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  1. This song has a very Retro Classic Indie Vibe going for it ...This type of musical genre seems to be in style with some of the younger musicians these day s .. What's old is new again ...I hear and see tunes like this on TV and other entertainment platforms . Good stuff man , I love Riff Rock and Riff Rock Guitars ....you did a good job on those ... The tune it self ( instrumentally ) reminds me of a couple of different bands VIA some of the song sections / arrangement ... The way your vocals float over the top of the song certainly gives it your own individual sound ... This one is good listen for sure ... all the best , Kenny
  2. It is great that you can express yourself in this way ....Let the chips fall where they may ....Oh , I did enjoy this song listen ... I sure hope that poor little darling gets her act together ...reminds me of someone I know and it is hitting pretty close to home πŸ€ͺ all the best, Kenny
  3. I do play Harp so it was nice to hear some Harmonica ...I enjoy the sound and I find it grounds me when I hear it ... Overall the parts were recorded well ....I guess I'm more used to hearing a live club type of sound on material along these line ... The Mix seemed a little hot for me . Other than that ...good job !.... all the best, Kenny
  4. Whoa ! I just woke up the whole side of my apt complex by accident when the song kicked in after the soft intro .. Yeah I'll be seeing some stink eye from some of my neighbors tomorrow 🀣 I enjoyed the tune and production ...Yeah , this is so different than what I do ...I can appreciate what went into it. all the best, Kenny
  5. Love the sound and tone of your clean wet guitars on this song ...this was a pleasant listen , Kenny
  6. Oh Yeah ! this is the kind of music I would enjoy playing live( again ) ...Very nice ! Love what you did at 1:20 w doubling your guitars ... Sounds like you put a lot of work into this song ....Great Job Kenny
  7. Nice playful mysterious vibe happening there w your composition . keep going and add some more when you can . Kenny
  8. Wow ! that performance of Stairway to Heaven certainly put a lump in my throat the 4 times I just listened to it . Great Performance ......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... I happen to like the show The Masked Singer , been watching it since it first aired . This video / song I'm posting here also put a lump in my throat . Yet it is total opposite of your vid It's pretty much all voice till the end ...the vocal inflections got me to lump up in my throat Kenny
  9. Hi Wookiee ! thank you for giving this one a listen . I appreciate your online friendship and comments 😊 Hi kurt soderquist , I'm glad you enjoyed ....I put a lot of subtle layers in this one . Thank you Jack . Thank you Tom for the thumbs up .. Yes page one has been moving fast these days ... I'm here to play and share my music ...thread management and all that Jazz....not so much .... thanks for all your comments and listens HI Bjorn , this song is one of the Twanger Central weekly tracks so yes it is a BT . I totally rearranged the sections of the song/ BT to my taste . ex the whole songs structure ....verses chorus , and order of things have been changed by me .Then I EQ'ed sections of the song /altered BT to highlight my added parts . The layering was very important to me and there is a lot of subtle changes I did along the way to make it happen ...In sections of the song where I wanted my parts to jump I used sparse sections of the song I enlisted from other places of the song to allow my layers to carry some musical weight. I also played certain parts that were in the BT using my tones ...in some cases doubled and tripled .... I took the time to do that because my guitar tones will always work in one of my Productions ( at least to my ear ) all the rest is a ????? thank you for the listen, Hi Andy , I would love to tell you how I recorded the acoustic guitar part , the thing is I didn't play it🀯 ...that was part of what the song offered me as a musical foundation to express my self over .. FWIW , I happen to think the acoustic guitar parts sound very good..almost as good as the Shabby Lead I Played 🀣 thanks for the kind word all the best , Kenny
  10. Across town it is a different story at this dental office. Kenny
  11. Hi Wookiee ! I love this one ...aside from having fantastic sounds all through the song as it plays . I really dug the Sci Fi Vibe of your song ...Also , I like how you built up the song and the phrasing of your melody and chord changes . They are spot on .. all the best goes out to you in 2021 Kenny & Milo
