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  1. Two audience members commenting on The Coffee House Hunks ... Kenny
  2. Will the real Coffee House Hunks please come forward and claim your Prize. Kenny
  3. The long awaited Forum Honkies have arrived!!! Kenny
  4. Alright boys lets line em up . Now take a deep breath and grab you ankles . It's time for your Bung Hole Cavity "Freshness Check" . Kenny
  5. Those two will certainly take the rust off your Enis . Kenny
  6. What kind of son have I raised ? Kenny
  7. The Forum Monkeys should create a new song because , Kenny
  8. Trick or Treat ! Introducing my 2020 Halloween costume ... Kenny
  9. OK Bill ! welcome to the riverbank . Kenny
  10. I had hoped to be able to have come back here and replied one on one to all your thoughtful kind posts . After a little over a week after having put Duke to sleep , it's still an emotional roller coaster over here for me . I thought I was on firm footing as far as my sadness and grief went ..The past couple of days have shown me other wise . I miss my best friend .. I need to give time time . Thank you all for posting .. Kenny
  11. New Jane ! Kinky . Tarzan's face the day Notty Elephant learned how to do a trunk rub on him . Kenny
  12. Hi Michael , I remember you ...you are Michael Japan right ? back then IIRC your avatar was a golden retriever ... Sure we used to talk every once in a while ...I was a beginner and you helped me out along the way Yeah , you Chaz , Ed MC....Sonic , Jeff M. and "M", were some of the regulars posting good music . Sorry about your loss of Sonny ...if you want to talk about him here by all means you are welcome to . Whew the grief and all that goes along with it sure is a tough one to swallow when I have a lump in y throat , thankfully celebrating is starting to come around as a welcome emotion . thanks for sharing the Love Yes how very true Bob ! thank you for reminding me of what I have to look forward too once I can get through some of these sucky mood swings of grief I'm having .. Hi Leadfoot , I agree with you "There's no advice anyone can really give at a time like this" . Sorry about your loss a few years ago . FWIW, I can't even trust my mind right now because it is so far up it's own AZZ looking for answers on subjects the mind can't even comprehend ... My fricking mind ..it just want's a quick answer so it can tidy up all my stray feelings about my dog Duke VIA Compartmentalization ... I want to feel my feelings and release them naturally.... so shut mind lol thanks for rapping w me Hi Dave , Thanks for having a kind thought and word to say ... Yes it can be a real heart break loosing a pet , I'm sorry for your loss being that traumatic. I do understand it and I have gone a while w out a pet a few times in the past . I have no idea what I'm gonna do ...Duke was my whole family .... Its funny you bring up a tortoise .. Recently I saw a few pics of Sylvester Stallone showing off his 2 turtles that he had in Rocky ..he still has them and they are starting to get pretty big ...lol judging by the looks of them they might out live us all lol. thanks for sharing Kenny
  13. Yes I agree with you . Thank you Craig ! Gregy ! thank your for sharing your empathy w me . Hi Craig ! Man what I would give to have another day with Duke ...Yet I know in my heart he moved on and his Spirit is now free. Thanks for the kind thoughts and words . Oh Yeah he got under my skin by working his way deep in to emotional places of Joy and Happiness I didn't even know I had ... On the flip side of the coin , he was rather stubborn ...he brought me into the championship rounds of our relationship . Our situation was full spectrum ... thank you for the kind word ...I'm still fugly ....somethings just don't change ... As we used to say " the drunker you get , the better we look , and the better we sound " Hi JohnG , Thank you for sharing your story about Trigger . ...Wow 21 years old .....impressive . It was good that you got to hold him while he drifted off to sleep . I'm at a point now where I can look at some of the good times we had and not get all choked up ... Last night I took our typical walk through the neighborhood and when I got back to my place I sat in our spot and watched the sun go down ....Watching the sun go down was part of a routine we had done just about every day ... I felt so much better doing that because yesterday I was hurting and I didn't watch The Sunset . thank you for sharing . synkrotron ! There is a part inside inside of me (surfacing) that feels OK about this whole experience and process . I can't even try to describe the fact that my mind is trying to understand something it is not able to understand ...life , death , the bond of love ....Yet , I have noticed at times in between the emotional water works , I have been feeling a sense of relief concerning the idea that my dog is no longer suffering ...there is Peace in my Heart when I go there . Thank you for posting your message . I hope to be back in a few hours , Kenny
  14. Hi S.L.I.P. ! thanks ...he made his way into some of the pics you posted that i nicked and changed around ...Hey all the girls in your pics got their butts sniffed by him If i was lucky i got sloppy seconds ...take care ... emeraldsoul ! I look back on that day and I go wow I was able to intuitively handle the situation in such a way as to give Duke the chance to go out on a high note .... Duke liked the vet and his assistants a lot . He acted as if we were at a party in his honor ...I was amazed at his attitude , he was friendly and he did not resist anything that was happening in the room . As he absorbed the second shot ... he came nearer to me and placed his head in my right hand and fell asleep ... thanks for the kind word ... I have to go now ...the plumber turned back on my water... Kenny
  15. Yes ensconced ! it took me a few days to realize I set him free ...no more suffering and pain for him ...me I got a lump in my throat . It starts at the very tip of my head and go's all the way down to the tip of my toes . Thank you for the kind thoughts Hi Mesh , thank you for being here .. Thank you Steve ! much appreciated all the best , Kenny PS I'm posting these 3 real fast because they are on a different page from the bulk posts ...I don't want to take the chance of loosing posts when I have to quote from page 2 ..
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