song + the message . If you decide to watch this do your self a favor and watch with the English sub titles on . Kenny PS here is the English Translation If you, Holy Angels, do exist in this universe, Will you bless me on the cheeks? With my painful effort never paid off. I've just been standing in the shadow, Will the day come someday when I can fly high in the sky? Will the day come when I can see the sun? Tell me, Holy Angels. Shabadabadia Shabadabadia Babababa Shabadabadia Shabadabadia Babababa If you, Divine Goddess, are staying hidden somewhere, Why don't you smile at me on my forehead? I've never tasted the nectar of victory. I’ve never succeeded in love. Will the day come when I can get intoxicated by the victory? Will the day come when I can embrace love? Tell me, Divine Goddess. Shabadabadia Shabadabadia Babababa Shabadabadia Shabadabadia Babababa Countless stars are twinkling in the sky. Every one of us is under them, with a thousand wishes in each heart. Lululu Lululu… If you, Lord Buddha, really exist in some place, Please have mercy on me, too. Having nothing precious in my possession, Desolated, Isolated, I've been living my life with a series of failures. Will the day come when I can totally be satisfied? Will the day come when my dreams come true? Tell me, Lord Buddha. Shabadabadia Shabadabadia Babababa Shabadabadia Shabadabadia Babababa Shine a light on my life Shine a light on my future Shine a light on every creature Shine a light on tomorrow for all
  15. A message from Pick Lick's the Beach Resorts towel dog Kenny
  16. The Zoom Q2n-4k sounds like a decent choice for your camera needs. I have the much older Zoom Q 3 . It is not as feature rich as the newer Zooms yet it is a work horse camera ....The Video records fine ( considering my weakest link is I do need to get external lighting for better video quality ) recording audio alone is great ... I have recorded many acoustic guitar parts using the Zoom audio .. good luck I hope you get it , There once was a guy named Bob Who decided to record with a Zoom . While he and his lady were playing their tune Their Music was turned into a pleasant sound and video All Thanks to The Zoom ! Kenny
  17. Wow that Herb guy sounds just like a Bapu in training as far as owning and telling the whole wide world about all his acquired musical gear Me" I can not tell a lie I'm happy with what humble gear I do have " Geppetto " Chop Chop ! get you butt over here now Kenny , I need you to hold down the board with your extended nose before it goes back down to it's normal size " gulp OK , Kenny
  18. The whole Mixcraft library can be downloaded in its entirety in one swoop . Select Library All ( red circle in pic ) then set the filter from folders to All ( grey filter below sort by Song Kit ) Now when you download Mixcraft will go through the whole list ...If for any reason you change tasks before the whole library is fully downloaded ...no worries ...when and if you run across a loop that has not been downloaded Mixcraft will remember to start downloading again ...keep in mind it will either download the All or the per folder option depending on how you have that section of the browser set ... Hope that helps Kenny PS that Humble deal is pretty smoking
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