  12. Wow Fred ! you have some real beautiful sounds going on in your song . Your composition seems celebratory in nature (considering 2020 was such a a dirge and let down on so many levels )I found the last 3 rd of your song to exhibit a joyous noise that hinted at finding a much happier place . Your song seems to be in movement towards what one want's as opposed to away from a place in time and circumstances where one wants to get away from . Wish I could make sounds like that ... Happy New Year Kenny
  13. Happy New Years ! ... These dancing robots helped put a smile back on my face Kenny
  14. Sorry to take so long coming back here ... Jack , Thank you ! I like it Funky too . I have a bunch of the top rated DAW's ..Depending on one's workflow IMHO BandLab is every bit as good as anything that is currently out there ... Hi Tim , I'm glad you liked this one . I love my little angel buddy Milo . there might be hope for me yet .... Hi Douglas , The bass and the drums sounded good too me and they came from another player... I rearranged the whole song structure , played down a number of guitar and synth parts ..and did the mix . I'm pretty happy with how this came out since I went for a real simple melody ...I 'm glad you liked this one ... Thank You for the listen Tom ! The section where I'm playing my Jazz Box before it goes into the F 7 b 5 Cadenza was easy to do as a Midi conversion in BandLad w Melodyne Essential ... IMHO the conversion works good because I'm playing a tone that has an even Keel ...not a whole lot of overtones to cause glitches...In other places I use the Jam Origin Midi Guitar 2 plugin .... Happy New Year Guys Kennyy
  15. 🀣 It almost sounds as if it was all my fault the way you quoted me .. Good thing I have thick skin ...I would hate to be " that guy " responsible for running all the women out of every music forum .... Kenny
  16. I think they will both be glad to see me . Milo will be happy I came to rescue him from her and she will be happy to send me out to the grocery store to pick her up another jar of peanut butter .... Ouch did I say that ? Baaaddddd Kenny !
  17. Love it πŸ˜ƒ Woof Woof ! πŸ˜ƒ I was in my prime in the 80's ...Thankfully I never acquired a hankering for the inflatables .... Now if I could only just turn my closet into a time machine ... Kenny
  18. I want a new guitar so I reach in the closet and grab an old guitar I've had for years and now I pretend it's a new guitar .... I thought about getting The New Spark Amp . Then I remembered to go to my closet and pull out my Yamaha THR 5 and Mini Katana ... I took all the money I would have spent on the Spark and took my dog to the vet , got him all his shots and licensed him . Then I bought a $ 60 dollar bag of Science Diet dog food just for him ... I thought about buying a new pedal just because I want a new pedal , so I walk over to my fire place and I look at the 5 brand new pedals I bought and I say even though I haven't touched them in months because I'm to lazy to set them up ...I still want a new pedal since I'm bored with knowing those 5 pedals are on my fireplace so I go and track down my former gigging pedal board and pull off one pedal from the board . I even used that one pedal for most of my guitar tones on my last few songs just by turning all the pretty little knobs until I found a sound I liked ... I wish this story had a happy ending but it doesn't .. You see all this musical productivity and extreme gear purchase frugality started to wear my out . I started to wish I had best friend of the female persuasion .... Then I realized I'll never get a girl anytime soon because I'm way to Cheap .....😘 Kenny
  19. This song is about overcoming the loneliness of social distancing by keeping the people you love in your heart and daily thoughts . I hope you enjoy this one , Kenny
  20. Hi Bjorn , I'm glad you enjoyed my guitar playing . All the little themes my playing exhibits are attitudes Milo does when we take a long walk .. That's the back story on why I played the way I did .... Thank You Paul ! Hi Andy , As it turns out I'm just somebody who enjoys playing clean . I don't use any effects when I practice or play my guitar at home . I'm so used to playing dry all the time , when I finally plug in ( to anything ) it is a real treat for me ... This whole recording with the exception of the last section of the song was just the sound of my guitar plugged straight into my amp . Any wet sounds you hear were added after the guitar was recorded in Cakewalk ... For the dirt section I went Old School and used a dirt pedal. IMHO , Clean Guitar done right is a thing of beauty . thanks for the kind words . I Love my new Pup ... To be responsible , I blew all my Christmas money on getting him set with all his shots and licensing ,...Oh is he worth it ... I'm glad you enjoyed this clip ...I had a lot of fun doing it . this has been nice talking with you, Kenny
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